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When the blindfold was taken off I was pleased to be gagged.  Had I been able to, I was certain I would have screamed the place down at the site that greeted me.  I was naked, my wrists and ankles bound, kneeling on the floor of what looked like an old warehouse.  I had no idea how I got here.  The last I remember I was just leaving a bar.  My girlfriend, Sarah, hadn’t turned up so I had one drink, chatted a bit to some guy in the bar, then left… then what?  I felt groggy and very confused.  I heard footsteps behind me and turned to see who had removed the blindfold… it was the guy from the bar.  I looked up into his eyes pleadingly.  That was a mistake.

“Did I say you could look at me cunt?”  He shouted as his hand connected hard with the side of my face.  The force was so strong it knocked me to the floor.  With my wrists bound behind my back I was unable to steady myself or cushion the fall.  Instead I landed heavily on my shoulder.  I began to sob… I could hear him laughing.  I couldn’t help but glance up through my tears; he was walking towards me unzipping his pants.

“I’ll give you something to fucking cry about bitch!” he shouted as he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me to my knees.  His semi-hard cock was just inches from my face, I found myself grateful for the gag again.  “Hmm, which hole do I want first?  I bet you’ve got a lovely tight virgin ass haven’t you?  How about I rip it open with my big cock?”  I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself, my ass was far from virginal, but that didn’t take away my fear that it was about to be dry fucked by a complete stranger.  My body was trembling.  How could I have been so stupid?  Leaving a bar alone at night.  No wonder I’d been kidnapped.  Oh God… was he going to kill me?  Terror ran through every part of me.

He was behind me now, I tried to struggle, to get away, but with my wrists and ankles bound it was impossible.  I felt something cold against my side, I looked round… oh god he’s got a knife…. “Stay fucking still slut or I swear to God I’ll fuck you with the knife instead”.  I didn’t have any choice, I knew I was going to die; all I could do was co-operate and hope he made my exit painless.

I felt the tip of his cock push against my anus, I tensed, and I couldn’t stop myself from trying to escape again.  “I warned you cunt!!” he screamed as he grabbed me by the hair again.  I was frantic now, writhing in my bonds, desperate to escape but he was too strong for me, “I’m gonna fuck you in the ass, bitch, whether you’re alive or not so you’re just wasting your energy” he sneered in my face.  I tried to scream, I wriggled harder, I didn’t want to die… I was so scared, crying hysterically.  It’s strange what goes through your mind in those final moments.  I found myself thinking about my family and Sarah.  How I felt bad that my stupidity was going to cause them so much pain.  Sarah and I had been together on and off for 2 years.  She was older than me, more settled, ready for me to move in and start a life together.  I had been putting her off, having fun sowing my wild oats; I hadn’t wanted to settle down just yet.  Now I was wishing I had been grown up, and settled down, I knew I loved her after all.  I just hadn’t been quite ready.  I wouldn’t be in this mess now if I had.

“What the fuck are you doing!  Get your hands off her!”  It was a female voice, coming from somewhere behind.  He immediately let go of me.  I had never in my life been so glad to hear a person’s voice as I was this mystery lady.  

“I was… she was…. And…”… I was curled up on the floor crying hysterically, I had been so sure I was about to be raped and killed not a minute earlier.  The sense of relief that washed over me was so overwhelming.

“Shut up and get the fuck out of here” the female voice shouted.  I heard his footsteps hurriedly retreat.  A pair of black high heeled shoes appeared in front of my eyes, I looked up to see long shapely legs disappear into a smart black pencil skirt.  Above the skirt was a perfectly tailored black jacket, on top of which was a beautiful angular face with blond hair cascading around it.  She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen… not least of all because she had just saved my life.

She squatted down and undid my gag.  “Are you okay… did he rape you?” she asked in an authoritative manner.

“No, he was going to, he was…. Right there…. When you came in, thank you so much, you saved my life” I broke down into sobs.

“Now, now… he wouldn’t have killed you.  “Fuck you without permission, maybe.  Beat you without permission, certainly.  But kill you, no definitely not.”  She smiled.

“What?  Without permission.  Beat me?  I don’t understand?” I stammered, I was so overwhelmed with emotion I didn’t think I’d heard her right. 

“Oh you will”, she said as she reached down and attached a metal collar around my neck.  There was a length of chain on the collar that she padlocked to a metal loop in the floor.

“What are you doing?  HELP!!” I shouted.

The woman laughed, “You’re miles from anywhere girl, shout all you like, nobody that matters will hear you.  Shouting helps me really, you’ll be easier to break after you’ve worn yourself out” she walked over to a desk in the corner and sat down, staring at me.

“I don’t understand, what’s happening?  Who are you?” I asked through sobs.

“You will address me as Ma’am.  What’s happening to you is something that will soon become clear” she said as she turned her chair to face the computer on the desk and began typing.

I was shocked into silence.  I had no idea what was going on.  What did she mean, easier to break?  Why was she just sitting there?  What was I supposed to do; did she want me to carry on screaming?  I decided staying quiet was probably my safest option.

After what seemed like hours the mystery woman came over to me.  “I’m going to undo your restraints now, are you going to behave?”

“Yes Ma’am” I said quickly.  No way was I going to behave I was going to get the hell out of here as soon as I could but I needed the restraints undoing first.

She crouched down and took my face in her hands.  “Quite a pretty little thing aren’t you?” she said softly as she stroked the side of my face.  I felt myself lean into her touch.  She had a very noticeable presence.  I looked into her piercing blue eyes and felt mesmerized by the energy she was emitting.  Something about this woman made me want to do as she asked of me.  She undid the restraints around my wrists and ankles.  She undid the padlock and held the end of the chain in her hand as though it were a leash.  I attempted to stand up and felt a sharp burning pain across the top of my thigh.  I yelped and dropped to my knees.  “Did I tell you to stand?!”  She snapped at me.  I looked up through tear stained eyes, “No Ma’am” I whimpered.

She stroked my face with the end of the riding crop she had struck me with, “You need some thinking time slut” she said as she pulled on the chain leash.  I tried to keep up with her long strides, scurrying along behind on my hands and knees.  She led me across the room to a row of cubicles, each no bigger than a small public toilet cubicle.  She opened the door to one and motioned for me to crawl in.  I hesitated and looked up to her.  She dragged me into the cubicle with the leash.  She attached the chain to another metal hook on the floor in the cubicle and removed a leather paddle from a hook on the wall.

“You will learn to obey instructions immediately slut” she said as she landed the paddle heavily on my ass.  I jumped forward hitting my head on the wall.  “Stay still and take your punishment or it will only get worse!”  She shouted as she let a reign of ten or twelve blows land on my delicate white ass.  I whimpered and cried but managed to stay mostly still.

“Now stay in here and think about how you can please me” with that she shut and locked the door.  I curled up into a little ball on the floor of the pitch dark cubicle, tied down like a dog, the metal chain clanking any time I moved.  I must have cried myself to sleep as I was awoken when I heard a girl scream.  I sat bolt upright, unsure if it had been a dream.  Then there it was again… a loud cracking sound, then a girls scream but it was followed this time by muffled words, “Please Mistress, please, I’m so sorry.  I was stupid, it won’t happen again, please don’t send me away, please Mistress”.  I heard the mystery lady’s voice, “You were warned what the punishment would be, but you went ahead and did it anyway.  Your pleas are falling on deaf ears so stop wasting your energy or I will put the gag back in” there was another loud crack followed by the girls screams.  I fidgeted round in the cubicle, trying to see if I could get a glimpse of what was happening through the doorframe.  As I moved, the chain clanked loudly against the concrete floor.  Within a second of that the door was unlocked and flung open.  “Nosy little bitch aren’t you?” the woman said as she reached in and grabbed my leash, pulling me out behind her.

She dragged me across the room and stopped in front of a girl about my age who was standing in the center of the room, her arms and legs tied spread-eagle in a frame that was obviously purpose built for the job.  She had huge angry red welts over her ass and the backs of her thighs.  My leash was again secured to a metal loop in the floor, “You can sit there and watch since you seemed so keen to see what was happening out here, maybe I’ll get you up there next” she laughed.

She went back behind the girl and picked up a long thin cane, “This is what happens to sluts that misbehave!” she shouted as she struck the back of the girls thighs with the cane.  The girl screamed and began to beg again, “Please Mistress, please no more, I’m so sorry, please!!” she sobbed.  The lady ignored her and landed another 10 hard, flesh ripping strikes across the girls’ ass.  She screamed and begged with each strike.  I had been watching her face through all this and was now very curious to see what she looked like from behind, I wanted to see the stripes on her ass.  As though reading my mind the woman grabbed my leash and pulled me behind the girl.  She had at least 15 big red welts over her, two of which were bleeding slightly, “See what happens if you misbehave girl?” she asked.  I didn’t respond to her because I was too shocked by what she did with her hand while asking this question.  She had reached down and thrust 2 fingers into my pussy, “Just as I thought” she said with a smile.  She put her fingers in front of my face, “Look, can you see that?  Smell it.  That’s slut juice you can smell.  Dirty little bitch, you’re dripping wet!”

I hadn’t noticed, but she was right, I was horny, I could smell my own pussy juices.  I was so confused, how could I be horny?  The door to the building opened and all of us looked round.  It was the man from earlier with two other men I didn’t recognize, the woman said, “That time already is it?  I’ll let you guys get on then” and she went back over to her desk and sat at the computer.  Without words the men untied the girl and led her, on hands and knees, to one of the cubicles.  The man from the bar then led me to my cubicle; I knelt in the doorway and watched as 15 dishes were filled with a gruel like meal and 15 with water.  The men placed one a few feet in front of each cubicle, including mine.  They went down the row unbolting each door.  When all the doors were unlocked the man from the bar said, “Come on then, dinner time.  Get out here with those asses high and eat” I looked around as a girl crawled out of each cubicle.  None of them looked around; they all just crawled up to the dishes and knelt, with their asses pointed high, and began eating the gruel like dogs would, straight from the dishes.  I noticed the girl who had been caned earlier; she was crying but still had her face in her dish.  I couldn’t believe the sight.  As I was still in the doorway of my cubicle I could see all the girls asses, all of them had welts or bruises on them.  I noticed 3 girls had something in their ass, as I looked a little harder I could tell they were butt plugs.  One girl had to have a gag removed before she ate and another two had to have wrist restraints removed.  I sat in shock, unable to move, where the hell was I?

“Our food not good enough for you new girl?” one of the men shouted.

“I’ll deal with this one” the man from the bar said as he strode toward me, holding a leather strap menacingly.  “When I say eat, you fucking eat slut!” He shouted as he landed the strap on my right breast.  The burning pain made me scream out and curl up defensively.  Three more blows landed on my back and shoulders.  “I’m looking forward to breaking you in bitch!!”  He screamed.

“Enough!!  Put her on the cross and I’ll deal with her later!” the lady barked from across the room. 

He stopped hitting me, “Saved by the Mistress again huh?  She must like you.  You lucky little whore”

The men carried me to a large wooden cross that stood next to the frame the girl had been tied to earlier.  I kicked and screamed and struggled but all to no avail.  Very quickly I was tied to the cross my breasts hanging either side of the upright.  My wrists and ankles securely fastened to it.  “You want us to gag her Mistress?” the man from the bar asked.

“No, her screams will be a deterrent to the other girls” the lady replied without even looking up from her work.  As I hung from the cross I could look over my shoulder to see the other girls.  As each of them finished eating they knelt next to their dishes with their head and shoulders on the ground and their asses high in the air.  This was obviously a sign to the men that they had finished because when each girl did this one of the men stepped behind them and struck each ass 20 times with the large paddles from inside the cubicles.  The girl that had been caned was the last one eating.  She was struggling to eat through her sobs and finally crawled to the side, struggling to raise her sore ass into the air.  The man from the bar stepped up to her, “You’ve not finished it all cunt!  You know the punishment for that… he unzipped his pants and pissed in her food bowl.  He then pushed her face into the dish, “Fucking eat it!!” he shouted as he landed the leather strap across her poor red ass.  She screamed in agony and fell to the floor.  The man put her back in front of the bowl and hit her again.  This went on until she had licked her bowl clean.  The other girls all knelt silently, staring straight ahead; obviously grateful it wasn’t them who had angered the men. 

When he was satisfied everyone, except me, had eaten their dinner he said, “Inspection”.  As one, all of the girls turned toward their cubicles and knelt with their head in the doorway and their ass in the air.  The girl that had been caned just curled up in ball and sobbed.  The lady came down from her desk and walked along the row of asses.  She gave instructions to the men as she went, “This one can be without the plug tonight.  This one needs a bigger plug tonight.  This one needs another 20 strokes before bed.”  When she got to her earlier victim she said, “This one still hasn’t learnt her lesson yet.  You boys have some fun with her, then put the ointment on her welts and let her sleep unrestrained tonight”

The men carried out her instructions and locked each girl into their cubicle.  When they were done they took the girl that had been caned and secured her to a bench in the far corner of the room.  The way they bent her over it meant they had full access to her pussy, mouth, ass and tits. 

The lady stood behind me, looking, as I was, at the plight of the poor girl in the corner.  She already had a cock in her mouth and another one in her ass.  “Those boys could go all night if I let them” she said as she leant in behind me so I could feel her breath on my neck, “maybe I’ll send you over there when I’m done with you.  I think Dan would love to shove his cock up your tight little ass” she laughed as she pushed a finger into my anus.  I whimpered under the intrusion and managed to mumble, “Please Ma’am, no, anything but that”

“I know that would be torture for a little dyke like you wouldn’t it?” she laughed.

“How do you know I’m a gay?” I asked her.

 “I know lots of things about you Sophie.  That’s why you’re here.” She smiled.

How did she know my name?  I was terrified again now.  Where the hell was I?  “How do you know my name?  Where am I?” I asked, my body trembling with fear.

“You’re at my slave training camp.  Girls come here, either by recommendation or force and learn how to be pleasing little sluts.  When I am satisfied with their training I hold auctions where they are sold off to the highest bidder” she said as she gently stroked the evil looking thin cane across my ass.

“You can’t just kidnap people and sell them into slavery!!” I shouted.  This was like something out of a trashy BDSM novel; surely these places don’t really exist.

SNAP!!  The cane whipped across the middle of my ass.  The burning pain was so intense I screamed out.  “I can and I do slut!!” she shouted as she struck me another three times.  I was crying and begging her to stop now.  “You disappoint me slut.  You came with such a good recommendation; I was sure you’d be able to take more than this.  I guess I’ll just have to turn you over to the boys to break in”

“No please anything but that Ma’am.  Please, cane me instead, please Ma’am!!” I begged.  It had been ten years since my first and only sexual encounter with a man.  I didn’t want another one, especially not in these circumstances.

“That’s better.  You’ll take ten more and I want to hear you count and thank me in between each one.  Understood?” she said as she stepped back, lining the cane up against my ass for the next blow.

“Yes Ma’am,” I whimpered, bracing myself for the next stinging welt to appear.  I counted and thanked her through gritted teeth while I received the next ten blows.  I would have taken fifty if it meant I didn’t get turned over to the men who were gleefully raping the girl in the corner.

“Much better!” she said as she stroked my burning ass.  “Now are you listening carefully, I’m going to explain the rules and routine to you”

“You will be awoken at 6am every morning by the guards, whom you will address as Sir; they will give you your breakfast and administer your morning beating, 20 paddle strokes.  Then the maids will come in, whom you will address as Miss.  You will clean out your litter box, wash your dishes and bathe under the maids’ supervision.  Some mornings they will have instructions from me about specific things I want clean, such as your bowels.  You will then exercise under the maids and guards supervision.  They have permission to punish you as they see fit if you do not behave appropriately.  If they do have to punish you, then you can guarantee the punishment you get from me later in the day will be ten times worse.  Do you follow me so far slut?” she asked.

My brain was swimming; she was going to keep me here as a prisoner.  How the hell has this happened?  Who recommended me?  Who could have hated me enough to have me brought to a place like this?  SNAP.  The cane crossed the back of my thighs, “Yes Ma’am… sorry!” I shouted.

“Do not make me wait for an answer again!!  After you exercise you will be set your chores or begin your training for the day.  Chores will be monotonous, designed to break your spirits and training will be in many different areas.  Anal stretching, bowel and bladder control, orgasm control, flogging and general servitude to name but a few.  Then after chores and training you will have some rest time in your cubicle.  Then the evening routine is much as you’ve witnessed tonight.  Dinner, evening beating, inspection and bed.”  She was undoing me from the cross as she spoke.  When she had me kneeling beside her she lent down and stroked my face, “if you behave and learn quickly you’ll graduate and go off to start your new life in no time at all” she said almost lovingly.

She led me across to the corner where the men were untying the girl they had all just fucked.  She was beyond tears; she just slumped limply to the ground.  “I think she learnt her lesson Mistress” the man from the bar laughed.

“I think she did, and she finally took a punishment quietly.  Did she cum?”

“No Mistress, didn’t let her” he said smugly.

“Good.  Let’s see if your tongue is as good as I’ve been told it is… kneel here and put your head between her thighs” she said to me.  I did as I was instructed and heard the buzz of an Accuvibe being switched on.  I felt the large vibrating head of the vibe push up against my clit.  I was surprised how sensitive it was.  “Lick her pussy.  If she cums, you can cum.  You have 3 minutes.”

I began gently lapping at the girls’ clit.  Humping my hips so my clit rubbed against the Accuvibe.  My licking became more and more frantic.  I was so close to cumming.  The girl beneath me was responding.  Her hips were rising up, pushing her mound into my mouth, she moaned and reached down to hold my head in place as she began riding against the laps of my tongue.  Her pussy tasted so good, she was soaking wet, her clit a rock hard bullet pulsating against my tongue.  Then her whole body tensed as she began to hump wildly, screaming in ecstasy as she came.  My orgasm immediately followed, I humped against the accuvibe riding the waves of pleasure that coursed through me.

“That’s enough.  Can’t have the sluts getting too much pleasure!  Put them to bed” the lady said as she walked away.

The men roughly pushed each of us into our cubicles and the locked the door.  I lay curled up in the darkness unsure of how I felt.  My brain was telling me this was ridiculous.  I was a prisoner here at the mercy of a group of insane sadists.  But something inside me was telling me a different story.  I felt strangely calm.  I drifted off to sleep with no problems at all.

The following days and weeks went much as the Mistress had described them.  Breakfast was eaten out of dishes in the morning.  The man from the bar made sure he administered my daily beatings both morning and evening.  In a lot of ways that helped me learn how to take a beating quietly, I didn’t want him to get the satisfaction of seeing me suffer or give him reason to punish me, which I knew he would enjoy.  Bath time was horrific the first time but I soon got used to it.  All the girls were taken out to a yard area where we were hosed down like animals.  We were given rags and told to scrub ourselves clean under the water from the hoses.  Most mornings I was cleaned inside and out as I underwent intensive anal training the first few weeks at the camp.  The maids had a nozzle they attached to the hose to insert water directly into my bowels.  The first time I emptied my bowel before I was given permission to.  That was a mistake I only made once, I was strung up in the yard and each of the guards and maids gave me ten strokes with a large wooden paddle.  Then later that afternoon the Mistress gave me twenty strokes on my tits with the buggy whip.  The welts on my tits lasted for nearly ten days after that.

I had gotten used to the routine and it had been two weeks since I’d had to be punished when the guards came in that morning, the morning that became the best day of my life.  The breakfast and bathing routine went as usual but we were all herded together in the yard instead of going off to do our chores.  The Mistress made an announcement, “Today is auction day girls.  You will follow the maids and guards instructions to get this place and yourselves ready.  Some of you will be lucky enough to be leaving here today”

We were all given jobs to do.  Mine was to help the men set up a wooden stage in the yard.  It had twelve benches on it all with restraints attached.  I knew I would be fastened to one of these later that day.  For the first time in weeks I was scared.  I had become accustomed to the routine in the camp.  I had spent most of my time there kind of floating outside of my body.  I had felt a true sense of inner peace since I’d got over those first couple of days and barely thought of anything but pleasing my captors.  The thought that I would be sold off to a stranger, sent out into the unknown, terrified me.

I busied myself with the tasks I was given and tried not to think about what would be happening later.  We were all locked into our cubicles once all the preparations had been completed.  As the hours passed I grew more and more nervous.  I could hear lots of voices outside my cubicle, it sounded like a lot of people had come to the auction.

After what seemed an eternity the Mistress came to collect me.  She placed a leather blindfold on me and as I pushed back to receive the large butt plug easily into my ass she said, “I’m so proud of how quickly you’ve picked all this up” and led me outside.

I was restrained to one of the benches I had helped to erect earlier.  I could hear lots of movement and conversation but was too overwhelmed to tune in on anything specific, until I heard the Mistress’ voice over the loudspeaker.  “Ladies and Gentleman, the slaves are now ready to be inspected, feel free to have a good poke and prod, ask any questions of them you wish to.  There are plenty of paddles and floggers around for you to test them with”

My next ordeal seemed to last for hours.  I felt endless hands probing and prodding my most intimate parts.  My butt plug was removed and replaced so many times I thought I would shit myself with the stimulation to the muscles.  Frequently, stinging blows would land on my ass from various implements and hands.  At one point the plug was removed and replaced by a speculum which the Mistress cranked open to its fullest as she boasted, “I’m very pleased by how this one progressed with her anal training, as you can see she’s stretched enough there to accommodate a ladies fist easily”. It took everything in me not to scream out.  I knew that would have been stupid though.  The Mistress would have whipped the skin clean off my hide if I showed her up on this important day. 

Then the Mistress’ voice over the loudspeaker again, “And now we begin the bidding!!!”

I listened as slave after slave was sold off to the highest bidder.  Each girl before me fetched a good price.  They were led off the stage by their new owners there and then.  I was shaking with fear.  I felt sick, please don’t sell me to a man, please don’t let anyone bid, I want to stay here.  It was strange how I thought in that moment.  Not wanting to leave the security of the routine I had settled into no matter how barbaric or humiliating it seemed, I realized in that moment, when I went up for auction, that I needed it.  I needed that treatment, what if my new owner weren’t as strict with me?  What if I had to go back to making my own decisions?  The Mistress had pointed out to me in my time at the camp that I was very bad at decision making and my life would be much better if control over it were gifted to one who knew better than I did.  I had come to agree with her.

I didn’t hear what price I finally sold for.  I was intensely concentrating on stopping my head spinning, trying desperately not to throw up.  Then I heard it “Sold!!  To the lady in black!!  Come and collect your property Ma’am”

If I had been relying on my legs to keep me upright I would surely have collapsed by now.  A cold sweat had come over me and I could not stop shaking as I was freed of my restraints and instructed to kneel before my new owner.  Trembling, I obeyed the command.

I felt soft hands caress my face before the blindfold was removed.  I looked to the floor while my eyes adjusted to the light.  I saw my leash was still attached to my collar I followed it with my eyes as it trailed down my body, across the ground, up next to a long shapely leg and into a beautifully manicured hand.  I blinked away the tears that had welled behind the blindfold to be greeted by the sight of Sarah holding the other end of my leash. “Sa…” I began to say.  Quickly Sarah pulled my leash down and stood on it, my head forced to the floor next to her feet I reached my lips out and instinctively kissed her boot.

“It’s Mistress to you now slut!!” she said in a firm voice.  “Your room has been prepared at home, complete with cage, litter box and many, many paddles, floggers and canes.  And you will be coming to live in it, 24/7.”

She crouched down and took a hold of my nipple, twisting it hard.  Without noticing it my legs spread wide, opening myself for her.  “I knew you’d adapt well to this my pet” she smiled as she gently stroked the pussy she now owned.

Later that evening Mistress Sarah joined the other owners for dinner, she allowed me to stay curled up at her feet as she ate.  The Mistress sat next to her and I caught a snippet of conversation, I was an exemplary student apparently.  The Mistress was very impressed that Sarah had spotted it in me (whatever it is) and made her promise to bring me back to visit at the next event.  We left not long after that. 

That night my Mistress put me to bed in my cage with a burning red well fucked ass… and I slept like a baby, as I have every night since. 



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