The slut was a little disappointed that her Mistress hadn’t made the trip to the airport to collect her; she had pictured some grand romantic reunion at baggage claim.  Instead she switched her phone on to find a text message stating the car was in the parking lot with the key hidden on top of the front wheel and she was to make her own way home.  The slut reassured herself that there must have been a reason.  A pang of guilt swept over her as she realized she was doubting her Mistress.  It was only fleetingly, but it was doubt all the same.


As the slut walked in to her apartment she felt like an enormous weight lifted from her shoulders.  It felt like she had been gone so long.  The four months away from her Owner had been unbearable.  The slut had sorely missed feeling her Mistress’ energy every day, hearing her Mistress’ voice, feeling the sting of Her crop.  But now she was home, where she belonged, she felt an enormous sense of relief.  As she dropped her cases at the top of the stairs she noticed a table in the middle of her living room.


Confused by the out of place piece of furniture the slut walked towards it.  As she got closer she could see it was a large, solid wood table, the kind one might expect to find in a workshop.  Four chains were attached to each of the table legs, a cuff fastened to the end of each one.  There were two slots cut out of the middle of the table, each end of a large leather strap poking through them.  Slightly beneath this strap were two smaller straps attached the same way.  The slut knew these were waist and thigh restraints.  At what the slut assumed was the head end, she could see two eyebolts had been screwed into the table, each had a clamp attached, she assumed these clamps would attach her collar to the table.  A blindfold and her collar were laid out between the eyebolts.  As the slut looked at the table she could feel the moisture forming between her thighs, it had been too long she thought to herself. 


The slut looked around for some clues as to what her Mistress had in mind.  her cage had been moved, it was now placed in front of the sofa, her food and water dishes were on the floor just outside the cage door.  On the sofa the slut saw her leash, her Mistress’ crop and a note.  The note read,

                        Welcome home My pet,


You will strip, put your clothes away and kneel in the corner,

head down ass in the air… I will be there to inspect My property



Your Mistress


Quickly the slut removed her clothes, neatly folding them and putting them in her closet.  she assumed the position in the corner, making sure to place her knees wide apart so her tight pink asshole was prominently displayed for her Mistress’ pleasure.  The inside of her thighs were already sticky with her slut juices.  As the slut knelt in her humiliating pose she could feel herself drifting off into subspace.  It had been so long since she had been truly able to let go.


As she slowly began to get lost in her imagination she heard the door open followed by the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs, she resisted the temptation to turn around and see her Mistress.  Instead she held her position, thrusting her ass as high into the air as she could, keeping her shoulders to the ground.  The slut heard her Mistress approach behind her.  Without a word her Mistress grabbed a handful of the sluts’ hair and pulled her up onto her knees.  Silently the sluts Mistress buckled the collar around her neck and placed the blindfold over her eyes.  The slut began to tremble in anticipation, a whimper escaping her lips as her Mistress again took a handful of hair and whispered so close to her ear that she could feel Her breath, “Welcome home slut” and roughly shoved her head back into the corner.


The juices ran freely down the sluts trembling thighs, she desperately wanted to rip the blindfold off so she could see her Mistress.  As she was struggling to fight this urge she felt the soft leather tip of her Mistress’ crop softly brushing her ass.  Without conscious thought she felt her ass thrusting higher into the air to greet the crop.  Suddenly she felt her Mistress’ gloved fingertip gently probe against her tight asshole, then without warning the whole length of the finger was roughly shoved deep into her ass.  The slut arched her back, pulling her ass in, surprised by the sudden invasion in her most private of holes.  Before she could regain her position she heard the whistle of the crop slicing through the air, followed by a loud snap as it connected with her soft white ass.  The slut could feel the searing heat of the welt beginning to rise instantly, she whimpered as she heard the angry voice of her Mistress, “you will remain still while I inspect My property cunt!”


As she resumed her position the slut felt a second finger probe her puckered hole, then that too thrust deep into her.  she managed to hold her position with this intrusion, pushing further out to greet her Mistress’ fingers; “Much better My pet” came the soothing voice from behind her.  The slut squirmed against the two fingers as she felt them twist and turn deep in her rear hole, she felt her labia being spread open and two, maybe three fingers probing her cunt, “you dirty little cunt, dripping wet before I’ve even touched you… look slut juice all over your thighs already”, as the slut registered the words she felt the fingers thrust deep into her pussy, she pushed back hard, desperate to feel the fingers fucking her wet hole.  After two thrusts the Mistress pulled Her fingers out of both holes, the slut moaned with disappointment, pushing back to try and find her Mistress’ hand again.  The Mistress laughed as She said “you don’t seriously think I’d let you have any pleasure yet do you?  I’ve not had anywhere near enough entertainment out of you pet”.  With that She attached the leash to Her pets’ collar and led her to the center of the room.


The slut felt something against her lips, “Open”, came the command from her Mistress.  The slut opened her mouth to have the end of the leash placed between her teeth.  “Kneel up straight, legs open… I shouldn’t have to remind You of that cunt”.  The slut obeyed and felt her Mistress’ hands on her wrist, she relaxed her arms in turn as each wrist was cuffed and attached to her collar.  The slut held her shoulders back, spread her knees wide and kept her breasts thrust out as she had been trained to do, she guessed her tits would be “inspected” next, as this thought ran through her mind she felt the barbell through her right nipple being pulled forward and a tight pinching sensation begin behind it… the unmistakable feel of nipple clamps… then the left one received the same treatment.  “Do you trust me slut?”, the question startled the slut, it had been the last thing she had expected to hear, she stumbled to find words, her mind raced, why would her Mistress ask such a dumb question?  Of course she trusted her; she’s given everything up and moved to a different continent to enter Her service.


WHACK!!  The crop slammed down on her right breast, “Do not make Me wait for an answer bitch… it’s a simple question!!!”


The slut choked back tears, “Yes Mistress, of course Your slut trusts You”


“Do you give yourself to Me completely?”


The sluts mind was spinning, she knew she had better answer quickly but had no idea where this was going, “Yes Mistress.  This slut is Yours, she devotes the rest of her life to serving You in any way You deem she is worthy of”


“Good answer My pet.  you will be tested today, I am going to take a great deal of pleasure from what’s about to happen, and you My pet..” the leash was pulled from the sluts mouth and replaced with the large rubber ball of her Mistress’ ball gag, “have no power to stop it.  There is no safe word; this will stop when I want it to”


The slut felt a wave of panic wash over her.  she had spoken of this with her Mistress numerous times while they had been apart.  Many times they had discussed how the sluts need had grown so much, how she needed to feel complete and total loss of control.  she had said that she wished to revoke her right to a safe word, to experience the mindfuck of being gagged and blindfolded, with no safety signal, relying entirely upon her Mistress’ intimate knowledge of her to not let things get dangerous.  With a way out the slut had always known that she could stop things and would not let her limits be pushed, though she privately craved playing on the edge of her limits and beyond she couldn’t allow herself to say it.  By revoking her right to a safe word and putting herself totally at her Mistress’ mercy she hoped her Mistress would understand what she was saying.


However, now it was actually happening she wondered if it was one of those things that were better left in the realms of fantasy, though she knew there was only one way she could find out for sure.  she tried to ignore her churning gut and racing mind and focus instead on what her Mistress was saying to her.


“you are going to experience many things under this new regime slut.  I know you crave a beating so hard that your ass is left purple.  I know you crave solitary confinement.  But most of all I know you crave real suffering for My enjoyment… and that is what you will experience today”.  The slut was shaking, she had completely forgotten about the clamps on her nipples, her head was spinning, and she felt physically sick.  Though she trusted her Mistress implicitly and after so much experience playing together she was certain that her Mistress knew her body well enough that there would be no harm to her she was still terrified. The mindfuck was working, she was scared.


Everything became a blur to her, she was vaguely aware of her wrists being unattached from her collar and her Mistress guiding her onto the table.  As she lay flat on her back, her legs spread wide apart, she could feel the various restraints being fastened.  The slut was completely immobilized, restrained at the neck, wrists, waist, thighs and ankles.


Now the panic began to set in deeper, she realized she was not about to receive the brutal beating of her ass that she craved so badly, she was laying on her ass so that couldn’t happen.  she wasn’t within reach of water or her litter box, so she figured her Mistress wasn’t about to leave her alone as she also craved.  she was becoming frantic, she couldn’t think what was going to happen to her, she tried to cry out but the large gag muffled her voice to an incomprehensible sound, she was restrained so tightly she couldn’t even wriggle a little to show her discomfort.  Then she heard her Mistress’ footsteps walking away from her, she heard sounds from the kitchen, the only sound she recognized was the refrigerator opening and closing, she could feel beads of sweat forming all over her body.  Yet, as scared and confused as her brain was, her pussy was telling a different story, she had never been so wet, she could smell her own slut juice so strongly, she could feel her clit was swollen solid, it throbbed against her hood piercing, one gentle stroke and she was sure she would be in the throws of the most intense orgasm possible.


The slut felt the heavy tails of the matching floggers she had made as a Christmas gift for her Mistress brush against her stomach, “Let’s get you warmed up a little first pet”, her Mistress soothed.  Out of nowhere harsh, heavy blows rained down on the slut, all over her front.  Within minutes the clamps had been flogged off her nipples, the insides of her thighs were burning with welts and her pussy felt like it was on fire.  The slut was so securely attached to the table she couldn’t adjust under the blows, she just had to lay there and accept each stinging whack as blow after blow rained down on her tender flesh.  her mind switched off, each painful blow converting into intense pleasure.  she had become such a painslut since her Mistress had collared her, given the right setting and frame of mind she could get pleasure out of every impact toy in the toy box.  Deep in the sanctity of her subspace she was disappointed when the blows stopped, she heard her Mistress’ voice, “We both know that taking a beating is no challenge for you, you greedy little cunt… now the real fun starts”


The slut suddenly felt a burning cold sensation on her hot throbbing nipple, she desperately tried to cry out, “No please, not ice, please anything but ice”, but the ball gag deep in her mouth muffled her pleas.  Only once had they tried ice and the slut had not enjoyed it, she had flinched and squirmed to get away.  There was no way she could do that now.  The Mistress laughed as She looked upon her helpless pet, She loved ice, but she loved seeing Her pet suffer more, “suffer for Me pet, you’ll learn to enjoy it for the pleasure it brings Me”


The slut lay helpless as she felt ice cubes circling her nipples until they were numb with cold, then she felt the horrible sensation of ice cubes being drawn across her stomach and down her sides, through her restraints she was flinching wildly but could not get away.  She felt a fourth ice cube left to rest on her pubic bone while her Mistress ran two more up the inside of her quivering thighs.  Once all the ice had melted, leaving the slut wet and numb, her Mistress stepped away from the table.  The slut was shivering, not because of the cold, more because of her predicament.  Suddenly she felt burning liquid splash onto her nipple; the sensation was enough to send her out into orbit.  The contrast from numbed cold to burning hot as melted candle wax retraced the path over her body that the ice had taken, coupled with her helplessness, left her on the verge on orgasm.  Her chest was heaving, she hated the blindfold, and she wanted to see what was coming.  As she struggled to keep control of herself, the wax continued dripping over her breasts, splashing against her stomach and running down her thighs.  she felt she was wearing a coat of wax, when finally, the drops ceased, “Now how am I going to get this wax off you I wonder?”, her Mistress teased, then the blows from the floggers began again in earnest, the slut could feel and hear chunks of wax flying off all over the room.  As the wax was removed she could feel the sting of the tails against her overloaded skin, burning with each strike.  Then as suddenly as they started, the blows stopped.


Breathing heavily the slut felt pleased with herself, she had not only endured the torment but managed to take a degree of pleasure from it too.  Then she felt the ice against her nipples again, “No please not again” her mind screamed.  But her pussy throbbed, aching for more.


For what seemed to her like hours the slut endured the melting ice and burning wax followed by a severe flogging over and over again, barely able even to focus on the occasional words of encouragement from her Mistress, “you can take this slut, it pleases me to see you like this, there is more, so much more, that you are capable of”


After the fourth flogging the sluts’ skin was tingling with complete sensory overload, every nerve ending in her body was alive with excitement.  “Now I have a special treat that you have to see before you feel it slut”, her Mistress said as she removed the blindfold.  The slut blinked her tear stained eyes furiously, trying to adjust to the light. 


When her eyes finally focused her Mistress was standing at the foot of the table, grinning intensely as She held up a huge ice dildo…”the grand finale, My pet” She said with a chuckle as she thrust the massive phallus deep into her pets soaking wet pussy, while rubbing her rock hard clit.


The slut was so exhausted from her futile struggles that she had no energy left to try to fight against the burning cold dildo being violently thrust into her hot wet pussy, within seconds her whole body was shaking as the most intense orgasms took over her, her back arched fighting against the restraints, as one after another after another orgasms shuddered through her, “That’s it you little whore, cum for Me, cum again and again, I’m gonna fuck you with this until its completely melted, cum you dirty little cunt, you’re just my piece of fuckmeat, my toy, fucking CUM!!!!” her Mistress yelled at her.


The slut was so far into orbit, panting wildly beneath the gag that she didn’t notice the ice dildo fucking stop, only to be replaced by the hot wax.  her Mistress laughed manically as She covered the wet, frozen pussy that She owned in a thick layer of hot wax.  Wide eyed the slut looked to Her, pleading for mercy, her poor overloaded pussy couldn’t take any more.  The Mistress just continued to laugh as She slammed the flogger down against Her sluts’ hugely sensitive pussy.  With each blow from the flogger the slut felt violent shudders surge through her, intense mini orgasms each time the flogger connected with her massively engorged clit…. Then finally it was over.


The Mistress undid her pet, helped her down off the table and straight into her cage.  She opened the side door of the cage and reached in, stroking her pets face, “you did well pet, now rest, you have pleased Me”. 


The slut was exhausted, she had suffered past a limit and she was thoroughly pleased with herself… at least she would be when she able to think straight again.  For now, she curled up in her cage to sleep and smiled as she felt her Mistress’ feet come through the side door and rest on her butt.