One Subs Thoughts

Random musings from a submissive mind

The Stranger

As she trekked up the hill Kathleen looked happily around her. It was great to be home. That was the nicest thing about Lincolns Old Town; it never changed. No matter how long you were away for, the old cobbled streets and centuries old buildings were just as you left them. Familiarity was what she needed right now. Time to get her life in order before moving on again.

She walked round her old stomping ground, music from her iPod blaring in her ears, as content as could be. She had arranged to meet some friends in her old local, The Adam and Eve. As she walked past the Cathedral, she couldn’t help but smile. Her mind raced with the happy memories; climbing the statue of Lord Tennyson; searching for the imp from the legends she grew up with… it was good to be home.

By the time she arrived at the pub Kathleen was ready for a drink.  She bought a pint and sat at the table her friends had already commandeered.  Several pints in and Kathleen was holding fort.  Regaling her friends with the latest tales from the soap opera that was her life when her attention was drawn elsewhere.  Out of the corner of her eye she could see a stunning woman had just walked in.

She was dressed in a perfectly tailored black business suit and heels.  The way the woman carried herself, the beautiful blonde hair that flowed just past her shoulders, the elegant feminine movements she made, the delicately toned arms that were revealed as she slipped off her jacket all made heads turn.

Kathleen couldn’t help but stare at the elegant woman. She secretly hoped to meet her gaze but when she tried the stranger was in full conversational flow with those around her. There was something about this woman that captivated Kathleen, and as she looked around the crowded pub she noticed it was captivating most of the guys in there too.

Kathleen was brought back to the conversation as her friends reminded her that it was her round. She went up to the bar and ordered the drinks, looking sideways for the captivating stranger in the vain hope their eyes would meet. As she turned from the crowded bar, holding the round of drinks, Kathleen bumped into someone spilling their drink all down them. She looked up and horror struck her as she realised it was the beautiful woman. Kathleen blurted out an apology and offered to buy the lady a replacement drink. The lady leaned in so close to Kathleen that she could feel her breath in her ear as she whispered, “No thank you, but you can follow me home later and clean my blouse for me”.

With that the stranger walked back to her table. Kathleen stood in disbelief, had she heard right? Had she just been invited back to a beautiful strangers home? She regained her composure and headed back to her friends. Kathleen was now completely unable to take her eyes off the beautiful stranger across the room. The frustration mounted in her as her gaze went unreturned. Who did this woman think she was? Saying a line like that and then ignoring her? Deep down though Kathleen knew she loved it, she knew she would be following her home.

What seemed like hours later the stranger stood, pulled her perfectly fitting jacket on and began to say her goodbyes. Kathleen took her cue from this; she made her excuses to her friends and followed the lady from the bar.

As she walked through Minster Arch Kathleen could see the stranger in the distance headed past the Cathedral east wall.  She increased her pace hoping to catch up.  The stranger had not looked round once.  Did she know Kathleen was following?  Did she care?  As she got to the Cathedral Kathleen looked around her, she couldn’t see the woman anywhere.  Her heart sank as she realised she’d lost her, dammit!!

She leant against the east wall looking toward Castle Square wondering what to do now.  It was late at night, her friends had left just after her to go on to a party.  Man she felt stupid, following some stranger about in the dead of night, what had she been thinking?  Suddenly a voice behind her whispered in her ear, “So do you always do as you’re told then?”

Kathleen was startled, she jumped and spun round just as the beautiful stranger took hold of her waist and pinned her against the cold stone wall with the length of her body.  She thrust her knee between Kathleens legs and took hold of her wrists.  The stranger leant into Kathleens ear and said, “I asked you a question”.

Stunned and breathless the words “yes Ma’am” fell from Kathleens lips before she could put any thought into them.

The woman smiled as she ran a long finger down the side of Kathleens face.  “Good”, she murmured.

The two women stood, eyes locked to one another as the elegant stranger reached down and unbuttoned Kathleens jeans.  She slipped her hand in and rubbed Kathleens throbbing pussy through her lace panties.  Covering the underwear in the thick juice that pumped through the pussy beneath them.  Kathleen gently moaned under the touch unsure of what the hell was happening but knowing her pussy was enjoying it.

The stranger tightly gripped Kathleen’s panties and pulled until they tore down the seams.  She removed them and balled them up in one hand as she stroked Kathleens lips with the other.  She looked straight into the captivated girls eyes as she simply said, “Open”.

Without any conscious thought Kathleen felt her jaw drop as she opened her mouth wide. The stranger gently fed the panties into Kathleens open, willing mouth, pushing them all the way in.  She then turned and walked away.  Kathleen stood there, her jeans around her knees, her mouth full of the pussy tasting panties.  She knew she had to follow this woman.  She quickly buttoned up her jeans and trailed after her.

As the stranger crossed Minster Yard she walked up the steps in front of one of the huge houses looking out onto the Cathedral. Kathleen thought to herself who is this woman? She knew you had to hold some serious power with the Dean and Chapter to live in one of these properties. That fact just heightened Kathleens excitement. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Her mind was foggy with beer as she watched the woman enter the house, leaving the door wide open behind her.

Suddenly the excitement in Kathleen gave way to fear. She knew nothing about this woman, not even her name. What the hell had she been thinking? Nobody knew where she was, what if this lady was some kind of lunatic? Ten minutes or more passed as Kathleen stood staring at the open door, her feet frozen to the spot, unable to take those latest twenty paces into the unknown.

As Kathleen struggled with the sensible voice inside her head a silhouette appeared at the door. The stranger had changed. In the dim light that came from the back of the house Kathleen could see the reflections bounce off thigh high PVC boots. As the woman stepped onto the porch Kathleen allowed her eyes to travel up the boots to see a tightly fitting black corset. The top of which revealed the curve of beautifully rounded smooth breasts.

The stranger beckoned with an elegant hand, covered in an elbow length black glove, for Kathleen to go to her. Before she could think about it Kathleen found herself walking towards the doorway, she caught sight of the riding crop in the strangers other hand and suddenly didn’t really care anymore that she knew nothing of this woman. She knew she wanted to please her and that was enough to make her legs take those last twenty paces.

Once inside the house Kathleen still couldn’t take her eyes of this beautiful creature that stood before her. She was pleased to have the panties in her mouth, as her brain could not provide any words that would have done justice to the situation. The stranger shut the door and without looking at Kathleen simply said, “Undress”. She then walked through into the house leaving Kathleen standing in the hallway.

Kathleen knew she didn’t need to be told twice.  She undressed immediately, leaving her clothes in a neatly folded pile by the door.  Her mind raced as she stood in the hallway, naked, her mouth full of her own panties.  What should she do know?  Stay there?  Go and find the woman?  Get dressed and bolt out of the door?

As she wrestled with her options Kathleen heard the firm voice from behind the door at the end of the hall say, “Come here, slut”.

Kathleen crept down the hallway and tentatively opened the door to the woman’s kitchen. The stranger stood leaning back against the worktop, tapping her crop against her thigh. She looked Kathleen up and down, her face was expressionless. Kathleen suddenly became very self-conscious. The doubts raced through her again, what was she doing?

The stranger motioned to the kitchen sink. Kathleen looked around and saw the drink stained blouse and a tub of hand washing powder. She looked back to the woman unsure of what to do. The elegant stranger said, “Well, you came back to wash my blouse didn’t you? So there you go.”

Kathleen stepped up to the sink and began to run the tap. She could feel the strangers eyes in her back. All manner of thoughts went through her foggy head. Was she pleasing this woman? Would she be shown the door once the blouse was clean? What the hell was she doing?

As Kathleen plunged the blouse into the warm soapy water she felt the soft leather tip of the riding crop on the nape of her neck. Her back shuddered as she felt the crop run slowly down her spine. Into the curve of her lower back, gently sliding down her bum before resting against the back of her thigh. The stranger gently tapped the crop against Kathleen’s thigh, saying, “Open”.

Kathleen dutifully parted her legs. As soon as she did this she felt the crop stroke up and down the inside of her thighs. She couldn’t help but writhe against it as the crop slid up her thigh and rested against her pussy. She was aching to be touched. Her pussy dripping wet, writhing against the crop being held there more forcibly now. Kathleen was gripping onto the side of the sink, her eyes closed, rubbing herself against the crop.

Suddenly the crop moved, she felt a sharp sting as the full force of it landed across her ass. The harsh voice behind her said, “Did I tell you to stop scrubbing?”

Kathleen’s eyes opened with a start, she began frantically scrubbing at the stain on the blouse. She could feel the burning welt that had been left on her ass. The stranger whispered, “Good girl” in her ear as gloved hands reached around her, gently caressing her small pert breasts.

Taking the nipples between her thumb and finger the stranger pinched hard. Kathleen moaned under the harsh touch, her hips writhed uncontrollably. The stranger whispered into Kathleen’s ear, “Mmmmm… aren’t you a horny little slut?” She reached up to Kathleen’s mouth and gently pulled the panties out. “Well, I asked you a question?”

Kathleen murmured under heavy breaths, “Yes Ma’am, I’m a horny slut”.  The stranger replied, “Good girl, now rinse that blouse out.”

Kathleen ran cold water onto the blouse, rinsing the soap away. As she did this she could feel the gloved hands caressing every part of her trembling naked body. She was so horny, so confused by what was happening, a little scared… but she felt she was pleasing the stranger.

As Kathleen rinsed the last of the soap from the blouse the voice behind her said, “It’s going to be a dry night, you can hang it out on the washing line to dry.  Follow me.”

Kathleen turned and looked at the back of the woman in disbelief, surely she wouldn’t make her go outside naked?  She picked up the blouse and followed her through to the dining room.  In the centre of the room was a large oval mahogany table with eight high backed chairs.  To one side was an elegant red chaise with a flogger draped over it.  A long thin leather flogger that Kathleen thought looked as though it could do some serious damage.

The stranger drew back the floor length red curtains to reveal large French doors out onto her patio.  She opened the doors and flicked a switch by them to illuminate the large garden.  Kathleen stared out, noticing that all the neighbours could see into the garden, especially with the light on.  At the end of what Kathleen figured to be about 100ft of lawn was a washing line.  She looked up at the stranger with pleading eyes.  Kathleen knew the families in the neighbouring properties; she couldn’t go out there naked.  Okay it was the middle of the night, but someone might still be up, someone might see her, then what would she do?

The stranger looked down on Kathleen and asked, “What are you waiting for, the pegs are on the line, off you go”. Kathleen remained motionless her eyes fixed on the garden.  “The longer you keep me waiting the worse this gets for you slut”, came the firm voice from above her.  She looked pleadingly into the strangers eyes, “Please Ma’am, please don’t make me…”  Her pleas were cut short by the sting of the crop as it landed heavily against her thigh, in a harsh voice the stranger said, “I don’t remember telling you to beg slut.  Now do as you are told!”

Kathleen realised she had two options.  Do as she was told or get dressed and leave.  There was something deep inside her that desperately wanted to avoid the latter option.  So she bolted out of the door to the end of the garden, she quickly hung the blouse on the line.  Frantically looking around her to see if anyone was watching.

As she ran back to the house she saw the stranger was laughing at her.  She was conscious of her breasts bouncing as she ran but didn’t care, she just wanted to get back inside.  As degraded as she felt, she was hornier than she’d ever been.  The stranger was right; she was a horny little slut.  Once she was back in the dining room the stranger turned to Kathleen and said, “If I have to tell you to do something twice again, you’ll be put out there with your wrists bound and “slut” written across your breasts in bright red lipstick.  Do I make myself clear?”  Kathleen looked down at the floor as she sighed and whispered, “Yes Ma’am”.  The stranger strolled across to the chaise and elegantly sat down, “Now crawl to me slut, I want you over my knee”.

Kathleen knew not keep the stranger waiting; she didn’t dare risk finding out if that had been an empty threat.  She quickly dropped to her knees and crawled up over the beautiful womans lap.  Once she was in position the stranger said, “Put your hands behind your back”.  As she did so Kathleen felt a length of rope being used to tightly bind her wrists together.  She laid there, her ass in the air, arms tightly tied behind her, completely helpless and she knew she was going to be spanked.  But instead of feeling the harsh slap of the gloved hand she felt gentle caresses, her ass wiggled under the touch, but she was surprised to feel disappointment, she wanted the spanking, she needed it.  The stranger must of known this as she said, “Beg me for it slut.  Beg your Ma’am to spank that cute ass of yours.”  Her voice full of desire, Kathleen pleaded, “Please Ma’am, please spank your horny slut, I need it so badly.”

More than willing to oblige the stranger let fly with a rein of stinging blows to the hopeless girls ass.  With each slap the soft skin grew pinker and pinker.  Kathleen squirmed under the blows reaching her ass up to receive each one.  After several minutes Kathleens ass was turning a deep red.  She could feel the stranger writhing under her; she knew this was pleasing her host.  She felt a gloved hand reach under her, rubbing roughly against her clitoris.  She felt she was going to explode, she thrust herself hard against the strangers hand.  She didn’t know why but as she was close to orgasm she felt she should ask the strangers permission.  “Please Ma’am, please may I cum?”  The stranger slapped Kathleens ass and pushed hard against her clit, “Good girl, yes, yes you may cum”.  Kathleen gyrated wildly against the hand between her legs as an incredible orgasm took hold of her.  She moaned and whimpered under the strangers strong touch, “Thank you Ma’am, thank you.”

Without allowing Kathleen the chance to rest the stranger said, “You can show me how grateful you are slut.  Pull out one of those chairs and kneel in front of it”  Kathleen quickly obeyed, her body trembling, her mind a blur.  The stranger sat in the chair in front of her.  Kathleen didn’t know what took over her at that point but she dropped her face to the boots before her and started passionately kissing them, running her tongue up the length, whispering thank you repeatedly under her breath.  She felt no control over anything she did, strong urges from somewhere deep within were making her behave in this manner.

The stranger was looking down on her new slut, a wide grin across her face.  “Lay on your back slut”, she commanded.

As Kathleen laid back she felt the strangers boot against her pussy, then something inside her.  Her mind raced as she realised the woman was fucking her wet pussy with the 6-inch heel of her boot.  Kathleen didn’t care what it was, it felt so good.  The heel inside her, the sole of the boot pushing against Kathleens very sensitive clitoris.  She was sure she was about to cum again when she felt the boot withdraw.

The stranger looked down at the breathless little slut before her, beads of sweat appearing on her pert little breasts, “On your knees!”  Kathleen knelt as the strangers boot was put before her face, “Now clean it.”

Kathleen licked the sole of the boot, tasting her own juices.  She worked her way down, taking the whole of the heel into her mouth, sucking every bit of her taste off it.  The stranger reached forward forcibly taking a handful of Kathleens hair, pulling her face into the boot…. “That’s it my good little slut, lick it all clean”.

When she decided she’d seen enough the stranger stood up. She reached down and took hold of Kathleen by the hair on the back of her head.  She pulled her up and bent her over the solid wood table.  Kathleen felt the cold polished wood against her aching breasts as she wondered what was going to happen to her now.  She watched from the corner of her eye as the stranger went and took something from a large chest on the floor.  Kathleens eyes widened as she watched the woman put on a large double-ended strap-on.

She felt the strangers hands caressing her ass, she couldn’t keep still, her hips writhing, her pussy aching to be filled.  The voice from behind her said, as if to herself, “Hmmm…. Now which hole do I fuck first?”

Kathleen winced as she felt a gloved finger push deep into her tight asshole.  She had never taken a cock in her ass but at this moment she wanted to do just that, more than ever before.  She moaned with ecstasy as the stranger finger fucked her tight ass, and she couldn’t keep the words in, “Please Ma’am, please fuck me, fuck me hard in the ass, please”.

The stranger chuckled, “Hmmm…. No, I don’t think you’ve earned that my little slut… not yet anyway.”

With that Kathleen felt the length of the strap on thrust into her gaping pussy.  She felt the strangers vice like grip on her hips, pistoning the large strap-on in and out of her dripping wet cunt.  Feeling the beautiful womans hips slam against her as she thrust with all of her might deep into her.  Kathleen screamed with the pummelling her poor used pussy was taking.  She couldn’t move under the grip of the stranger all she could do was stand there and take it.  That suited Kathleen, that was all she wanted to do!

The thrusts grew faster and more ferocious until finally both women screamed as shuddering orgasms took hold of their hot sweaty bodies.  Kathleen leant over the table, panting uncontrollably as she felt the cock slide out of her gaping pussy.

The stranger grabbed hold of Kathleens hair and pushed her down to her knees.  She thrust the cock into her sluts mouth, “Good girl, clean it all up.”

Kathleen sucked hard and deep on the cock being thrust into her open mouth, feeling the hard grip of the strangers hand on the back of her head.  Her mind was a blur; she couldn’t think all she could do was obey.

The stranger stroked Kathleens face as she walked behind her.  She gently untied the ropes binding her sluts wrists and helped Kathleen to her feet.

The stranger took Kathleens face tenderly in her hands and whispered in her ear, “I’m done with you now slut.  You can leave.  But write your number on the pad by the door, I think I’ll want to use you again.”

She slapped Kathleen playfully on the ass and left the room…

Chapter 2

Kathleen stood in the beautiful strangers dining room, unable to move.  What had just happened?!!!  The stranger had fucked her senseless, stood up and left!  Who the hell did she think she was?  I didn’t even find out her name, Kathleen thought to herself.

She toyed with the idea of going to find the woman.  She looked around the room and caught sight of the vicious looking flogger; she certainly didn’t want to feel that land against her sensitive ass.  The threat of being turned out into the garden rang in her ears.  These thoughts combined and left Kathleen feeling that doing as she had been told was definitely the most sensible option!!

She went into the hallway, dressed and wrote her number down.  She realised then that the stranger didn’t know her name either, what should she write?  She didn’t need to write anything, the woman would know it was her number.  But that just didn’t feel right, didn’t feel enough.  So Kathleen signed the note, “Thank you, your slut xxx.”

Kathleen stepped out to see the sun rising over the Cathedral.  She suddenly felt very tired and called a cab to take her home.  She sat on the low wall surrounding the Cathedral staring up at the beautiful strangers home.

“I wonder if she’ll call me”, she wondered out loud to nobody but herself.


As Victoria woke up, she stretched across her king size bed, a smile sprung to her lips.  She looked down beside her bed, wouldn’t it of been nice to let her sleep there, tied to my bedpost, she thought to herself.  Then she laughed, “all in good time, V. all in good time.”

She got up, draped her robe over her and picked the paper up from the porch.  As she closed the front door she saw the note, “Hmmm… my slut?  If only you knew the half of it pet, if only you knew”, she headed into the kitchen.

“I wonder if she can cook”, Victoria pondered, as she poured herself a fresh orange juice and decided she couldn’t be bothered cooking breakfast, just a slice of toast would do for now, she’d pick something more substantial up later.  She set about reading the morning paper but found her mind wandering back to the previous evenings events.  She couldn’t stop thinking of the delightful little slut she’d tormented, “Now, now V, don’t be going soft” she said to herself.


Kathleen finally arouse from her deep sleep, all fluffy-headed and confused.  Had it been a dream?  She threw the covers back and looked down to the side of her thigh, the big red welt was staring back at her, it stung as she touched it.  No, it was definitely not a dream.  She stumbled down the stairs and headed straight to the coffee machine.  She decided there wasn’t enough caffeine in the world to handle what her brain was going to throw at her today, and it hurt like hell too!  How did she have a hangover?  She’d felt perfectly sober whilst kneeling before the beautiful stranger.

Yes.  The beautiful stranger.  She had to find out who that woman was.  She downed her coffee and jumped into the shower.  She scrubbed her sensitive body with the shower gel, taking care not to press against the welts, the one on her ass burned like crazy as the warm water hit it.  She rubbed herself down with the towel, ran some gel through her hair, dressed and headed out the door. She had a feeling today was going to be a long day!


Across town Victoria lavished her body with much care and attention in the shower, she had two different body scrubs, one exfoliating, one moisturising.  When she stepped elegantly from the shower she stood and surveyed the numerous little pots and potions.  She began her daily ritual.  It took some effort to keep the skin this supple, especially at her age.  She would be ready to attack the day in just over an hour.

Then what would she do?  Her mind fell again to the beautiful young slut, “So much potential”, she murmured.


Kathleen strolled into the Adam and Eve right in the thick of the lunchtime rush.  Saturday afternoons were always busy.  She suddenly remembered the England match would be playing on the big screen so the bar would be really busy today.  She probably wouldn’t be able to find any answers to the hundreds of questions that raced through her mind.

As she finally fought her way to the front of the queue at the bar, she spotted her old friend Sharon, the owner of the bar, frantically running around to try and serve everyone.  Sharon spotted her and reached over the bar to hug her.

Kathleen looked around, “Bit manic in here today then?” she asked.

“Yeah and I’m one short in the kitchen, only got this new guy in there who’s about as much use a fucking chocolate teapot!!”  Replied Sharon.

Kathleen laughed, “Some things never change hey?”

“I think your whites are still in the locker mate, free beer all day once the rush is over?”  Sharon pleaded.

“Alright, but only as you asked so sweetly!!”  Said Kathleen with lashings of sarcasm.

It felt weird to be putting her chefs whites on again in this place, but hey what the hell she thought.  It was turning out to be a weird week anyway!

Kathleen got stuck right into the kitchen, in just over an hour everyone in the bar had been fed, last orders on food had been called and she was busy clearing up.  Just as she was looking forward to sitting down with a well-earned beer and watching the match she heard Sharon shout, “Check on!”

In full on chefs’ mode Kathleen stropped through to the bar, she was all set to let rip.  She had closed the kitchen and why the hell was an order coming through now?  As she stormed into the bar, just before the rant burst into full flow she locked eyes with the beautiful stranger from the evening before.

Sharon knew what was coming, “Sorry, mate… but it’s for V, she’s a regular after all, you can just squeeze one more order through” she said as she rushed off into the cellar not waiting for an answer.

Kathleen stopped in her tracks, “Erm… yeah no worries mate”.  She turned to the stranger and mumbled, “It’ll just be a few minutes, take a seat and I’ll bring it to you.”

V looked knowingly at Kathleen, “Yes, yes you will” she purred as she strolled off to a table in the corner.

Kathleen rushed back into the kitchen and set about preparing the meal.  She found herself taking more care over it than she would normally.  Her mind raced, so maybe she would find some answers today after all.  V.  Now what could that stand for?  Sharon obviously knew the woman so she could tap her for more information later.

She took the carefully presented meal over to the womans table.  V looked up and said, “I’ll be needing some cutlery”.

Kathleen was about to spout the autopilot line, “Cutlery and condiments are on the end of the bar, help yourself.”  When she thought better of it and instead said, “of course, any sauces?”

Victoria simply shook her head so Kathleen scurried off to fetch the cutlery.  When she returned, without looking up, Victoria asked her, “So, you do cook then?”

“Erm, yes Ma’am”, replied Kathleen, a little confused by the question

“Very good, you’ll be at my house at 6 o’clock this evening…” stated Victoria, in a very matter of fact tone.  “Oh, and bring your whites” she added with a wry smile.

Kathleen stood, stunned at how forward this woman was, when she heard, “You can go about your business now, but don’t drink this afternoon.  I want you sober and clear headed”.

Kathleen shook herself out of her daze, “Erm, yes Ma’am”, she stuttered and returned to the kitchen.  Once she’d finished clearing down Kathleen got changed and took up a stool at the end of the bar.

Sharon leant over and said, “Thanks a lot mate, couldn’t have coped without you!!  So is it a pint then?”

Kathleen glanced over her shoulder at V delicately eating her meal.  She knew that even though the bar was crowded, and the woman probably hadn’t even noticed Kathleen sat there, she didn’t want to risk blatantly disobeying her.  “No just a diet coke please”

“My god!!  Call an ambulance!! Kathleen’s turning down free beer!!!”  Exclaimed Sharon.  Several of the regulars turned and laughed with a series of “she must be ill” jibes.

Kathleen mumbled something about feeling rough from last night and hoped beyond hope that V hadn’t heard the conversation.


“So my new slut’s a chef”, Victoria thought to herself, “now that could prove very useful.”  She curled up on her large comfy sofa, all manner of wicked ideas racing through her mind.


Kathleen spent most of the afternoon sat in the bar nursing her diet coke, chatting with Sharon and paying minimal attention to the most important match of the season.  She realised she was looking at her watch every five minutes; she’d go insane if she sat here much longer.  It was 4.30; she decided to go for a walk.

As she wandered around the old town she tried to straighten out the thoughts in her aching brain.  She had got plenty of information out of Sharon, that was one thing she was bloody good for; the woman knew everything about everyone… well nearly!

It turned out V stood for Victoria and she was the newly appointed Head Mistress of the Minster School, the very expensive private school next to the Cathedral.  That was how she got to live in one of the nicest houses in town.  She’d been there about 6 months now and, according to Sharon, kept herself to herself.  A pleasant enough woman but with little gossip surrounding her.  Which Kathleen sensed annoyed Sharon immensely.

As Kathleen tried to probe deeper, Sharon had retorted, “She’s way outta your league sweetie, so stop dreaming!”

Kathleen couldn’t help but chuckle to herself, if only you knew honey, if only you knew.


At 5.30 Kathleen couldn’t bear the wait any longer, she headed back across the Cathedral grounds toward Vs house.  As She climbed the steps in front of the magnificent home she looked at her watch, it was 5.45, she was early, would that matter?  Should she wait until 6?  She decided early was better than late and let the large ornamental knocker fall against the solid wood door.

Several minutes passed, then Kathleen felt her knees go weak as the stunning woman opened the door.  She was wearing the boots and gloves again; only today she had a tight black mini skirt and black lace bra on with them.  Kathleen couldn’t take her eyes off the beautifully toned midriff that faced her.  She wondered how old the woman was.  She knew there was probably at least 15 years between them but couldn’t be more accurate than that.

“Well, what are you waiting for?  Come in slut.”  Kathleen snapped out of her dream world and headed in to the house.

V closed the door and went through to the kitchen, saying “Strip” in Kathleens general direction as she went.

Kathleen stood in the hallway and removed her clothes, she left them in a pile by the door again, secretly hoping she wouldn’t be putting them back on until tomorrow.  Once she was naked she again wondered what to do now.  She crept down the hallway and arrived at the kitchen door just as V opened it.  The elegant woman reached forward and took hold of both of Kathleens nipples.  She pulled the nipples into the centre of the large kitchen, bringing the whimpering girl along with them.

“I had a substantial lunch so I only want something light for dinner.  Have a look around, familiarise yourself with the kitchen… oh and I have a sweet tooth, so make a nice desert.”  V patted Kathleen on the bum and headed out to the hallway.  She picked up the girls rucksack and took out her chefs’ jacket and apron.  A big grin sprung to her face.


Kathleen started with the fridge; there was an abundance of fresh produce in there, various fruit juices and yoghurts.  The woman’s a health freak, she thought to herself, oh shit.  The healthiest thing in Kathleens diet was the milk she had in her coffee!

She rifled through the fridge and cupboards and decided on making a glazed chicken and bacon salad, with garlic croutons and homemade honey and mustard vinaigrette.  Now what about desert?  She’d spotted the large bar of plain chocolate in the fridge and as she opened what turned out to be the liquor cupboard she found a bottle of Cointreau.  Chocolate orange mousse, that’ll do she thought.

Just as she began to take the ingredients she needed from the fridge Kathleen noticed her host appear at the door.

V threw the chefs jacket and apron across to Kathleen, “Put them on” she instructed.

Kathleen put the jacket on and buttoned it up; she tied the short white apron around her waist and looked to the beautiful Domme for further instructions.

V circled her new slut, she just loved the way the girls ass peeked out from under the jacket, but something wasn’t right.  She turned Kathleen to face her and undid the top five buttons, pulling the jacket down to reveal those lovely hard little nipples.

“Mmmm… now that’s better!  So you’ve decided what you’re making then?” she asked.

“Yes Ma’am” Kathleen replied.  She wasn’t going to venture a description.  She was quite surprised to find herself feeling rather cocky.  Kathleen had always been the cheeky sort; she amazed herself that even in this situation she would still see how far she could push things.

She felt a sharp slap across her left breast.  “And that would be what, slut?!”

Okay, can’t push things very far at all, thought Kathleen as she reeled of the menu to her host.

“Sounds delightful.  Make enough for two, you’ll be eating with me this evening.”  V said as she walked through to the dining room.

Kathleen felt her heart skip.  Eating with her?  No she wasn’t ready to sit and have a meal, with that came conversation, she would have to analyse things, she would have to talk about how she felt, she would have to answer questions about what she got from this.  No. The thoughts weren’t clear enough in her own head yet to be able to discuss them.

With these nervous thoughts racing through Kathleens confused mind she began preparing the meal.

The mousse was setting in the fridge and she had just begun to prepare the chicken when her host walked back into the kitchen.  She glanced over her shoulder and watched as the elegant woman went to the fridge and took out a large carrot.

Kathleen turned back to the stove and placed the chicken into the hot pan.  She was tossing it around coating it with the honey glaze as she heard the heeled boots approach behind her.

V stood behind her slut, a large smile across her face, as she thrust the carrot hard into the wet pussy in front of her.  “Don’t let that chicken burn,” she laughed as she fucked the slut deeply.

It took every bit of concentration Kathleen had to continue with the task in hand.  She felt a gloved hand reach round her front and begin rubbing hard against her clit.  She could feel the deep breaths of her host in her ear, as she writhed against the carrot being pistoned into her aching pussy.

It didn’t take long before Kathleen leant her head back onto the older womans shoulder and begged “Please Ma’am, please may your slut cum??”

“Mmmm…. Yes slut, cum hard for me!” came the reply.

Still trying not to let the meal burn, Kathleen screamed with pleasure as an intense orgasm rippled through her body.  She stood, breathless, panting thank you to her Ma’am when the woman withdrew the carrot and placed it on the counter top.

“You’ll be having grated carrot over your salad, slut” she laughed as she returned to the dining room.

Kathleens young brain kicked into overdrive.  She couldn’t find the words to explain how this woman made her feel.  She knew it wasn’t “normal”, she knew that many people would be disgusted by what was taking place.  But to Kathleen it felt like the most natural thing she had ever done.

She was just about to place the hot topping over the beautifully presented salads when Kathleen saw her host appear again.  She stopped what she was doing and asked, “Would you like something to drink with this Ma’am?”

V smiled sweetly and replied, “Yes there’s an open bottle of white wine in the fridge, I’ll have a glass of that please.  Now let me get your drink for you.”

Kathleen poured a glass of the wine and looked on, mildly confused, as V took a cereal bowl, filled it with water and took it through to the dining room.

The meal was ready; Kathleen picked up two sets of cutlery, the glass of wine and the two plates and went through to find her host.  As she walked into the room V stood and took the meals from her, “We’ll only be needing one set of cutlery pet.  Now take off your whites.”

Kathleen obeyed, very confused by the cutlery comment.  As she undressed she saw her host place the bowl of water on the floor next to her chair.  The elegant woman then stood in front of Kathleen and turned her around.  Kathleen felt the familiar touch of rope binding her wrists behind her back.  When she was tightly bound she was instructed to kneel.

Kathleen looked up at the beautiful Domme and watched as she picked up a fabric collar.  She leant down and attached the Velcro around Kathleens slim neck.

V turned to her sluts meal and carefully, almost lovingly Kathleen thought, cut the salad up into mouth size pieces.  As she placed Kathleens meal on the floor in front of her she said, “Bon appetite, pet”, and turned to eat her own meal.

Kathleen knelt beside the chair, her meal and a bowl of water on the floor in front of her.  This woman expected her to eat on the floor, like some kind of household pet?!!

Then the realisation dawned, that is precisely what she was.  Vs pet to play with in any manner she chose.

Kathleens mind raced back to the options she had faced the day before; obey or leave.  She knew that the latter was no longer an option; the deep voice inside her would never let her leave.  So she bent down to eat her meal.  As she tucked into the salad, with plenty of grated carrot, she tried to work out how she felt.  Plenty of words flitted through her mind; cheap, degraded, humiliated… none of them were right.  Then one word popped into her head… Owned.  Yes that was how she felt, owned.

“Good girl” said the approving voice from above her as she felt the back of her head being stroked.


V cleared her plate, mmm… the girls good she thought to herself as she took a sip of wine.  She looked down to her slut and said, “Drink up pet you’ve not touched your water.”

Kathleen leant over the bowl of water and lapped some up, as she looked up the water dripped from her chin, this was not something you can do gracefully she surmised to herself.

As she finished up the last of her salad Kathleen felt the ropes binding her wrists being removed, “You can clear the plates now pet and wash up.  I’ll serve desert later.”

Kathleen dutifully obeyed.  Just as she’d finished the dishes her host appeared again.  Man, this womans timing is good Kathleen thought to herself.  Just as she noticed that V was carrying a leash.

“On your knees slut” commanded V.  As Kathleen obeyed she felt the leash being attached to the collar around her neck.  V. led her slut through to the dining room and said, “Its playtime now pet.”

The beautiful Domme stood before her pet and placed cuffs around the slim, shaking wrists and ankles, in a voice as soothing as she could muster she purred close to the nervous girls ear, “Just relax my beautiful pet, don’t think, just be.”


Kathleen snapped back to reality to find she was laid spread-eagled on the large mahogany table, her wrists and ankles bound to the legs.  She looked pleadingly at the woman circling the table, surveying what was hers.

“You have pleased me greatly pet, now lets see what that delectable body of yours can take.”  With that V landed her favourite flogger heavily across the sluts small pert breasts.

Kathleen screamed under the series of blows that followed.  She was tightly restrained so she knew the squirming and wiggling was pointless but she couldn’t help herself.

V went over to the large chest in the corner and took something out; Kathleen couldn’t crane her head enough to see what it was.  She was just grateful the blows against her sensitive nipples had stopped.  Her breasts were bright red with long thin lines emblazoned across them where the flogger had struck.  V appeared suddenly over her face.

The beautiful Domme stroked her sluts face, “Now we don’t want my neighbours thinking I’m murdering someone in here do we pet?” she enquired as she placed a bit into Kathleens mouth.  She supported the girls head as she fastened the gag at the back and then slipped a soft blindfold over the tear stained, pleading eyes.

Kathleen felt gripped by fear, she hated that she couldn’t see what was about to happen to her.  Then she suddenly felt the stinging force of the flogger land squarely on her tender pussy lips.  She bit down hard on the gag in her mouth, stifling a scream behind it.

Kathleen lost count of the number of blows she received; her breasts, pussy and thighs were burning.  She was writhing uncontrollably, yet all that she could focus on was the stern yet soothing voice that circled her aching body.  “Good girl”, “You are simply beautiful, my pet”, “You are pleasing me, my slut”.

After what felt like hours Kathleen heard the heeled boots step out onto the tiled hallway.  She was again gripped by fear.  Please, come back she thought to herself, don’t leave me here, please.

Moments later V stepped back into the dining room; she had the large bowl of chocolate mousse, a glass of champagne and a pastry brush in her elegantly gloved hands.  She was grinning from ear to ear.

Kathleen felt something cold and moist being smeared onto her hard, sore nipples.  As she relaxed under the soothing coolness of it she smelt the orange, she realised it was time for her Ma’am to have desert.

V looked down upon her squirming pet as she took the pastry brush and smothered it in the divine chocolate mousse.  She leant over the toned stomach before her and painted the words “Vs pet”, she looked upon her handy work and couldn’t help but laugh.  She proceeded to paint over the smooth, dripping wet pussy with a thick layer of the gooey mousse.

Kathleen lay helpless on the table, she’d felt the brush gently stroke over her ticklish stomach, she’d tried with all her might not to flinch, fearful of feeling the flogger again.  She could feel the thick layer of the cold mousse melting against her hot pussy, when she heard the unmistakable click of a camera shutter.

“Mmmm…. You look absolutely divine pet.  Good enough to eat.”  Purred V as she dropped her mouth to a chocolate covered nipple.

Kathleen moaned with delight as she felt her hard nipple being deeply sucked into the soft mouth.  She writhed in ecstasy as her Ma’am feasted on one and then the other, she had never thought it possible to cum without direct contact on her pussy.  But she was sure this theory was about to be disproved.

V climbed up onto the table and sat astride her sluts trembling legs.  She poured her champagne over the chocolate words and began to feast on the tasty mix of orange chocolate, champagne and slut.  She reached up and played with the hard pink breasts above her head.

Kathleen nearly came as she felt the ice-cold liquid running over her hot throbbing pussy, then there it was.  She screamed from behind the gag as she felt her Ma’ams soft tongue lap at the mixture flowing between her trembling thighs.

V tucked in with ferocity, as she tasted her slut cum in her mouth, she poured more champagne over the beautiful pink pussy and purred, “There’s more than just one in there pet.”

Kathleens back arched high off the table, she screamed with all her might behind the gag as the soft tongue forced the most intense orgasm of her life to take hold of her trembling, aching body.  She couldn’t take any more of this.  Her mind was a blur, she tried to beg but her words weren’t understandable.

She felt the lithe body on top of her crawl up to her head.  She blinked through tear stained eyes as the blindfold and gag were removed.

V knelt astride her bound sluts face, hovering her wet pussy just out of reach of the girls tongue, “Something you want pet?” she asked with a smile.

Kathleen moaned, “Oh yes Ma’am, please, please let me lick your pussy, please let me taste you!!”

With that V lowered herself onto the sluts mouth, riding hard against her soft, desperately lapping tongue.  She reached down and grabbed a handful of short hair, thrusting Kathleens face hard into her pussy.  “Mmm…. Good girl… mmmm…. Yes make your Ma’am cum slut!!” she ordered.

Kathleen licked hard against the beautiful tasting pussy being forced against her mouth.  She had never felt so much pleasure from making someone else cum before.  She loved the way Vs stern voice softened after she had cum.  The words, “Good girl, you will stay here with me tonight my good little pet”, purred into her ear.

V untied Kathleen and helped her down from the table, pushing the naked, collared and cuffed girl to her knees.  She strolled over and lolled back onto the chaise long with a heavy contented sigh.  “Come here pet,” she said softly.

Kathleen crawled over to the older woman and knelt on the floor beside her.  She felt a soft hand pull her head onto an even softer lap, and sat, happier than she had ever been, as her Ma’am gently stroked her hair.


Kathleen woke with a start as she heard the gentle words, “Come on pet, off to bed with you.”  Kathleen realised she had fallen asleep resting on the older womans lap.

A little dazed and confused Kathleen waited patiently as the leash was attached to her collar and then followed on her knees behind the older woman up the stairs.

As they passed the master bedroom V turned to her slut and said, “That is my room should you need anything in the night, I’ll be in there.”

They went on to the room at the end of hall, V opened the door as she said, “and this is where you’ll sleep tonight, there’s an en-suite bathroom through that door.  You’ll find a spare toothbrush and toiletries in there, now go and get washed up for bed.”  She undid the leash and patted the girl on the ass as she headed to the bathroom.

Kathleen finished up in the bathroom and dropped to her knees before she went back into the bedroom.  She knew her Ma’am preferred to see her crawl rather than walk, and pleasing her Ma’am had suddenly become Kathleens number one priority.

V smiled happily as she watched her slut crawl from the bathroom, so much potential she thought again to herself.

“Into bed then pet” she said as she pulled the covers back.

Kathleen crawled up into the big comfy bed; she snuggled down as the older woman tucked the covers in around her.  She watched as V went down to the end of the bed and she felt her ankles being restrained.

She gazed up into the beautiful dark eyes now above her as her Ma’am leant in and kissed her on the forehead, “Now off to sleep with you pet.  I have a busy day planned for you tomorrow.”

Soon after Kathleen drifted off into a deep sleep not in the least bit concerned about what tomorrow would bring………

Chapter 3

V awoke early the next morning; she was struggling to contain her excitement about the day she had planned.  She threw her robe on and padded barefoot into her guest room.  The slut lay flat on her back, fast asleep.  V was impressed she could sleep so soundly, being that she was collared and had both legs restrained for, what V secretly hoped was, the first time… “A natural”, she smiled to herself and slowly peeled back the covers.

V reached over and started gently stroking the pretty pink pussy before her.  Mmmm, she thought, it was even wet as the girl slept

Kathleen stretched as she came round from her groggy sleep.  She could feel something tickling her pussy; in her semi-conscious state she swatted the feeling away and curled up to return to her coma.  Kathleen had never been much good in the mornings.

A gentle voice above her whispered, “Time to get up,” to which Kathleen retorted, in a dreamy voice, “Mmmm…. I don’t wanna get up, it’s all warm and snugly here”,

As she snuggled back under the covers.

V stood back and pondered to herself over the best course of action, she opted to leave the slut sleeping; she would certainly need her energy later V thought as a wicked grin crossed her face.

Just over an hour later the elegant Domme was ready to attack the day.  She had to go into work to sort a few things out and as the students that boarded would be there she knew she had to dress for the occasion.  She had picked out one of her many tailored trouser suits and a pair of heels.

As V walked into her dining room, a broad smile crossed her lips as she visualised her slut on the large table the night before.  This was turning out to be a very good week she thought to herself.  She took out a notepad and pen and began to write,

“Dear pet,

As you seem so unwilling to get up I have headed out to get a few things done.  I am a busy woman and will not wait around for you!  you will, of course, still be here when I return, naked and collared, just the way you should be.

We will be having a serious conversation this afternoon.  While I am away you will give some thought to how you are feeling and any questions you may have for Me.

your Ma’am”

V took the note up to the guest room where Kathleen was still fast asleep.  She placed it on the bedside table and undid the restraints binding the girl’s ankles.  Her pet didn’t stir.  “And we’ll be working on that too”, V murmured in a harsh tone as she left the room.


The Head Mistress sat at her large oak desk in the elegantly traditional office as she finished up the last of her tasks.  She often went into work on a Sunday morning as she found it made Monday so much more bearable.  She looked at her watch; she’d been there two hours.  Would the girl of woken yet, she thought.  So what if she had, she can wait, V concluded.


Sharon sat at the end of the bar with the Sunday paper and a steaming mug of coffee.  She loved Sunday mornings.  There were never any customers in until half way through lunchtime so she had the time to relax.  She was just settling into reading about the latest saga with the royal family when she heard the door go.  She begrudgingly stood up to see it was only V.

“Good Morning”, chirped V happily as she walked into the empty pub.

“Hiya, you’re making an early start, what can I get for you?” asked Sharon.

“I’ll just have an orange juice for now please Sharon.  I came in to see if that fantastic new chef of yours will be doing the roast today.”  V said as she sat on a stool at the bar.

Sharon poured the drink and looked up confused, “new chef?” she enquired.

“The girl that was here yesterday, that was the best meal I’ve had in this place!”  V laughed.

“Gee thanks” joked Sharon, “So my cookings not good enough for you then?!”

“Let’s just say you should stick to pulling pints honey”, said V with a gentle smile.

Sharon knew she was right, she hated cooking but with her staffing situation she was often left with no choice.

“Well to answer your question, no she won’t be.  Kathleen doesn’t work for me anymore.  She used to run the kitchen here ages ago, it’s her menu we still use, and I was in the shit yesterday so she helped out”, sighed Sharon.

She wished Kathleen would come back as she was in the shit most days, but she knew her friend had moved on.  “It’s a shame she’s a damn good chef, I’d love to get her back here,” she added.

Mmmm…. Kathleen so that’s her name V thought, then decided she liked “pet” much better.

“So make her an offer she can’t refuse then,” V advised.

“Oh trust me I’ve tried!!” Sharon exclaimed.  “She left town when she left here, moved on to bigger and better”.

“I didn’t think I’d seen her before.  So how come she’s back?” V asked.

“She took a very high pressure position with a large hotel chain somewhere down south, the stress got to her in the end.  Her relationship broke up and from what I can gather she just got fed up of the corporate politics, so she left.” Sharon was in her element, she loved nothing more than to gossip, and Kathleen was a subject she knew plenty about.

“That takes some guts, she just packed up and left with nothing to go to?” asked V.

“She had some money saved up and she’s staying with her parents whilst she figures out what she wants to do next.  I’ve offered her work while she’s here but unfortunately she didn’t seem that interested.” Sighed Sharon.

“Well you’d be a fool to let a talent like that slip by you know.” Stated V.

Sharon smiled, “You know it’s funny, Kathleen was asking me a lot of questions about you yesterday.”

V put on her best surprised voice, “about me?! Why?”

Sharon laughed and said, “Don’t worry mate, I told her you were way outta her league!”

V carried on the act, “Out of her league, I don’t follow you darling?”

“Oh Kathleens gay, and she, err, she gets about a bit shall we say!  I think she’s set her sights on you” chuckled Sharon.

“Well thanks for the warning, but I’ve fended off hundreds of confused schoolgirls with crushes on me, I’m sure I’ll manage her.” Laughed V.

“She’s quite the charmer is our Kathleen, and she has a thing for straight girls!  She even convinced me once!!” said Sharon, as she thought back to the passionate night she had shared with Kathleen last summer.  She still couldn’t look at the pool table without smiling to herself!

“You!  But you’re the biggest man-eater out there!!” Exclaimed V.

“I know, she’s that good” smiled Sharon with a wink.

Both women laughed.  V stood up and said, “Well on that note, I must crack on, see you later”.

“Yeah, laters” laughed Sharon as she turned back to her paper.


Kathleen rose from her deep sleep.  She stretched out in the big comfy bed and reached up to feel the collar around her neck.  As she stroked it she couldn’t help but smile to herself.  She reached for her watch on the bedside table and saw the note.

As she read it she thought, unwilling to get up?  Did she try and wake me Kathleen thought, very confused, she didn’t remember anything.  She looked at her watch, “shit, 11 o’clock!!”

Kathleen jumped out of bed and went to Vs room, the bed was made and there was no sign of her host there.  As she reached the top of the stairs Kathleen had a horrible thought that her Ma’am would be waiting down there with that damn crop, she had a feeling that her lazy morning was not going to go down very well.  She stumbled downstairs and found there was no sign of the woman anywhere.  She breathed a sigh of relief.  Mmmm…. Coffee, she thought to herself.

After rooting through the kitchen cupboards Kathleen finally found a jar of instant coffee hiding away, that’ll do she thought.  As she wandered through the house Kathleen noticed how perfect everything was, everything had a place and everything was in its place she thought.

She sat in the dining room and reread the note.  A serious conversation?!  Oh no!  She had been dreading this moment!  She made a second coffee and realised she was dying for a cigarette.

Kathleen got dressed and tried to open the front door, it was locked.  She looked around for a key but couldn’t find one; she tried the back door, no luck there either.

By this point Kathleens mind was tormenting her, what was she going to say?  What was V going to say, she couldn’t think straight.  Questions?  What questions could she ask?  She knew there were hundreds but none of them would form into a coherent sentence.  She undid the catch on the French doors in the dining room and stepped out onto the patio.

As V walked down the hallway she noticed her pets clothes were no longer in the neat little pile by the front door.  She smiled to herself, assuming the girl had taken them upstairs.  She’s making herself at home she thought happily.

Kathleen lit up her cigarette just as she heard the solid wood front door close.  She froze to the spot, she had a feeling that the older woman was not going to approve of her habit but knew there was nothing she could do about that right now.

V stepped into the dining room and looked sternly at Kathleen, “Oh, you smoke?” she enquired, then without waiting for a response, “Did I not tell you to be naked and collared when I got back?”  With that V turned and went through to the kitchen.

“Shit”, mumbled Kathleen as she considered what to do now.  She figured that she would be in trouble anyway, so what the hell, she may as well finish her ciggie.  In trouble?  She thought to herself. This was just some woman she met in a pub.  What right did this woman have to say whether she was in trouble or not?  To discipline her?  To order her around in any way?  Deep down Kathleen felt she knew the answer.  Just her behaviour was an indication that she knew the answer.  Yet she couldn’t find the sentence in her head to explain it to herself.

Once she had finished smoking Kathleen went into the dining room and undressed.  She was surprised by how she felt.  She had just done as she would normally upon waking up, had a coffee and a cigarette, yet she felt terrible.  Without the older woman saying anything Kathleen knew she had displeased her greatly.  Oh well she thought, time to face the music.

The girl dropped to her knees and crawled to the door, just as V stepped through it.  Kathleen looked at the elegant feet before her, her eyes moved up the long legs and caught sight of the tip of her Ma’ams crop.  Kathleen felt herself shudder at the sight of it, she could not work out whether that was a good or bad reaction, as she let her eyes drop back to the floor.

V stepped past her slut and stood behind her as she attached the leash.  Kathleen stayed on her hands and knees unsure of what was happening, was she about to be punished?  Was she going to be fucked?  Was this “serious conversation” about to take place?  Kathleen had so many questions floating around her troubled mind yet she just couldn’t verbalise them.

She felt the leash pull on her collar, and dutifully followed behind her Ma’am until they reached the red chaise.  V sat down on the chaise and instructed her slut to kneel next to it.

As Kathleen knelt down she was in turmoil.  What was happening?  Was she in trouble?  She just wished the older woman would say something.  Instead she just looked her up and down.  Kathleen flinched as the crop moved towards her breasts.

V tapped her slut hard on her right breast, “Put your shoulders back girl!  Show me those beautiful breasts of yours”.  As Kathleen obeyed she felt the crop tap the inside of her trembling thigh, “Open those legs wider slut!  Show yourself to me.”

Kathleen knelt there, her shoulders back, legs spread wide open displaying her wet, throbbing pussy.  She kept thinking to herself, what the hell am I doing?  Why does the way this woman treat me make me so horny?  The silence was unbearable.  Kathleen knew she wanted to make V happy but strongly felt that she wasn’t doing that at the moment.

She couldn’t stay quiet anymore, “am I in trouble Ma’am?”  She whispered.  She felt stupid, thinking back to her thoughts earlier.  In trouble?  What gave V the right to decide that?

“In trouble?” V chuckled as she leaned back and stroked the length of her crop absent mindedly, “Well, Kathleen, that depends on several things.”

She knows my name?  How does she know that?  What does it depend on?  What am I fucking doing?!!!  Kathleens mind raced but she decided staying quiet was probably the best option at the moment.

“Do you feel you should be in trouble pet?” smiled V.

Kathleen felt her brain would explode shortly.  Oh shit, a direct question.  Staying quiet and seeing where this is going is not an option anymore. Do I feel like I should be in trouble? Yes… “Erm….”

“Well slut?  It’s a simple question.  Do you feel like you should be in trouble?” the elegant Dommes tone was harsher this time.

The threat of being turfed out into the garden still rang in Kathleens ears.  Don’t keep her waiting she thought, “Yes Ma’am, I do.” She whispered.

“Why pet?” V couldn’t help but smile, she knew where this conversation was headed and she also knew that the poor girl before her didn’t have a clue.

“Erm… because I disobeyed you, I wasn’t naked when you came home and … erm… I smoke,” mumbled Kathleen.  She had never been so unsure of herself in her life.

“Yes pet, I am displeased with you.  You were told to be naked when I returned and you weren’t.  I did not tell you not to smoke; I dislike the fact you do.  But in doing so you haven’t disobeyed me.”  V stated.

“You have a chance to redeem yourself though pet…. Look at me and tell me how you feel right now, kneeling naked and collared before me.” V looked deeply into her sluts eyes as she posed this question.

Kathleens mind went back to her thoughts whilst she ate kneeling beside her Ma’am, she decided that a short answer would be best, “Owned Ma’am.”

“Very good pet, very good.  That is precisely how I intended for you to feel.” V said softly as she leaned forward and stroked the girls face

“I understand that you’re at somewhat of a loose end at present, is that correct?” V enquired.

Kathleen racked her brains, who had she been talking to? “Erm… yes Ma’am… but how did you…”

“I have an … umm… a vacancy at the moment that you may be interested in, would you like to know more?” V smiled as her pet nodded, this was going well she thought to herself.

“I am looking for a slave.  A girl to live in my house and take care of all the domestic needs of running a home you know housework, cooking, laundry and the like.” V paused; she couldn’t quite gage a reaction from the girl before her.

“Isn’t that called a housekeeper Ma’am?” Kathleen laughed; she was feeling cheeky again.

V leant forward and watched the girl flinch as she did so, “don’t worry pet, I won’t strike you for having a sense of humour” she said, “Just don’t push it,” she added with a wicked chuckle.

V explained, “The slave part comes from your complete and total obedience to me.  I am looking for a natural submissive.  A girl that deeply needs the ownership and direction I offer, a strong person that wishes to cede their power to me.  You have impressed me as having great potential.  You have taken to my direction very naturally.  Tell me, have you ever been treated in this way before pet?”

“No Ma’am, I haven’t.”  Kathleen said; she was suddenly feeling very good.  This beautiful woman wanted to take her into her home.  How the hell had this happened she thought?

“Well that just impresses me even more pet” V smiled.  “You need to think about what I am offering.  It is no small step to take.  I will require your complete obedience in every area of your life.  I will own you; you will do nothing without my prior consent.  Your every thought will be grounded upon what will please me.  You will become completely dependant on my guidance.  You will come to think like this naturally and in return, I will look after you.  You will be provided for financially and emotionally.  As your Mistress my priority will become your well-being.  I will never expose you to a situation in which you would be harmed, physically or emotionally.  Do you understand what I am offering pet?”

Kathleens thoughts were all over the place.  She felt she understood; yet it was only a feeling, there were no words in her mind to tell her why she understood…“I think so Ma’am”

“Don’t listen to your brain in making this decision Kathleen” Vs tone was very serious, “listen to your heart and your body, your pussy will tell you who it belongs to.”

“I…. Um… I …” Kathleen stammered.

V interrupted, “I don’t expect you to answer me now pet, I will leave you to think.  I have a prior commitment this evening; I will be out until quite late.  You may stay here, make yourself at home, and mull over what I have said.  Or you could go out if you wish.  We will discuss things further when I return.  For now, do you have anything you wish to ask me?”

“Erm…. I don’t think so Ma’am” Kathleen said, all her brain was telling her was that she needed to smoke!

“Very well.  Now lets see how that pussy of yours is doing,” V said as a broad smile crossed her lips.  “Rub your clit for me pet, show me what an obedient girl you are”

Kathleen knew she didn’t have to be told to do that twice, she reached down to her throbbing clit and started to gently stroke it.  She couldn’t help but moan as she did so.

V watched her slut kneeling before her, writhing as she played with her wet pussy, she loved the power she held over this girl already.  She had a feeling that things were going to work out very well for both of them, “Mmmm…. That’s it pet, good girl.  Rub that clit hard, make yourself cum for me.”

All the confusion that had been swarming Kathleens mind vanished as she came, she moaned loudly, surprising herself.  She had never cum so hard under her own touch before; she knew at that point exactly what her pussy was telling her.  She was, indeed, owned.  There was no choice in it now; she just had to obey.

“Now clean your fingers pet,” V purred as she stroked the girls face.

Kathleen knew exactly what her Ma’am meant by this, she raised her hand to her mouth and began to lick and suck all her juices from her fingers.

“Good girl,” V said as she stood up, “Now I must go out, will you be wanting to go out while I’m gone?”

“Erm I might go for a walk Ma’am” Kathleen said thinking she should keep her options open, then added, “if that’s okay with you?”

V smiled down at her pet, “yes it is pet” she said as reached to undo the collar, “you’ll be needing me to remove this then.

With no conscious thought at all Kathleen found herself reach up to hold the collar, “No Ma’am, I have a turtleneck that will cover it, may I keep it on please?”

“Of course you may pet, it would please me a lot if you did” V tried to hide the pleasure in her voice but realised she hadn’t managed to.  Then she had an idea, “get on all fours pet” she said as she walked across to the chest in the corner.

V took out her large black butt plug and liberally smeared it with lube.  She stood behind Kathleen and gently pushed the tip into her tight asshole, she felt the girl wince as she pushed it in slightly deeper.  V very softly and gradually pushed the plug deep into the girls ass, she stood back and surveyed how pretty the pink ass before her looked filled with her plug.  “That’ll help you think pet.  You may take it out if it begins to burn.  Now I must go out.”  With that she patted Kathleen on the bum and left.


Kathleen curled up on the floor leaning against the chaise long.  She could not force her brain to think straight.  What had she got herself into?  Is this what she wanted?  Is it what she needed?  What would she tell her friends and family?  She was starting to get a headache.

Kathleen wandered about the beautiful home.  She didn’t know what to do with herself.  She had been outside to smoke three times.  She found herself longing for V to come back.  After she looked at the clock for what must have been the hundredth time in an hour she decided she needed to get some air.

As she went to the dining room to dress Kathleen noticed a cupboard next to the chest and her curiosity got the better of her.  She opened the door to the small cupboard and looked inside.  There were 3 shelves packed with books, Kathleen surveyed the titles and realised they were all erotic novels; she pulled one out and began to read it.


V was happy to see the lights still on when she entered the house.  She had decided to leave the dinner she had attended early in the hope her pet would have decided against going out.  As she walked into the dining room V couldn’t help but smile.  Kathleen was curled up on the floor, naked and collared reading a book.  “Good book pet?” she asked.

Kathleen looked up as she heard the question, “Yes Ma’am, I’m getting quite into it.  You’re back early.”

“A boring school committee dinner or at home playing with my cute pet?  A tough choice!”  V laughed as she sat on the chaise long.   “I fancy a glass of wine pet.”

Kathleen knew that meant she had to fetch it; she crawled out of the dining room.  V was pleased to see the plug was still in the cute ass.  She stood and followed her pet, taking a seat at the kitchen table.  Kathleen placed the glass of wine in front of her Ma’am and knelt on the floor beside her.

“So pet, have you thought about what we discussed earlier?” V asked.

“Yes Ma’am, I have, and I um…” Kathleen ran out of words at this point, she just couldn’t express how she was feeling.

“By the fact you are still here naked, collared and plugged I assume you have realised you need me” V stated.

Kathleen was so pleased the words had been spoken for her, “Yes Ma’am, I do,” she whispered with a huge sigh of relief.

“Very well.  On weekdays I eat a light breakfast at 7.15 prompt, I return home for lunch at 1 o’clock, which I will eat alone, you will eat whilst I am out and I expect dinner for both of us at 6.30.  Each morning, until you get into a routine, I shall give you a list of chores and errands that you will carry out.  Weekends we shall play by ear.  I often entertain friends here, you will be required to cook and serve any dinner parties I hold,” V was pleased to see Kathleen was kneeling and listening attentively to her instructions, “I may occasionally require you to provide entertainment at those parties too” she added with a big wicked grin.

“Entertainment Ma’am?”  Kathleen asked, very nervously.

“Yes pet, you are mine, I may wish to show you off once you are trained” V stated matter-of-factly.

“Show me off?  You mean you’d let other people….” Kathleens words trailed off.  She hadn’t thought of this, that other people would see her in her servitude, that they may be permitted to touch her, that she would have to perform for them.  The fear washed over her again, what if she disliked these people?  What if they were men?  Then the worst fear struck her, what if her behaviour showed her Ma’am up?

“Don’t worry that will only happen when you have proven you are ready.  I will be there too, only people I trust implicitly will be allowed to use you.” V reassured.

“So, you know what I expect from you in your daily routine, now a few more general rules.  Only I will place or remove your collar, when you need to shower you will simply ask me to remove it for you.  You will be naked at all times unless I tell you to dress.  You will wear your plug at lunchtime each weekday.  You will, obviously, not engage in any sexual activity without my consent, that includes masturbating.  That pussy is mine now pet; I control access to it, even from your own fingers.  Do you understand me?” V was now stood above Kathleen, gently holding her face in her hands.

The words “yes Ma’am” fell from Kathleens lips, though she wasn’t sure she did understand.  She felt so completely overwhelmed by what was happening.  She gazed vacantly into the older womans eyes, hoping she wouldn’t have to explain how she was feeling.

V could see Kathleen was very confused, she knew it was not easy to understand these feelings when you first have them.  She remembered her first experience with the world of D/s and part of her felt very sorry for the poor confused girl that now knelt before her,  “I know it seems very daunting pet, but you are a natural submissive, you were born to serve.  Tell me this, has anything ever felt so right to you before?”

“No Ma’am, I just hope I…. Um…I don’t displease you” Kathleen stuttered.

“You will please me with your obedience pet, that is all I ask.  Now it’s late you must head to bed, what time is breakfast?” V smiled.

“7.15 prompt Ma’am,” Kathleen said with a smile.  She liked that she knew what was expected of her, though she knew she would struggle to be up at that time, mornings were most definitely not her strong suit.

Kathleen followed her Ma’am up the stairs, when the leash was unclipped in the bedroom she looked up to the elegant Domme and asked, “May I be excused to the bathroom please Ma’am?”

V reached down to stroke her pets hair, “Good girl.  Well done for asking.  But no not yet.  Get onto the bed, on all fours.”

Kathleen felt a swell inside her, she just loved to know she was pleasing, praise from her Ma’am made her feel better than any praise she had ever received.

V gently pushed against the plug in Kathleens ass as she thrust two fingers deep into the girls wet pussy, “You’ve definitely earned an orgasm tonight slut” she purred, “Rub your clit, make it a good one, but don’t forget to ask first, sluts don’t cum when they want to, only when they are told to.”

Kathleen bucked against the fingers as a third was pushed into her.  She moaned loudly as she felt her Ma’ams fingers pumping in and out of her dripping wet pussy.  She rubbed hard against her clit, her ass wiggling in the air, feeling the muscles in her back passage contract as she moved against the plug being held there.  “Oh…. Please Ma’am, please may I cum?” she begged.

“Yes pet, cum hard for me!!” as the girl came V pulled the plug out in one swift movement, making her pet buck wildly against her hand.  She just loved the way this girl came.

Kathleen lay face down on the bed and through deep breaths whimpered, “Thank you Ma’am, thank you.”

V stroked the girls ass, “You’re welcome pet, now off to the bathroom, get washed up for bed.”

Kathleen crawled back from the bathroom and was pleased to see the older woman still sat on the bed.  She wondered if she would ever be allowed to spend the night with her as she jumped up into the bed.  V stood and attached the restraints to her pets ankles, tucked the covers in and kissed her on the forehead, “Goodnight my sweet pet” she whispered as she left the room.


V awoke at 5.45, 15 minutes before her alarm as usual.  She got straight up and headed into the bathroom.  She decided to leave Kathleen sleeping, “Lets see if she can get herself up this morning” she mumbled to herself as she stepped into the shower.

At 6.30 she heard the alarm in the guest room go off.  Quietly V pushed the door open and watched as an arm flew out from under the duvet and struck the alarm until it silenced.  Chuckling to herself she headed downstairs; she was dressed and just about ready to face the day.  She poured herself an orange juice and sat at the dining room table and wrote a list of chores for Kathleen to entertain herself with throughout the day.

By 7.10 V had still not heard any movement from upstairs.  She went into the kitchen and prepared her breakfast.  After she had eaten she went to the chest and took out her crop, then strode up the stairs like a woman on a mission.  As she walked into the room she saw Kathleen was laying face down, her face buried into the pillows.  V flung the covers back.

Kathleen woke with a start.  She wasn’t sure which she noticed first, the loud cracking noise, the burning pain squarely across her ass cheeks or the harsh tone of her Ma’am as she shouted, “Up now, slut!”  All three combined to give her motivation she needed to jump out of the bed.

V stood facing her pet,  “It’s 7.30, I made my own breakfast.  I will be back for lunch at 1 o’clock.  I will deal with this then!!” she stated in a very harsh tone.  She then turned and left the confused girl standing there.

Kathleen heard the front door close and got back into bed.  “Well you screwed that up didn’t you?” she muttered to herself.  She figured she might as well get another hour or so sleep before attacking the day.


What seemed, to her, like half an hour later Kathleen rolled out of bed.  She stumbled into the bathroom, “urgh, I hate mornings,” she mumbled as she splashed cold water over her face.

Kathleen looked at her watch; it was 11.30.  She headed downstairs to find a box set of three books entitled “The Beauty Trilogy” and a note on the kitchen table, it read:

“My pet, your tasks for today are:

  1.  Basket of laundry in My bedroom to be washed, dried and ironed.
  2. Vacuum throughout house.
  3. Write Me a list of all financial obligations you have
  4. Begin reading the first of these books, W/we will discuss it after dinner tonight

See you at one o’clock.  Don’t forget your plug!!


With the note in her hand Kathleen headed to the kettle to make her morning cup of coffee.  She had never really been one for housework; she had always been lucky enough to have a woman around to do all that for her.  She realised that had definitely changed.

After finally working out how to make the washing machine do what she needed it to, Kathleen looked at the clock, “Shit!! 12.15, how did that happen so soon?!!” she muttered as she raced to the fridge to work out what to make for lunch.

She decided on a ham sandwich with a side salad.  She prepared the salad and put it back in the fridge then went to her room and got the large butt plug.  With the harsh tones of her Ma’am from earlier in the morning still ringing in her ears, she covered it in lube and gently pushed it into her ass.

Kathleen heard the key in the large front door just as she finished plating lunch.

As V walked into her house she noticed that the vacuuming hadn’t been done nor had the books moved.  She saw her pet standing by the dining room door, holding her lunch.  She took the beautifully presented sandwich from Kathleen’s hands and placed it on the table as she said, “Now we must deal with your behaviour this morning, it was far from acceptable!”

Kathleen smiled, “I’m sorry Ma’am but I’ve never been much good in the mornings”

V looked squarely into her pets eyes, “You were told yesterday what I expect from you and already you have displeased me, this is not a good start, is it pet?”

Kathleen looked down at the floor as she whispered, “No Ma’am.”

“Have you even begun your chores yet?” V enquired.

“There’s a wash in Ma’am” Kathleen mumbled.

“One o’clock and you’ve made a sandwich and put one wash on.  You went back to bed after I left didn’t you?” Vs tone was getting more aggravated, she hated laziness.

“Urm…yes Ma’am” Kathleen whispered as she looked to the floor, eye contact was something she desperately wanted to avoid right now.  She felt bad enough without seeing the displeasure in her Ma’ams eyes.

The older woman pulled one of the chairs from the table.  She turned to Kathleen and said, “Lean on the sides of the chair, lower your head to the seat and keep your legs straight.”

As Kathleen assumed the position she could feel the muscles down the back of her legs screaming at her.  This is not comfy she thought.  She felt her body tense with fear as she watched the older woman take a long thin cane from the chest in the corner.

“Eyes down pet” commanded V as she stroked the pretty ass before her with the cane.  She just loved how good the black plug looked embedded in the tight little hole.

“Now, I want to hear you count and thank me with each strike, is that clear?” she enquired of her trembling slut.

“Yes Ma’am”, came the nervous response.

Kathleen squealed as she felt the stinging pain that came with the cane landing across the back of her thighs.  She couldn’t help her knees from buckling as she suddenly remembered to say, “One, thank you Ma’am”.

She felt the strong grip of her Ma’am around hips.

V pulled the girls hips up, “Legs straight I said!”

With each strike Kathleen whimpered in pain.  She only just managed to blurt out, “Five, thank you Ma’am”, whilst choking back her sobs.

V gently pulled the girl upright by her hair and looked deep into her eyes as she said, “Go and stand in the corner, face the wall and place your hands behind your neck.  You can stay there and think about how you can improve your behaviour to please me better”.

As Kathleen obeyed V sat down to eat her meal.  She looked across to the sobbing girl, five thin angry red lines down her legs.  V felt unhappy, she didn’t like to hurt her pet in this way, but she had to learn!

Once she had eaten V walked up behind Kathleen and gently turned her round, “Kneel my pet” she whispered softly into the girl’s ear.

Kathleen immediately dropped to her knees.  She couldn’t stop the tears rolling down her face as she passionately kissed the feet before her.  “I’m sorry, Ma’am, I’m so sorry” she whimpered.

V crouched down and tenderly took her pets face in her hands, she looking lovingly into the girls eyes as she whispered, “I know pet, I know.  Learn from this and be sure I don’t have to do that to you again.”

With that she kissed Kathleen on the forehead and headed back to work…

Chapter 4

 Kathleen curled up on the floor, tears rolling down her cheeks.  She hated how she felt; the worst part of it had not been the pain, though that was certainly not pleasant.  The thing she had hated most about the whole episode was the disappointment in Vs voice.  She couldn’t understand why; she just knew that she never wanted to hear that again.

After she had regained her composure Kathleen decided she had best get on with the tasks she had been set for the day.  She headed to the kitchen and had a cup of coffee whilst rereading the note.  As she lowered herself to the seat she felt the sting of the welts on her legs.  She looked down to see the five thin red lines running across her legs from the curve of her ass down to the middle of her calves.  How long would those marks be there, she thought to herself.

Kathleen decided she needed to try and make up some lost ground; she spent the afternoon hurrying through her chores.  By four o’clock she had finished the laundry, done the vacuuming, written the list of financial obligations and got everything ready for dinner.  She was pleased she had got everything done, she just needed to be naked and reading the book when V returned and hopefully the nasty incident at lunchtime would be forgotten about.

She made a coffee, got dressed and stepped outside for a cigarette.  As she took a deep drag on the cigarette Kathleen realised she was going to have to quit.  She felt bad smoking as V did not approve but then, she thought to herself, she hasn’t told me not to.

Just as she pondered this thought she heard the front door close.  “Dammit!” she muttered.

V stepped through to the dining room, “Dressed and smoking again I see,” she stated as she turned and walked to kitchen.

Kathleen quickly put the cigarette out, undressed and crawled to Vs feet.  “I’m sorry Ma’am, I didn’t know when you would be home”

“That is irrelevant pet, you are to follow my instructions at all times whether I am here or not.  You were told to be naked unless I tell you that you may dress.  If you must smoke you will do so naked” V said, knowing full well that the girl would not go outside naked.  “You have obviously not learnt from your lesson earlier.  I am having to tell you again.  You do remember what I said would happen if I had to tell you to do something twice don’t you slut?”

Kathleen felt the tears well in her eyes as she remembered the threat of being put out in the garden, naked and bound with slut written across her chest, “No! Please Ma’am, please don’t” she whimpered as she showered the feet before her with kisses.

“You need to punished in order to learn pet, unless of course you wish to leave instead?” V asked as she looked down upon the crying girl before her.

Kathleen couldn’t stop the sobs from coming.

“Well do you want to leave slut?” Vs tone was cold

“No Ma’am, no please” Kathleen begged, the thought of leaving terrified her.  She had no idea why, she had managed perfectly well before V came into her life so what was she so scared of?

“So you would like to be punished then pet, is that right?” V asked with a wicked smile.

“Yes please Ma’am, please punish me, I deserve it, I need it” Kathleen sobbed.

“Good girl, since you asked so nicely I shall save you the torment of being put outside… this time!” V reached for the leash and attached it to her pets collar.  She led the girl through to the dining room and pulled out a chair, “Bend over slut, you know the position” V instructed.

As Kathleen bent over she desperately wanted to cry out, to beg V not to hurt her.  But something deep inside told her that would only make the situation much worse for her, so instead she choked back her tears and waited to receive her punishment.

V went to the chest and took out the cane.  “You will be naked at all times pet, that is your natural state,” V said as she landed the cane hard against Kathleens ass.

Kathleen lost count of the number of strikes she received, her ass and thighs were burning, she tried with all her might to keep her legs straight but several times V had to stop and pull her up; admonishing her to stay still as she did so.  Each blow elicited a whimper or squeal from her, she couldn’t help but think back to the flogging she’d received, that hadn’t hurt like this.  Was the difference in the tool being used or was it the situation that made it hurt?

After what felt to Kathleen like hours had passed the blows on her sore ass ceased, “Go to your corner slut” V instructed, “but this time you will sit crossed legged on the floor”

Kathleen crawled to the corner.  She couldn’t help but cry as she sat down, her ass stung like hell and now she was being made to sit on it.

“What time do you need to go to get dinner served on time?” V asked

“Umm… I’ve got everything ready so 6 Ma’am” Kathleen said between sobs.

“Very well, you will sit there and think of your future here.  You have not made a good start, you have been in my service for just one day and I have had to punish you twice.  You need to think if you are sure you wish to stay, your behaviour is telling me otherwise.  Get your shoulders back, stop slouching.  You should be holding yourself in a manner that pleases me at all times pet, and I do not wish to see you slouching!!” V took out her laptop and sat at the table to begin the work she had brought home with her.

Kathleen sat in the corner, tears rolling down her face; she tried to think how she could better please V.  She had done all her chores and couldn’t help but think that if only V had come back ten minutes later this would not be happening now.

As Kathleen sat lost in the thoughts of what her life had now become she thinking back to what she had been just a couple of weeks earlier.  She had been responsible for a large team of staff running multiple banquets, she held a position of high authority, she had many responsibilities, she was popular with a hugely busy social life and now this.  She was sat, naked and collared with a burning red ass, her every activity controlled by someone else and yet she felt an overwhelming sense of belonging.

Kathleen was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard, “You may excused to serve dinner pet”

She crawled through to the kitchen and began to prepare the meal.  Once she had everything organised she took out one set of cutlery and poured a glass of wine, she figured she would be eating on the floor again.  She took them through to the dining room.

V couldn’t stop herself smiling as she watched Kathleen set one place at the table, she had been thinking that she would let her pet eat at the table tonight, but had changed her mind when she had had to punish her.  Though V was impressed that the girl had not asked, she simply assumed it was her place to eat at her Ma’ams feet.

Kathleen served Vs dinner then knelt on the floor as her wrists were bound.  They ate in silence, Domme at the table, slut at her feet.

After they had finished Kathleen asked, “May I be excused to clear up Ma’am.”

V smiled and ruffled her pets hair, “Yes you may.”

Kathleen returned to the dining room to find V had changed into a robe, “I’d like to take a bath, go and run one for me” the older woman instructed.

Kathleen headed upstairs and began to run the bath; it was a large stand-alone tub in the centre of the room with the taps in the middle.  Perfect for two she thought, then realised that there was probably not a chance in hell that she would be allowed to share a bath with V.

She noticed there were several candles and a stereo in the bathroom.  She lit the candles, turned the lights out and put on an Enya cd she had found, the smell of the lavender bath salts filled the room, it all added to create a very sensual atmosphere.

“Mmmm good girl” V said as she walked into the room.  She slowly and deliberately slipped out of her robe directly in front of the kneeling girl.

Kathleen felt her pussy surge and couldn’t stop a gentle moan escape her lips as she stared upon the beautiful sight of Vs naked body for the first time.  She was perfectly toned; her skin so smooth, Kathleen couldn’t take her eyes of her.

V sank into the deep warm bath.  She had heard her pet moan as she saw her naked for the first time, she enjoyed that a girl who had undoubtedly seen many naked women could be so turned on by the sight of her much older body, even someone like V needed the odd ego boost every now and then.

“So how did your thinking time go then pet?” V enquired as she let the warm water envelop her shoulders.

Kathleen was unsure how to answer, she had not enjoyed it and not cleared up any thoughts so what should she say? “Um… okay Ma’am” she mumbled.

“And you wish to stay?” V asked

Quick as a flash Kathleen blurted out, “Yes Ma’am, very much”

V smiled at her pet as she asked, “why?”

Kathleen had been dreading this question; she knew she did not have an answer “I don’t know Ma’am”

“What you’re going through is very overwhelming isn’t it?” V asked in a soothing voice, “wash my feet pet, rub them a little while you do” she added as she drew an elegant leg from the water placing her foot on the edge of the tub.

Kathleen knelt at the end of the bath and took hold of the foot, “Yes it is Ma’am, and very confusing” she said as she pushed her thumbs deep into the sole of Vs foot and began to massage the soap into it.

“Mmmm…. You’re good at that” V purred, “What are you confused by pet?”

Kathleen had become deeply engrossed in massaging Vs feet, she liked that she had something else she could focus on instead of having to look into those eyes that bored through her and made her nervous.

“Um… everything Ma’am,” Kathleen mumbled.  As she took hold of the other foot, she suddenly had the confidence to speak,  “how I feel when I’m with you, how I feel a need to please you that makes no logical sense, it comes from somewhere deep inside me and I can’t explain why, how I hate that I’ve disappointed you, how scared I am that you’ll tell me to leave…. “ Kathleens words trailed off, she felt silly by what she had blurted out.

V smiled, “What you’re experiencing is perfectly normal pet, you are new to this and it will take you time to adjust.  You need to stop thinking about it, just go with your instincts.  That thing deep inside you is your natural submissive nature, you have kept it buried for a long time and I am now releasing it.  Don’t fight it, just be who you naturally are, and that will please me greatly”

“I’m… um… I’m sorry I’ve displeased you Ma’am” Kathleen mumbled

“I know you are pet, don’t dwell on it.  Like I said you’re new to this, there will be times when you test the limits and I will have to correct you.  But with punishment comes forgiveness, you will learn a valuable lesson each time you are punished, remember that lesson and move on.  Do you understand?” V asked

“Yes Ma’am,” Kathleen whispered as she let her hands glide over Vs ankle sensually pushing into her calf muscles.

V relaxed under the touch of her pets very talented hands, “So you will learn from today and ensure that you have a much more productive day tomorrow.  Now wash my back pet”

Kathleen crawled to the end of the tub as V sat forward.  She covered her hands in soap and firmly pushed into the elegant shoulders before her.  She had to fight so hard to resist the temptation to kiss the beautiful neck, just running her hands over her Ma’ams body was turning her on so much.  She hoped to herself that she would be allowed an orgasm tonight; her pussy was desperately aching to be touched.

When V decided she had enough of the massage, which took some time, she stood and instructed Kathleen to hand her a towel.

Kathleen couldn’t take her eyes off V as she knelt and watched the older woman dry herself and begin to moisturise.

“I saw the list of your financial commitments, I will ensure you have enough money each month to meet those.  When your training progresses to the point that I will let you out without me then I will increase your allowance to give you some pin money.  That is a privilege that you must earn though, and it may also be taken away as punishment.” V said as she saw Kathleens eyes were following her hands rubbing the lotion over her body.  As she got to her inner thighs she allowed her hand to linger over her pussy, to which she heard a slight gasp escape her pets lips.

“Come here pet, kneel directly in front of me, put your hands behind your neck” V said as she leant back on the sink.  She reached down and stroked the girls face as she moved her foot to gently probe the dripping wet pussy.  She loved that Kathleen got so turned on by the sight of her; it gave her a very easy way of tormenting the girl she thought with a wicked smile.  She gently took the back of Kathleens head and pulled the girls face to within an inch of her pussy, “Is there something you want slut?” V asked with an evil chuckle.

“Mmmm… yes please Ma’am, please may I lick your pussy” Kathleen begged.

“No pet, you certainly haven’t earned that today,” V said as she turned around.

V reached behind her and pulled her sluts face into her ass.

Kathleen lapped at the asshole her face was being pulled into; she let her tongue delve gently into the tight little hole, as she heard V moan she pushed it in deeper.

“Mmmm…. That’s my good little slut, fuck my ass with your tongue, good girl” V moaned as she reached down and started rubbing her clit with her free hand.

Kathleen was panting hard, struggling to breathe as her face was smothered with her Ma’ams ass.  She frantically lapped at the puckered hole pushing her tongue deep into it.  She wanted to move her hands and touch her Ma’ams pussy so badly, but she knew that would have been a bad idea.

“Oh, yes, Mmmm…. Good girl, make your Ma’am cum, good girl!!” V shouted as an incredible orgasm rippled through her body, she held the girls head in her ass until the final surges of pleasure passed.

As V released her head, Kathleen fell back gasping for air, she could feel her own pussy juices running down the inside of her thighs she was so wet, she couldn’t help her hips from wriggling as she ached to be touched.

V turned to face her pet and as she leant back on the sink said, “That is a very talented tongue you have there pet.  Well done.  Now lets see if an early night helps you to get yourself up on time shall we?  Go get yourself washed up for bed”

“Yes Ma’am” Kathleen mumbled as she headed to her bathroom.

V put on her robe and went into her pets room, she moved the restraints to the top of the bed tying them to the frame so they slid along it.  Kathleen crawled from the bathroom and climbed up into the bed.  Her pussy was throbbing; she had never wanted to be touched so much in her life.

V leant over and attached the restraints to the confused girls wrists.  There was enough slack to enable her to roll onto her sides but no matter how hard she tried she would not be able to reach her pussy.

Kathleen looked up pleadingly into her Ma’ms eyes.  V bent over and kissed her on the head, “I always get an orgasm pet, yours are optional, sleep tight” she whispered softly into the girls ear.

Kathleen couldn’t help but laugh once V had left the room.  “The bitch!” she muttered.  She remembered she had been told she was not allowed to masturbate, but tying her wrists so she couldn’t was just plain mean she thought, “But definitely necessary!  At least I won’t get in to trouble if my wrists are tied,” she mumbled with a chuckle.  Before snuggling down to drift off to sleep.


Kathleen woke with a start when she heard the alarm, she tried to get her blurry eyes to focus on the time… it was 6.45.  She stumbled out of bed and headed to the kitchen.  As she walked in she spotted V at the table.

“You really aren’t good in the mornings are you pet?” V laughed as she looked at her very groggy, fluffy haired slut.

“Uh… no… not really” Kathleen said scratching her head, “when did you undo the restraints?” she mumbled, still half asleep.

“Oh about half an hour ago, you didn’t move a muscle, so cute fast asleep, with your mouth wide open.  Very attractive.” V giggled, “I’ll just have scrambled egg and some toast please pet”

“Um… yeah… right…” Kathleen mumbled as she headed to the fridge.

She placed Vs breakfast in front of her and asked, “May I make some coffee please Ma’am?”

“Yes you may, you look like you need it” V smiled as she tucked into her eggs, “so how did you sleep pet?”

“Um… good thank you” Kathleen muttered, she had not spoken this many words in the morning without having first had a coffee in a long time.

Kathleen was staring vacantly at the kettle, trying to wake herself up, when she felt a gentle touch on her ass.  V had snuck up behind her and was stroking the welts on her ass, “I’ve left a pot of cream in your bathroom, you should put some on these, and it will help them heal.”  V smiled as she gently moved her hand down to stroke her pets wet pussy.

Kathleen was suddenly feeling more awake as she felt her Ma’ams fingers thrust into her from behind.  She moaned loudly and gripped onto the counter as she pushed down against the fingers inside her.  She could feel the deep steady breaths of the older woman against her ear, as the other hand slowly rubbed against her clit.  She could feel the orgasm building in her; she leant back onto the strong body behind her, her breath getting heavier, when suddenly the fingers withdrew.

“If you want a shower this morning you best hurry up, I need to head to work soon and that collar doesn’t move unless I move it.  Or of course you can just sit in a soggy collar all day” V chirped as she headed back to the table.

“But Ma’am, please…” Kathleens words trailed off as V interrupted, “No time for orgasms this morning pet, best you set your alarm earlier tomorrow” she winked.

Kathleen let out a heavy sigh as she knelt in front of V, “Please may I be excused to the shower Ma’am?”

V leant forward and undid the collar, “yes you may pet,” she said as she ruffled the girls hair.

Once she was alone V went back to writing Kathleens list of chores for the day.  Within 10 minutes her pet had returned, “That was quick” she said, genuinely surprised.

Kathleen knelt in front of V and laughed, “Well it’s not like it takes me long to get dressed is it?”

“No pet, I guess not” V smiled as she placed the collar back around the thin neck before her.  “Here’s your list of tasks for today, I’ll see you at one” she kissed Kathleen on the head and left for work.

Kathleen headed straight for the kettle as she heard the door close.  She sat with her coffee and read the note

“Well done for getting up this morning pet!!  Make it earlier tomorrow and you will be rewarded.

Today you will:

  1. Change the sheets on both of O/our beds
  2. Write a shopping list of what W/we need food wise, to last until the weekend
  3. Clean the floors in the kitchen and hallway
  4. Sort through My cd’s and arrange them alphabetically (I’ve been meaning to do that since I moved in!!)
  5. Read some of your book

Oh and pet… don’t even think about masturbating… do you know whether I have hidden cameras???!

See you later,

Ma’am  xx

Kathleen laughed out loud, “Hidden cameras!!  Well I wouldn’t put it past her!!” she decided she would not be taking the risk of finding out if that were a bluff.


By one o’clock Kathleen had completed all of her chores, got Vs lunch ready and was sitting on the red chaise reading her book.

V stepped into the dining room and sat at the table, “Hello pet” she smiled, relieved that the girl had behaved today.

Kathleen served Vs lunch and knelt on the floor beside her Ma’am, her whole body relaxed as she felt a soft hand pull her head into the lap before her.

“What have you told your parents about where you are pet?” V enquired as she tucked into her lunch.

“I’ve told them that I’m staying with a friend.  But I would like to go to theirs and pick some stuff up soon, if that’s okay Ma’am” Kathleen said dreamily, she loved to be curled up with her head in Vs lap, it just made her relax so much.

“Do they know you’re gay?” V asked, gently stroking her pets face.

“Yes Ma’am, they’re really chilled out people” Kathleen answered; she didn’t ever want to move.

“You will call them this afternoon and explain you have taken a position working in my house as housekeeper and chef, catering for me and private dinner parties.  How do you think they will react to that pet?” V asked, lifting the girls head to face her.

“Um… they’ll no doubt be pleased that I’ll be staying in Lincoln, probably a bit confused by the career move though.  But they’ll support anything I choose to do, they’re great.  What do I tell them about the relationship between us though Ma’am?” Kathleen asked, wishing she could put her head back down; she just loved to feel close to V.

“They sound like good people.” V smiled, “Tell them you know me from the pub, you may say that you aspire to having a sexual relationship with me if you wish but for now, as far as anyone is concerned, it is employee and employer who happen to be friends too.  Understood?”

“Yes Ma’am” Kathleen smiled

“Arrange a time one evening this week for us to go round there and get your things.” V smiled, “What is it you want to get anyway?”

“Just some cds, my laptop, my playstation and a few other bits and bobs” Kathleen said.

“Playstation?” V laughed, ”How old are you pet?!”

“25, but I’m just a big kid really” Kathleen smiled, resting her head back on the older womans lap.

V laughed as she stood up, “That’s fine pet, it’s just another way to punish you.  I’ll take the power lead away if you misbehave!”

“Oooo… that’s harsh!” Kathleen laughed.  But better than being caned she thought to herself with a grin.

“Clear the table then pet,” V said as she ruffled Kathleens hair and went over to her toy chest.

Kathleen stood at the sink washing up when she felt her Ma’am approach behind her.  She looked over her shoulder to see she was carrying a large dildo, “You’ve earned this pet” V said with a smile as she gently pushed the dildo into the girls pussy.

Kathleen tried to continue with the dishes but found it too hard to concentrate.  She held onto the side of the sink as she felt Vs sharp teeth bite her neck and shoulders, the dildo was pummelling in and out of her aching pussy.  Within minutes Kathleen was screaming, “Please may I cum Ma’am, please!”

“Yes pet, cum hard for me!” V purred into Kathleens ear.

V thrust the dildo with all her might as her slut screamed with pleasure, riding hard against it as she came.

Kathleens legs were trembling, she realised she had needed that so badly as her Ma’am gently held her in her arms, stroking her hair, whispering, “good girl” into her ear.

“Now I must head back to work, I’ll be home around four thirty, and we’ll eat at five as we have things to do this evening.  Don’t forget to call your parents” V said as she leaned forward and softly kissed Kathleen on the cheek.


By four o’clock Kathleen had everything ready for dinner and had spoken with her mum.  Her news went down a lot better than she had expected, her mum was overjoyed that she would be staying in Lincoln.

Just as Kathleen lay back on the chaise with her book she heard the front door close, she felt a surge of excitement rush through her, which made her realise that she really missed V when she was at work.

V stepped into the dining room, “Mmmm…. Something smells good, what are we having?”

“Irish stew, my mums recipe, I probably won’t have done it justice though!” Kathleen replied.

“Well if it tastes half as good as it smells it’ll be lovely!” V suddenly realised quite how much she loved this girl being there.  To come home to a warm house with dinner on the go was so nice after years of living alone.  She shook her head and thought to herself, now, now, V don’t be going soft!

Kathleen watched as V sat at the table with her computer, she wondered to herself why the older woman didn’t just stay at work to finish up, why did she bring the work home?  She couldn’t concentrate on her book, she just wanted to watch her Ma’am, “May I come sit with you please Ma’am?” she asked.

“Yes, you may” V replied with a warm smile.  She watched as her pet crawled off the chaise to her feet and curled up with her head in her lap.  “You like sitting there don’t you pet,” she asked as she ran her fingers through the girls’ hair.

As Kathleen nuzzled her head into the older woman’s lap she said, “Mmmm… yes Ma’am, very much”

After nearly an hour had passed Kathleen was woken when she felt V gently stroke her face, “You can go and serve dinner now pet” she said.

Kathleen crawled through to kitchen and checked on the stew.  When she returned to the dining room to set Vs place at the table she couldn’t help but notice V watching her intently, “You will eat at the table with me tonight pet”

The two women talked animatededly about Kathleen’s family and chequered love life whilst they enjoyed their meal.  After V had excused Kathleen to go and do the dishes she sat back and thought on all the information she had learned.

V quietly walked into the kitchen.  She leant against the doorframe and watched as Kathleen tidied up from dinner.  There was something about this girl that captivated her, she had a very good feeling about how things were going to work out between them.

Kathleen was startled when she heard V say “When you’re done here pet you best go and get dressed, we’ll go and get the food in for the week now and don’t wear any underwear”.  She had not even realised V had been stood behind her, it made her uneasy how stealth like the older woman was.


 As the two women walked around the local supermarket selecting their food for the week Kathleen felt so comfortable.  She had done the weekly grocery shopping with numerous previous partners, but this was different.  She knew her culinary abilities were a skill she could use to please V.  In her previous relationships Kathleen had only cooked because she had to, they had to eat.  But now she knew she had the chance to do something for the woman who had already, in such a short space of time helped her realise a lot about herself.

Suddenly a voice from behind them called out, “V, hi how are you?”  Kathleen turned to see two women approaching.  One was about the same age as V; she was of a similar build too with shoulder length blonde hair and a warm friendly face.  The second woman was probably closer to Kathleen’s age with short red hair and an athletic build.  The two older women embraced as V said, “I’m great honey, how’s things with you?”

“Fantastic thank you.  So what have you been up to?  I’ve not heard from you in a while?”  Asked the blonde woman.

“Oh working hard, as usual” replied V, “Um…”

V looked toward Kathleen and smiled as an idea formed in her devious mind, “I don’t suppose you two have plans this evening do you?” she asked the blonde woman.

“No, we were just picking a few bits and bobs up then headed to sofa for an evening in front of the TV, why do you ask?”

“Fancy going for a drink?  Say The Adam & Eve in about 45 minutes?” V asked.

“Sounds great, we’ll see you there shortly” the blonde woman replied.  With that the two women hugged again and the blonde and the redhead walked away.

Kathleen wasn’t quite sure what had happened.  She felt like a spare part, V hadn’t introduced her or even referred to her at all, was she invited to the pub?  And what about the re-haired girl, she hadn’t said a word either, what was going on?

V turned to Kathleen and said, “Come on then are we about there with this?” as she looked into the shopping trolley.

“Um, just milk and eggs then that’s everything I think Ma’am.  Who was that?” Kathleen replied.

“Okay, you go and fetch the milk and eggs, while I take this to the checkout, I’ll meet you there.”  V said as she turned and walked off.

Kathleen could not believe how rude V had been, to introduce her was just plain bad manners.  But then she realised that the rules of etiquette that had applied in all her previous relationships probably didn’t count in this one.  She had to remind herself that she wasn’t with V, she belonged to V.

As Kathleen loaded the groceries into V’s car she decided to try again to find out who the two women were, “So may I ask Ma’am, who were those two women?”

“The blonde is Rachel Lee, you will address her as Miss Lee.  She’s a very dear old friend of mine and the other girl is her slave, Mel.” V replied as she climbed into the car.

“Her slave?”  Kathleen enquired.  “So they’re a….”

“They have a 24/7 D/s relationship, yes.  Mel is very well trained, she a credit to Rachel.” V replied with a wry smile.  She was thinking back to how she had helped with that training herself.  Three years ago when Rachel first offered Mel her collar, V had been instrumental in the girl’s development; she was now thinking to herself that maybe Rachel would get the opportunity to repay the favour.


 V and Kathleen walked into the pub to find Rachel and Mel had just arrived too.  The four women found a table as Rachel said, “So what is everyone drinking then?”

V replied, “I’ll have a glass of Pinot and Kathleen will have a pint of Guinness thank you”

Kathleen watched as Rachel took out a twenty-pound note from her purse and handed it to Mel.  Without a word Mel headed to the bar.  “Go and help her with the drinks pet” V instructed.

Kathleen followed after Mel and as she arrived at the bar said with a chuckle, “Hi, I’m Kathleen, thought I’d introduce myself since nobody round here seems able to!”

Mel laughed and reached out to shake Kathleen’s hand as she said, “I’m Mel, nice to meet you.”

Rachel leant across the table hardly able to contain her excitement, “Soooo…. What’s going on??  Who’s she?  She’s cute, where did you find her?”

V couldn’t stop the enormous grin erupting over her face, “In here, last week.  It’s very early days, she has no experience at all so I’m taking it one day at a time, but I have a really good feeling about this Rach”

“I’m so happy for you honey, you’ve been looking for so long now.  If I can help in any way at all you just let me know” Rachel said with a grin almost as big as Vs.

“That’s why I invited you here,” V said, leaning across the table, “I want her to see you and Mel together.  Nothing sexual just so she can see how Mel behaves in every day circumstances.  Maybe let her and Mel go and shoot some pool together.  She’s naturally inquisitive so she’s bound to ask Mel some questions.  I think it would be easier for her to know what I expect if she can see it, instead of just have me tell her.”

“Sounds like a good idea” Rachel replied, “So do you really think she might be your one then?”

“Yes I do.  There’s definitely something special about her.  I had to punish her yesterday and it was awful.  I totally understand what you went through with Mel now, so I might be calling on you the same way you did me if that’s okay?” V asked her friend.

“I’d be glad to help” Rachel said.

Kathleen and Mel arrived back at the table with the drinks.  Rachel stretched her hand out to shake Kathleen’s.  “I’m Miss Lee, it’s a pleasure to meet you Kathleen”

“Likewise” Kathleen said as she received the firm handshake.

“Why don’t you girls go and shoot and pool while V and I catch up,” Rachel said.  Both Mel and Kathleen knew it wasn’t a mere suggestion, it was an instruction.

“Yes Mistress” replied Mel as she stood and picked up her drink and went to the bar to get the pool cues.

Kathleen reached into her back and took out her cigarettes and lighter.  V took the pack of cigarettes off her and counted them.  “There’s 17 in there now, you’ll get 5 strikes with the paddle for each one you smoke pet, Understood?”

“Yes Ma’am” Kathleen replied, thinking to herself that hopefully the paddle didn’t hurt like the cane did.

“She will be quitting smoking” V said to Rachel with an evil chuckle.

“I found the easiest way to stop Mel from smoking orgasm denial” Rachel stated in a matter of fact tone.

“If the paddle doesn’t work then I will probably move on to that one” V replied.

Kathleen couldn’t believe what she was hearing; these two women were talking about her as if she wasn’t there.  She was suddenly realising that the dynamics of her relationship with V were not going to be confined to the house.  As she stood there dwelling on this nerve-racking thought V said, “Go on pet, don’t keep Mel waiting”

Without a word Kathleen stumbled off to the pool tables.  V turned to Rachel and said, “Should I maybe explain the situation to Mel?”

“No need to, I told her on the way over here that I figured it would be something like this, she’s a smart girl she’ll work out what’s going on” Rachel replied.  “So tell me what you’ve been up to since we last saw each other then”

The two Dommes sat back and began catching up on what they had each been doing over the past two months as their pets became acquainted over the pool table.

“So how long have you guys known V then?” Kathleen asked Mel.

“Has she told you to call her V?” Mel enquired.


“Well what how she instructed you to address her?”

“Erm… she told me to call her Ma’am.” Kathleen answered slightly confused.

“Then that’s what you should call her, even when you are talking to me” Mel said with a smile.

“Okay then how long have you guys known Ma’am?”

“I’ve known her for about three years now but my Mistress has been friends with her for about fifteen years.”

Kathleen did not miss the fact that Mel referred to Miss Lee as her Mistress; the thought fleetingly crossed her mind as to why she did not refer to V as her Mistress.  When she realised Mel was still speaking.

“My Mistress introduced me to your Ma’am to help with my training when she first found me.”

“Help with your training?  I’m not sure I follow you?” Kathleen said as she took her shot.

“I was somewhat rebellious at first.  I had difficulty switching my brain off.  I knew my heart and soul needed what my Mistress was offering yet I couldn’t stop from fighting it” Mel explained.

“I certainly know that feeling,” Kathleen laughed as she handed Mel the cue.

“Most new slaves go through it, so don’t let it bother you too much” Mel said whilst she took her shot.

“So my Ma’am helped you get over these issues then?”

“She played a part in it, yes.”  Mel explained, “My Mistress loves me and she found it very hard to punish me in the beginning of our relationship, and unfortunately I did give her plenty of reason to punish me.  One day I really pissed her off and she didn’t think I was I genuinely sorry for it.  She thought I had deliberately misbehaved and she was probably right.  So she took me to your Ma’ams house.  She explained what I’d done and handed my leash to your Ma’am.  I got a serious attitude adjustment that night.”

“Your Mistress let my Ma’am fuck you?” Kathleen asked.  She couldn’t really digest the information she had just been given.  The only thing that made any sense was what Mel had said about her brain thinking one thing and her heart and soul needing something else; that was exactly how Kathleen felt.

“I was used for their pleasure and entertainment.  It was awful being used and beaten by someone else whilst my Mistress watched, I just wanted to crawl to her feet or cry out for her to hold me but any time I did I got paddled for it. I got no pleasure at all that night and I couldn’t sit down for a week by the time your Ma’am was through with me.  It was a kind of turning point in our relationship too.  My Mistress learnt that night that the two things I hate the most are receiving pain without pleasure and knowing she is there but not feeling her touch.”

“So from that day on you were a changed person then?” Kathleen asked, she kept thinking to herself that being at the mercy of two beautiful dominant women did not seem like her idea of punishment, in fact she was sure she would of loved it.

“Oh God no” Mel laughed, “But I definitely tried harder to please my Mistress from then on just the threat of it being repeated was enough for me to buck my ideas up”

“If you don’t mind my asking, did it ever get repeated?” Kathleen said.

“Yes a couple of times, and each time was worse than the one before.” Mel said, a sad expression crossing her face as she thought back to how painful those evenings had been, physically and emotionally.

“I don’t mean to sound unsympathetic, obviously it wasn’t a pleasant experience for you.  But being a submissive gay woman at the mercy of two beautiful dominant women sounds like heaven to me not punishment.” Kathleen said, unsure whether she had over stepped the line being so forthright with a woman she had just met.  Kathleen was desperately seeking some confirmation of her feelings, someone to talk to about what swirled around in her head and heart, she was so pleased that maybe she had found that person in the girl she was now shooting pool with.  At that moment Kathleen suddenly realised that was probably why V had orchestrated this night out.  It seemed to Kathleen that nothing would happen without V somehow playing a part in it.

Mel laughed at Kathleen’s statement, “You’re right, to anyone looking at it from the vanilla sense yes it would seem like a perfect evening.  Trust me it wasn’t.  I wasn’t allowed to cum at all, they bought me right to the brink more times than I could count.  I was begging, pleading for them to let me and they just laughed and said no.  I was made to crawl and fetch things in my mouth for them and paddled hard if I didn’t move fast enough or just because they wanted to.  It was a harsh lesson that left me with no doubt about my place in the relationship.”

Kathleen still didn’t get it, “ But again, you’re a submissive woman, surely you took some pleasure from the way you were being treated?”

“Yes, at first I did but then when I was so far into my submissive self, so incredibly aroused and getting no relief from it, then it became unbearable.  What made the whole thing even worse was that my Mistress was so cold and distant toward me.  When I get that far into my submissive self I need to be close to her, feel her touch, hear her words of approval.  I need to know I’m pleasing her and on that night all of those needs went unmet.  The way she acted was as though I was just some stranger she and her friend were using for the night, that’s what taught me just how much I need her” Mel explained.

It was starting to make sense to Kathleen.  She was familiar with that burning need to know that what she was doing was pleasing V.  She tried to think how she would feel if V acted the way Mel had described toward her.  She couldn’t imagine what it would be like but she knew she didn’t want to find out.

Mel could see the confused expression across Kathleen’s face.  She sympathised with Kathleen, remembering the complete turmoil she had been in herself when she was in same position as Kathleen now found herself in.  “The best advice I can give you is if it feels right deep down inside yourself then go with it.  Don’t fight it, don’t think about it, just do as you are instructed and you’ll find a happiness like you’ve never known before.”

Kathleen was suddenly feeling uneasy about the conversation.  She wasn’t sure if it was and information overload or too many realisations about what she was but something made her desperately want to change the subject.  “So what do you do for a living then?” She asked as she lined up her next shot.

The two submissive women shot pool and chit chatted about everyday events for an hour or so until V and Rachel appeared, “Time to go pet” V said as she picked up Kathleen’s cigarette packet, “Three huh?  So fifteen strikes with the paddle before anything else happens.”  She added with a wicked chuckle as she put the cigarettes back on the table.

Kathleen was suddenly feeling quite cheeky; she turned to Mel and said, “So how bad do reckon that’ll be?”

“I’m sure you can handle it” Mel laughed.

“Well in that case” Kathleen said as she took out a cigarette and put it in her mouth, “May as well go for a nice even twenty.”

All four women laughed, “You’ve definitely got your work cut out for you with this one” Rachel said as she hugged V, “Give me a call if you want some help”

With that Rachel and Mel left the bar.  V turned to Kathleen and said, “Let’s make it thirty shall we?  The extra ten for being cheeky, I’ll see you at home”


“Strip”, V said, “I shouldn’t have to tell you that, you should know by know that you are to be naked at all times in this house.

“Yes Ma’am”, Kathleen replied as she began to pull down her jeans.  She pulled her tee shirt off over her head; the no underwear rule V had imposed meant she could be naked very quickly.  Once she had undressed she lowered to her knees in front of the older woman.

“Fetch the paddle slut” V instructed as she pulled a chair out from the dining room table.

Kathleen crawled over to the toy chest and took out the large leather covered paddle.  She thought to herself that surely something as large as that couldn’t carry the same evil sting that she had experienced from the cane.  She placed the paddle between her teeth and crawled back to Vs feet.

“You know the position slut” V said in a cold tone as she reached and took the paddle from her pets mouth.

“I’m sorry Ma’am, I didn’t mean to be cheeky.  It was just a joke,” Kathleen mumbled as she bent over the chair raising her ass out.

“But you were, and though I like that about in private I will not have you sass me in front of my friends so you I’m still going to punish you for it” V said as she landed the paddle heavily across the centre of Kathleen’s ass.

Kathleen’s knees buckled with the force of the blow from the paddle.  She realised she had been wrong about this not hurting as much as the cane.  It was different kind of pain though, not a sharp sting more of a full, all over burning after the initial sting of the blow.  She lost count at seventeen strikes, concentrating instead on not crying out and begging for V to stop.  Something inside was being stubborn, she was going to take this punishment quietly and not give V the satisfaction of seeing her cry.

It took every bit of concentration Kathleen could muster not to drop to her knees and beg her Ma’am to stop.  Just as she thought she couldn’t take anymore the hard blows stopped and V walked away.  Kathleen’s ass felt like it was on fire; she dreaded the thought of having to sit on it.

“Come here pet” V instructed.

Kathleen dropped to her knees and crawled to Vs feet, she knelt down in front of the older woman wincing as her dark red ass rested on her feet.

“Hurt does it slut?” V asked with an evil smile.

“Yes Ma’am”

“You deserved it though pet, you needed it didn’t you?” V asked.

Kathleen thought about this for a few seconds and though she hated to admit it, somewhere deep inside her she knew the answer, “Yes Ma’am, Thank you.”

V lounged back onto the chaise and stretched out a toned leg toward the kneeling girl, “Take my shoes off pet”

Kathleen gently loosened the laces and slipped Vs shoes off, “Would you like a foot rub Ma’am?” she enquired.

V couldn’t stop from smiling, “Mmmm… good girl, yes I would” As V relaxed under the girls tender touch she gazed lovingly upon her pet.  The fabric and Velcro collar looked okay around her neck but she so desperately wanted to place her lockable leather collar there.  She just needed to be sure the girl understood the significance of it.

“So did you enjoy this evening then pet?” V asked.

“Erm… yes Ma’am” Kathleen replied unsure of where her Ma’am was headed with the question.  She had already learnt that V never asked her anything without it leading somewhere.  She felt sure the older woman analysed her every word and action.

“And what did you think of Miss Lee and Mel?”

“Erm… they seem like nice people, Mel’s a damn good pool player.  How long has she been…”? Kathleen’s words trailed off, she was unsure how to phrase the question.

“Owned?” V offered, “Miss Lee gave Mel her collar about three years ago”

“Gave her her collar?  Is that the start of the relationship then?” Kathleen asked concentrating hard on massaging her Ma’ams feet.  She felt silly asking these questions but she knew there was a kind of protocol between the two women and she wondered if the same protocol would be applied to her relationship with V.

“Sort of pet” V replied offering her other foot into the girls hands, “the relationship begins before a submissive is collared.  There’s a process of testing and training, a permanent collar is something to work towards, something to be earned.”


“Yes pet?”

“You sometimes say submissive and sometimes slave, is there a difference?” Kathleen mumbled, again feeling a bit daft.

“Yes pet, there is a big difference.  Becoming a slave comes with the permanent collar.  As does addressing your owner as Master or Mistress instead of Sir or Ma’am.”

“Is that something I’m working toward Ma’am?” Kathleen enquired.

“Yes pet” V said leaning forward to gently stroke the girls face, “and making very good progress indeed”

Kathleen relaxed her head into the older woman’s hand.  V sat back, “lay over my lap pet” she soothed.

As V sat looking down on the girls flaming red ass she felt more content than she had in years, “I’m very pleased indeed with the progress you’re making,” she said as she spanked the beautiful ass.

Kathleen couldn’t stop the moan coming from her lips as she was spanked; she even noticed how she was raising her ass up to receive the slaps.  She felt Vs hand move under her and begin to rub her pussy.  She grinded her hips hard against her Ma’ams hand and before long she pleaded, “Ma’am, please may I cum, please?”

“Yes you can pet, cum for me” V replied as she vigorously rubbed the dripping wet pussy over her lap.

Kathleen screamed out as the orgasmic spasms took hold of her body.  She had never experienced orgasms this intense before and she loved the way they made her feel.  I t felt as though they were so strong that she lost consciousness during them.

V gently stroked Kathleen’s burning ass as the girl laid across her lap with post orgasmic shudders rippling through her body.  After a few minutes she pushed the girl to the floor and attached her leash.  “Come on pet, bed time,” she said as she led her pet up the stairs.


Over the following two months Kathleen and V settled down into a routine together.  There were no major incidents, only minor mishaps that required V to correct Kathleen’s behaviour.  Overall V was incredibly pleased with her new slut.  Not only was she everything a Domme could wish for in a slave, she was also everything V wished for in a lover.  It seemed to be the perfect arrangement.  So much so that V had decided she was ready to offer a permanent collar to the girl.

One Friday morning as Kathleen washed the breakfast dishes V announced to that they were going out for dinner then a few drinks so Kathleen did not have to cook.  Kathleen was pleased to be getting a day out of the kitchen but she was also a little surprised.  V never seemed to do things spontaneously; nights out were usually arranged a few days ahead of schedule.  She was so intrigued that she decided to ask, “That’s out of the blue.  May I ask why?”

“Because I want to spend some quality time with my beautiful pet.  I have a meeting tonight so probably won’t be home until around 7.  Be ready to go straight out,” V said as she walked over to her pet and gently kissed her forehead.  “No underwear of course” she added with a wicked chuckle as she picked up her brief case and set off for work.


“We need to re-affirm our positions here,” V said as Kathleen stumbled through the kitchen door at eleven a.m. the following morning.

Kathleen was very confused and extremely hung-over.  She had woken up only moments earlier and was surprised to find she was not wearing her collar and cuffs.  She racked her aching brain trying to remember what had happened the night before

She vaguely remembered V threatening to leave the bar without her.  Then she remembered joining a round of tequila shots with her friends.  Then… nothing.  No matter how hard she searched the recesses of her pounding head there were no answers forthcoming.

“On your knees slut” V ordered as she stood and picked up Kathleen’s collar and cuffs from the kitchen table.

Kathleen obeyed instantly.  She decided not to let on that she had no memory of how the previous evening had ended.  She figured she would soon find out how much trouble she was in and did not need to risk making matters worse.

V placed the collar and cuffs on Kathleen in silence.  She attached the leash and, still holding it, set off at a stride into the dining room.  Kathleen felt the sharp pull around her neck and scrambled to follow after the woman on hands and knees.

When they reached the toy chest V reached in and took out her hard leather paddle.  She turned and without a word offered it toward Kathleen’s mouth.  Kathleen knew what was expected, she opened her mouth and took the paddle between her teeth.

Still in silence V led her pet through the large patio doors into the garden.  It was a beautiful summers morning.  The flowers and trees were in full bloom, which afforded the garden more privacy than the first time Kathleen had been made to go out there naked.  There was a small patio area just outside the dining room.  As Kathleen was led across the hard paving slabs her knees screamed out in pain but she kept her silence.

They reached the edge of the lawn where Kathleen noticed a metal spike was sticking up.  V attached her pets leash to the spike and pulled up a garden chair and sat down.  Kathleen’s mind raced, she felt physically sick and could no longer distinguish if that were due to the hangover or how bad she felt seeing V angry with her.  She just wished V would take the paddle form her mouth and beat her ass.  Then everything would be okay.  That is how it worked in her mind.  She messed up, she got her ass beaten for it and then they moved on.

She secretly liked the punishment beatings she received.  Not while they happened, but the way she felt afterwards.  Her ass being sore was a reminder to her that she is owned.  A reminder that, though she hated to admit it, she knew she needed.

After more than ten minutes of silence had passed between the two women, V leant forward and removed the paddle from Kathleen’s mouth, “So what do you have to say for yourself then slut?” she asked in a stern voice.

“Um… about what Ma’am?”  Kathleen asked, still unsure of quite what had taken place.

Kathleen yelped as the paddle landed hard against the right side of her ass, “You know damn well what I’m talking about slut!”

Kathleen felt tears welling in her eyes.  V had never shouted at her before.  She had always addressed her in a calm authorative tone but she had never once raised her voice.  Kathleen suddenly realised how serious this was.

“I’m sorry Ma’am, it’s just I’ve not seen them for ages.  It’s been months since I’ve been out drinking and that’s just what we get like when we’re together.  I didn’t do anything too bad, I came home to you..”  Kathleen realised she was rambling and possibly lying too.  She knew there had been a really cute girl out the previous evening and the two of them had been flirting.  As she couldn’t remember much though, she couldn’t be sure that nothing had happened.

Out of nowhere Vs had flew out and struck Kathleen hard across the face, “As if you weren’t in enough trouble you’re now lying to me!” V fumed.

Her actions made her realise just how angry she was.  This weekend was meant to be important.  V had planned on placing her leather collar around Kathleen’s neck.  She had planned to share her well-trained slut with her friend Rachel.  She knew she had to calm down before dealing with the situation or she may of really damaged Kathleen.  She stood and without a word walked into the house.

Kathleen couldn’t help the sobs from coming.  She was so angry with herself for getting in such a state that she couldn’t remember what she had done.  She knew V was furious with her and that made her feel sick to the stomach.

Nearly an hour passed before V came back out into the garden.  She was carrying a bowl of water and a glass of wine.  She placed the water in front of Kathleen and sat back in her chair.

“Ma’am I’m sorry I don’t remember much about the end of the night…” Kathleen began, desperately trying to think of a way she could make things better.

“Silence” V interrupted, “I gave you a chance to explain yourself and you lied to me, you will not speak now unless I ask you a direst question.  Is that understand or do I need to fetch the gag?”

“I understand Ma’am”

“Good” V took several deep breaths then said.  “So what point do you remember to slut?”

“I remember joining a round of Tequila shooters then chatting for a while, I didn’t notice when you left,” Kathleen said with her eyes fixed to the floor.  She could not bear to look at V and see the disappointment in her eyes.

“Well let me fill you in.” V said before taking a large gulp of wine.  “After a wonderful meal we went to the pub for a couple of drinks.  Some of your friends were there as were some of mine.  Like the dutiful slave I know and love you asked me, very sweetly, if you could go and shoot some pool with them.”

“Yes Ma’am, I remember that” Kathleen said, feeling very patronised that V felt she had to recount the whole evening to her.

“I told you to be silent slut!” V shouted as she stood and brought the paddle down viciously hard on Kathleen’s ass.  “You really are having difficulty in understanding my instructions aren’t you?” she enquired as she continued the rain of heavy blows.

Kathleen tried to crawl away from the stinging force of the paddle.  But as she was restrained at the neck all she could do was crawl in circles and the paddle just followed her.

As suddenly as she had started the beating V stopped and returned to her seat.  “So having gained my permission, you went to play pool.  After about an hour I came to find you and told you to finish your drink as we were leaving shortly.  You whined that you wanted another drink and pleaded with me to stay a little longer”

V paused and took a sip of her wine.  She was still trying to decide how she was actually going to handle this situation.  She had not yet contacted Rachel and told her not to come over; maybe Rachel could help instil some discipline in her pet she thought to herself.

“I told you that you couldn’t and returned to my drink.  Moments later I watched as you joined in a round of Tequila shots.  I came back to you and told you that we were leaving immediately.  You frowned and said you had not finished your drink or game yet.  I told you to meet me at the bar in 2 minutes or there would be trouble.  After five minutes you did not appear, so I came home”

As Kathleen heard the story it triggered vague memories in her still aching brain.  The one piece of information missing was that the tequila shot V had witnessed had not been her first shot; it was more like her fifth.  She instantly decided not to let that fact be known right now.

“Over an hour passed and you still weren’t home so I decided to come back to the bar and fetch you.  As I walked in I saw you and your friends had moved to the sofa area.  You looked incredibly comfortable with a cute young lady sat on your lap with her tongue down your throat.” V said, finding it hard to control the anger in her voice.

As Kathleen heard this the memory came back and hit her like a thunderbolt.  What the hell had she been thinking?  She was drunk and horny.  That is what she had been thinking but she knew that was not going to cut it as an explanation.

“You had obviously not seen me, so I watched you for a few moments.  You bummed a cigarette of the girl as you had run out.  Which means you smoked 15 more than I had permitted you too.  I had seen enough so I returned home.  Nearly an hour after that you stumbled through the door, barely able to put one foot in front of the other, and went straight up to bed.  I think you were worried you would wake me up as you were creeping around and you told the door to be quiet when it creaked.  You were that drunk you didn’t notice I was stood in the kitchen doorway watching you creep in.”  If V had not been so angry that her plans had been de-railed she knew she would have found it quite funny.  She had never seen Kathleen that drunk before, and although V hated to admit it right now, the girl had been cute the night before.

“So the way I see it your list of sins stands like this at the moment.” V said as she took hold of Kathleen’s hair and pulled her face up so they made eye contact.

“You disobeyed 2 direct instructions when I told you we were leaving.  You stayed out late, without seeking my permission first.  You sexually interacted with another woman, without seeking my permission first.  You got drunk, without seeking my permission first.  You smoked 15 more cigarettes than I had permitted.  You slept without your collar cuffs on, without seeking my permission first.  Then to top it all off you attempt to lie to me about it this morning.” V could feel the anger rising in her again.  Deep down she knew the thing that had annoyed her the most was that her plans for the weekend now had to be changed.  V was a woman who disliked plans being changed at the best of times.  But plans being changed due to a disobedient slut made her blood boil.

“This is not exactly the behaviour of a trained, obedient slave is it?” V enquired.

Kathleen lowered her eyes, she desperately wanted a hole in the ground to open up and swallow her.  She had never felt so bad in her life.  “No Ma’am” she mumbled.

“We had a conversation only a few weeks ago in which I told you that f you wished to go out partying with your friends then you were far enough along in your training that I would permit you to.  All you had to do was ask permission and arrange it.”  V said, again pulling Kathleen’s head up so she could look into the girls eyes, “Did we not?”

“Yes Ma’am” Kathleen mumbled.

“So why did you not leave when I instructed and make arrangements for a night out another time?” V asked.

“I don’t know Ma’am” Kathleen answered.  It was true; she had no idea why she hadn’t done just that.  She was kicking herself now, wishing that she had.

“I’ll tell you why you didn’t slut.” V said, letting go of the girl’s hair and taking another sip from her wine.  “Because you thought you could get away with it.  It’s partly my fault; I have been too easy on you lately.  I have allowed my emotional attachment to you get in the way of issuing you the discipline that we both know you need”

Kathleen looked up at hearing this.  Part of her felt relieved, if V felt partially responsible then surely her punishment could not be that bad she thought to herself.

“Would you agree pet?  Do you need a firmer hand than I offered these past few weeks?” V asked in the gentlest voice Kathleen had heard from her all morning.

“Yes Ma’am” Kathleen answered.  She wasn’t sure if it were true but she figured that agreeing might make things go better for her.

“And what have you been trained to do if you feel in need of discipline slut?” V asked, her stern tone returning.

Kathleen couldn’t help but feel stupid; she had walked straight into this one.  She kicked herself for even thinking she could pull one over on V to make things easier for herself, “Come to you and ask for punishment or discipline Ma’am” she sighed.

“That’s right slut,” V said with a triumphant smile, “Not go out and completely disobey every instruction I have given as a cry for my attention and punishment.”

Kathleen desperately wanted to speak up.  The way V was saying things it sounded like Kathleen had deliberately disobeyed her.  Kathleen knew this was not the case.   There had been no conscious, malicious intent behind her actions.  She had just been stupid.

“Now you may not of done this deliberately slut.  I understand that.  But you should be far enough along in your training now that what pleases me is your first consideration in every action.  At some point last night you must of thought of me, and you chose to ignore those thoughts.  You ignored your true submissive self in favour of your thinking self” V said.

An idea was forming in her mind.  She was going to find out once and for all if a life of slavery was what Kathleen really wanted.  She was going to show the thinking Kathleen that the real submissive inside her was now the stronger personality.  And that her submissive judgement should always be trusted.

Kathleen sat in silence, she pleaded with her eyes to be allowed to speak.  Her ass still burned from the paddling she had received earlier so she dare not speak up without permission.  She now added speaking without thinking to her long list of things to be annoyed with herself for.

“Tell me slut, is this what you want?” V asked as she again pulled Kathleen’s head up to make eye contact with her.

“Is what what I want Ma’am?” Kathleen asked scared that she knew the answer

“ I am giving you the opportunity now to end this and walk away from me.  Your behaviour last night indicates to me that you are unhappy in your current situation.  Many submissives are afraid to tell their owner if they wish to end the relationship, I am giving you the chance now to tell me if that is how you feel.” V said.  As she heard the words leave her mouth she felt a sudden rush of panic.  Deep down she was sure the girl needed her, but what if Kathleen had decided she didn’t?  V was certain that after many years of searching she had finally found her one.  Though she sounded believable, suddenly the experienced Domme was in doubt over the conviction of her own words, could she really let this divine creature walk out of her life now?

Kathleen felt shell-shocked.  Had she heard right?  Did V actually think she wanted to end things between the two of them?  As she pushed down the sick feeling rising from deep within her gut she felt tears roll down her cheeks.  She impulsively leant forward and kissed Vs foot, “No Ma’am, that’s not what I want at all.  I need you more than I’ve ever needed anything before Ma’am”

V tried to ensure the huge sigh of relief she breathed was inaudible.  She was pleased Kathleen had her face towards the ground so the slut couldn’t see the huge smile on her face.”

“So I now have to devise a fitting punishment.” V said as she desperately tried to wipe the grin from her face.  “I could just beat your ass, but we both know what a little pain slut you’ve turned into, so you may enjoy that too much.  And even if I’m particularly vicious and you don’t enjoy it, you still gain absolution way too easily.  Considering your disobedience and the worry you put me through last night you will have to work hard to gain forgiveness for this.”

Kathleen felt sick with nerves.  A wave of panic was beginning to wash over her body.  She realised how much she now hated the fact that V could read her body so well.  Everything she had said was true and Kathleen knew that she was going to be made to suffer today.

To be continued…….

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