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The Clinic

It was that time again.  The occasion every woman suffers through.  It comes around every few years, depends how vigilant you are really.  I was not very vigilant.  I got a letter about it 3 or so years ago, and did nothing.  After three years of reminder letters, I finally decided to put it on the “things to do” list.  That was mainly due to my being sick of the calls from my mother, “I got another letter about your pap test, you really should get it done you know”… nag, nag, nag, nag!!  She didn’t get the letter; I did, at her address.  I hadn’t lived there for years but I was still registered with the family doctor who sent out these lovely reminders.


I thumbed through the phone book looking for a local clinic to go to.  Being new in town I hadn’t even registered with a doctor yet.  I found a neat little ad for a Women’s Health Clinic.  One painless five minute call later and my appointment was booked for the following week.  Anything to shut my mothers nagging off!


The day of the appointment I finished work an hour early and headed to the clinic.  It was a little out of town but I found it in the end.  As I walked into the reception area I was struck by how plush and contemporary the design was, they had obviously spent a lot of money on the aesthetics of the place.


I stepped up to the very cute young blonde girl at the desk, I remember noticing the gorgeous metal choker she was wearing, I even commented to her how pretty I thought it was.  Looking back now I bet they had a real laugh at that one.  The shy receptionist stared at the floor while she thanked me and gave me some forms to fill in and give to the nurse when she called me through.


After about a ten minute wait I was called by a nurse.  She was an older lady, probably late 50’s, tall and thin, with a really evil look about her.  I couldn’t explain what it was that gave me that initial impression, I was right of course, but I still have no idea how I pegged her as pure evil before any of my suffering began.


She reached out her hand to take my forms and led me into an examination room.  It appeared fairly standard.  Cupboards and counter tops along one wall, the medieval looking half bed with stirrups that all women learn to loathe taking center stage.  The stainless steel instrument trolley and doctors swivel chair positioned at the foot end.  The only thing that seemed a little out of place was the wall facing the bed; it was covered in mirrored tiles.  I assumed this was to make the patient feel more at ease, so they could see what the doctor was doing.  Though it didn’t make me feel at ease, I thought it was a bit weird.


“Strip off the bottom half and get yourself on the bed, legs in the stirrups”, she said as she leant against the counter top while she flicked through my forms.  I was a little taken aback; usually they give you privacy while you undress.  I remember having always thought that was strange, that they give you privacy to undress but then have a conversation with you while your legs are splayed in the stirrups, your pussy displayed right before their eyes.  With this thought in mind I undressed in front of her and got myself into position.


The nurse walked to the foot end of the bed and started removing instruments from their sterile wrappers.  I felt incredibly uncomfortable; there wasn’t even a sheet on the bed to cover myself with so she had a full view of my privates.  “When was your last period?” she asked in her brusque tone. 


“Erm… 2 weeks ago” I stuttered.


“Right, I’ll get you ready then the doctor will be with us to do the test” she said as she turned to me holding a large stainless steel speculum.  Without a word of warning I felt the cold steel enter my pussy in one swift thrust.  I must have gasped because the nurse chuckled and said, “Now now, don’t lets make a fuss, I’m sure you’ve had bigger things than this in there”.  I convinced myself she was just trying to be funny, lighten the mood and that I shouldn’t be offended.  I felt the walls of my vagina open up as she cranked the speculum open, I was sure she was going to split me open, did it really need to be that wide?


She patted me on the knee and said, “I’m going to fetch the doctor, stay where you are” then she turned and walked out of the room.  I was incensed, how dare she leave me alone in a room, legs splayed open, speculum in place stretching my pussy to its widest, facing a mirror so I can see it all.  I told myself, you’re here now, just suffer through this then write a complaint letter about the bitch nurse when you get home.


I should have left at that point.  How stupid and naïve was I to stay.


The door opened and the nurse came back in followed by a tall, slim lady wearing a white coat.  She was at least 20 years younger than the nurse and very attractive.  “Hello, I’m Dr Richards, this won’t take a second” she said as she sat down in the chair between my legs.  She took a swab from the trolley and placed it in my pussy, scraping it against my cervix, “I see what you mean nurse, I think we can help though” she said to the nurse.


I was confused, “What?  What did she say?  Help with what?” I asked.


“You have a lump at the very top of your vaginal wall.  That’s why the nurse fetched me in here.  You haven’t noticed it?” The doctor said.


Sheer panic swept over me, a doctor telling you that they have found a lump conjures up the most horrid feelings in you, “No I haven’t, what kind of lump, what’s caused it, oh god it’s not cancer is it, please, why is it there, what can you do?” I was babbling, making no sense, just sheer fear and panic, and then I began to cry.


“It’s okay, I can take a sample of it now and we’ll run some tests to see what it is, it’s probably harmless.  You need to relax though” the attractive doctor soothed.


“Oh god no please, just get rid of it, what is it?” I was near hysterics, I was so scared and convincing myself I had some terminal illness.

“The doctor needs to insert a needle into it.  She can’t do that unless you’re relaxed so I’m going to give you a little something to help calm you down.  Ok?” the nurse said as she approached my arm with a syringe.


“Ok, yes.  I’m sorry, please just make it go away” I babbled.  Then I felt a sharp prick in my arm rapidly followed by a very warm fuzzy feeling throughout my body, my eyes became heavy, my breathing slowed, then I passed out.


I remember the first few seconds of consciousness were fine, as my eyes adjusted to the light I went to move my hand to rub them, but it wouldn’t move.  All too suddenly I was startlingly aware of my position.


I was in the examination room, still on the bed with my feet in the stirrups.  My wrists were tied to the sides of the bed and I had an oxygen mask over my mouth.  It didn’t feel like a normal mask though, there was something inside it, pushed into my mouth, it felt like a rubber ball, I couldn’t push it out.  I tried to take my feet out of the stirrups but I realized they were tied in place, I couldn’t move at all.


I looked at the mirror on the wall opposite me and the sight I was greeted with terrified me.  There was a large black object in my asshole; coming out of the center of it was a tube.  The speculum was still stretching my pussy wide open.  A tube was coming out of my pee hole.  I could see the tube split off into 3 separate tubes.  As my desperate mind tried to take in the scene the nurse and doctor came into the room.


“Ah… you’re awake at last.  The lump turned out to be nothing, Matron and I were mistaken, and it wasn’t a lump at all.  But we did notice something else about you, something that I know we can help with” the doctor said with an evil sneer.


I tried to speak, to scream, anything but the ball in my mouth prevented any sound from coming out.  I was so confused, what could they have possibly found that needed this kind of treatment.  I so wished I had told someone I was coming here, wished there was a familiar face I could get some comfort from.  How could I be sick?  I felt fine; surely they couldn’t have found anything serious.  The panic was swelling inside me now, I felt nauseous and dizzy.  The grogginess from whatever drug I had been given hadn’t worn off and I knew I wasn’t thinking clearly.


“You want to know what we noticed?  Well I’ll tell you… when the nurse thrust that speculum into your tight pussy, there was no resistance, and no force was needed.  Do you know why that was?  Oh of course, you can’t speak” the doctor laughed. “That was because your pussy was dripping wet, I could smell your heat when I came into the room, you’re just a filthy little slut”


The nurse appeared at my shoulder, reaching her hand down to my breast, “And we know how to treat filthy little sluts” she said as she gripped my nipple in her fingers and brutally twisted it round.


I tried to scream, my mind was going crazy, what had I got into, what were they going to do to me?  “You know I’m telling the truth don’t you slut?  You know you’re filthy, you must be to have a wet pussy during a medical exam huh?” the doctor shouted.


My groggy mind couldn’t take the information in.  I was so scared about what would happen to me.  It felt like the bitch nurse was going to pull my nipple clean off my breast.  “I’m going to remove your gag, and you’re going to be silent unless I tell you to speak.  Is that clear cunt?”  The doctor asked as she and the nurse changed positions.


The doctor took the gag from my mouth and I couldn’t help myself, the words fell out, “I don’t understand, why are you doing this to me?  Please let me go, please…” I was whimpering.  I felt a sharp pain across the back of my thighs, followed by another then another, I screamed out with each one.


“You were told to be silent bitch!!!” the nurse shouted as she landed another blow from the cane she had picked up across my thighs, I screamed again.


“She’ll keep going until you’re silent slut, even if that only happens when you pass out” the doctor said casually.


The stinging blows from the cane landed one after another criss crossing down the back of my thighs, the pain was unbearable.  I bit on my lip, tears screaming down my face.  I managed to stay quiet for three blows, “The sluts learning… that’s enough nurse” the doctor said.


“Now, are you ready to learn what happens to sluts like you?” the doctor soothed as she casually stroked my nipples.


I hesitated, thinking that maybe if I told her what she wanted to hear she’d release me or go easier on me, choking back tears I said “Yes Ma’am”


“Good girl… you learn quickly”, the doctor chuckled.  “Your first lesson is that sluts can’t be permitted any control.  The only thing a slut may do without permission is breathe.  You will have noticed I have inserted an enema and catheter into you.  I am going to fill your bowels and bladder with liquid, water at first, provided you behave.  You will not be permitted to drain either until I give you permission.  Just to be sure, the tubes are clamped, so it will be impossible for you to drain until I unclamp them”


The nurse attached bags of liquid to the end of the tubes coming from me.  “The filthy bitch is still wet Doc” she said with disgust.  The doctor removed the speculum from my pussy and held it in front of my face, “Look at this slut, look at your filthy cunt juices all over it” I couldn’t focus on what she was saying, I was too distracted by what the nurse was doing.  I felt a sharp pinching feeling on my labia, the nurse was attaching clamps to my sore, stretched pussy lips, “it’s so fucking wet down here I can’t get the clamps to stay on”


“Please… no please” I begged, sobbing hysterically.  I didn’t understand what was happening, what had I done to deserve this?  The cane blows started again, I cried out with each one, “Silence!!” the nurse shouted.  She was grinning like a mad woman.  I knew she didn’t really want me to be quiet, I could see she enjoyed having a reason to beat me.  That was incentive enough for me to be quiet, I grit my teeth through three more strokes and the Doctor stopped her again.


I had been concentrating on the pain being inflicted on my thighs that I hadn’t noticed a horrendous pressure inside me, now it was all I could focus on though.  I felt like I was a balloon being filled with water, any minute now I was sure I would burst.  The cold liquid was pouring into my bowel and bladder.  It’s a horrible feeling.  Desperate to pee and shit I looked into the Doctors eyes, pleading silently. 


The doctor, still holding the speculum above my face, laughed, “Lick it clean slut!” she shouted as she pushed it to my lips.  I hesitated, begging her with my eyes; she nodded at the nurse who swung the cane against my thighs again.  One stroke was all it took before I took the tip of the speculum into my mouth.  Tasting my pussy, sucking it clean.


The pressure inside me was unbearable now.  I was sure I couldn’t take any more liquid, but still it flowed into me.  The nurse constantly checking there was a steady supply in the bags.  The doctor put the speculum down and picked up two frightening looking steel clamps, each attached to a length of chain.  Without a word she fastened them onto my nipples.  I bit my lip so hard to stop from screaming at the intense pinching pain that surged deep into my breasts that I tasted blood in my mouth.  But I didn’t make a sound.  As the Doctor was securing the chains from the nipple clamps to my ankle restraints a horrible realization dawned on me.  I was aroused, they were right, how in the hell could I be aroused at this treatment, I could smell my own pussy, I must be a slut.


“That’s enough liquid this time nurse” the doctor said.  The nurse clamped the tubes to stop the flow of water.  I felt like I was going to burst, I squirmed in discomfort.  But each time I squirmed, my ankles moved slightly pulling the clamps on my nipples even tighter.


“Look in that mirror cunt!!  Look at yourself, tied to the bed, nipples and pussy clamped, cane welts all over your thighs, bowels and bladder full to bursting, what do you look like?” the nurse demanded.


“A filthy slut Ma’am!!” I shouted back.  I had no idea where the words had come from.  I could no longer think coherently, every part of my body was screaming at me in pain.


The doctor pulled on a latex glove a dipped her hand into a container on the instrument trolley.  I didn’t know what was happening… what else could they do to me?  Then I felt an intrusion into my pussy.  The doctor was leaning over my leg pushing her fingers into my pussy.  The nurse held my head up, “Look in that mirror bitch, you’re going to watch the doctors fist go into your pussy!!”


I tried to beg them not to, but the words wouldn’t come out.  I was moaning incoherently.  I could feel and see four of the doctor’s fingers in me, then I felt the tight stretching sensation as she slipped her thumb in.  All I could see was her wrist coming out of my clamped, stretched pussy.  I thought I was going to explode, as she pumped her fist inside me.  My breathing got heavy and fast.  I didn’t know what I felt, the fist in my pussy was making even hornier but the full feeling inside me was now causing an unbearable pain.  The nurse held my head as I felt an orgasm building inside me, no surely not?  How could I cum?  This was disgusting, degrading treatment, how could I be enjoying it?  Was I enjoying it?  I was so confused!


As my eyes rolled back into my head and my whole body tensed, the first surges of orgasm creeping up on me I heard the nurse shout “Now!!”  The doctor pulled the ass plug and catheter out in one swift motion with her free hand, still pumping her fist furiously into my throbbing cunt, as the nurse yanked the nipple clamps clean off my tits.  I screamed in intense pleasure as the most amazing orgasm took hold of me.  I couldn’t stop my bowels and bladder as they emptied all over the floor and down my thighs, I screamed and screamed, every muscle in my body went into spasm, the doctor kept her fist deep in me as I rode out wave after wave of the most incredible pleasure.  The clamps were removed from my labia, I didn’t notice it happen.  The doctor pulled her fist from my pussy and placed it in front of my face.  Without even thinking about it I reached my tongue out to lick it clean.  Panting furiously, my vision blurred, my body still spasming. The nurse took a handful of my hair, stared deep into my eyes, “What are you?” she asked.


“A filthy slut Ma’am….” I panted.


“That’s right” the doctor soothed, “a real filthy slut… you have a promising future here”


I must have passed out at that point, because the next thing I remember is hearing the door open.  I awoke with a start and saw it was the shy receptionist who had come in.  She was naked apart from the metal choker.


The room smelt really bad, a mixture of piss, shit and cum.  I was still restrained to the bed, only this time I could feel something in my throat.  A cautious look around revealed a tube was coming out of my mouth; the end of it was attached to a bag of water.  There was also a tube facing me that came up from between my legs and my face and chest were soaking wet.  Looking in the mirror revealed that I was catheterized again, only this time the end of the catheter was aimed at my face, my own piss dripping it out of it onto me.


The receptionist had a bowl of soapy water.  She set it on the table and stroked my hair, I tensed up immediately, my poor body couldn’t take any more, I felt so ashamed.  Covered in piss, the contents of my earlier enema dried to my thighs “Hi… I’m Jamie.  It’s okay, I’m not going to hurt you, they’ve sent me to clean you up” I tried to speak but I just wretched on the tube in my throat.  “Don’t try to speak, its okay. They want to keep a steady flow of liquid going into your bladder, that’s all the tubes for.  It’s just water.”  She had such a soft caring voice, her gentle stroking of my face relaxed me, the wretching stopped.


“Let’s get you cleaned up” she said.  She gently started to wipe the warm soapy cloth all over my body.


“It gets better” she said, as she lovingly cleaned my body, taking extra care on my welt covered thighs.


“I’ve been here three years now; if you behave they aren’t too hard on you.  I think you impressed them; it usually takes a lot longer before they break newbies.  If you have impressed them they’ll keep you for personal use.” She chatted away casually as she worked.  “I spent a year in the cellar before I became their toy.  The girls in the cellar get the worst treatment.  There’s six of them down there, they get rented out to the customers.  The clinic is just a front for a raging sex slave business”


That was 4 years ago.  I’m on reception now; I have a special metal collar that Doctor Richards gave me.  It was a struggle to get here.  I didn’t behave well at first and spent 6 months in the cellar being rented out.  But I earned my place as the Doctors personal toy.  I have to go clean up a newbie that they just broke now.  I hope you enjoyed my story.



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