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Over The Ocean

The slut lay in her bed, laptop on her knees, waiting.  It has been too long since she has truly felt like herself.  Real life is getting very difficult to handle.  She’s the one everybody turns to when something needs to be dealt with, emotions, finances, logistics, she is… or was… the “fixer”.  That had changed since she was claimed by her Mistress; she had found a true inner happiness, a peace that she never thought was possible.  That happiness had come at a price though, she found she was no longer able to be the rock that everybody leaned on… she needed her rock, her source of energy and that was across an ocean from her.  And so she waited.

The slut had been given directions as to the items her Mistress would require her to have at hand.  She knew her Mistress was planning on helping her tonight, sending a much needed dose of Her energy across the ocean.  Well, that was the plan.  Unfortunately, as with most of her plans these days, that couldn’t happen now.  They were not going to be “alone” as planned.  Web cams are wonderful things, but a girl still needs to be alone in the house before she can truly let go, performing for her Mistress’ pleasure.  And so she waited.  She waited to tell her Mistress that she would be unable to perform, unable to float happily into subspace.

Then there She was.  Every time the slut sees her Owner, even if it is over a web cam, the tingling sensation she feels as Her pussy moistens reminds her of that Ownership.  her Mistress was irritated that they could not be alone.  Yet, like all good Dommes do, She had a plan B.

Placing Her headset on so Her slut could hear Her every command She began to describe, in detail what She had planned for the evening.  As soon as the slut heard her Mistress utter the words, “you’re Mine, You little bitch” she felt spasms shoot up her cunt.  The degrading language her Owner uses to describe her reminds the slut of her place in life.  Hearing that she is just a toy, just her Mistress’ piece of fuckmeat sends the slut into a headspace that she needs to revel in.  A headspace that helps all of the everyday stresses and worries vanish.  The slut can picture herself at her Owners feet, naked, collared and cuffed.  Eyes lowered to the floor as she hears her Mistress berate her for being such a dirty little slut.  As she feels her slut juices running down her thigh she knows that in “normal” circles she should feel ashamed to be aroused by such treatment.  But the slut knows her arousal pleases her Mistress, and that fact just makes the juices flow faster.

The Mistress describes in detail how She had intended for Her slut to administer an enema in front of the web cam and beg to be allowed to release her bowels into a bucket.  The slut now has one hand between her thighs pumping frantically against her rock hard clit; hearing how her Mistress intends to give the slut an enema, not allowing her to release until she begs and pleads, hearing the threat that if she makes a mess her nose will be rubbed in it.  The slut longs to be before her Mistress now, her bowels full of the warm liquid her Mistress has squeezed into her.  Kneeling with her nose to her Owners boot as She stands on her leash, crying and begging to be allowed release.  Each word her Mistress utters sends the slut orbiting further into her natural state.   The slut needs to feel her Mistress’ Ownership.  she needs to experience what many others would class as degrading, humiliating treatment.  The slut always knew she had a kinky side but not until her Mistress collared her did she realize how kinky.  she feels a deep need to go further and deeper into the realms of taboos, to feel more pain, more humiliation.  she knows many of these thoughts are pure fantasy, things always seem better in your head.  But the slut wonders if that is part of why she feels the need to experience them.  Maybe she won’t like it, but her Mistress will.  What better way of showing devotion to your Owner than engaging in an activity that the slut is not keen on but the Mistress enjoys?  The slut is intrigued by that feeling in her.  That need to sacrifice her own wants for her Mistress’ pleasure.  That feeling of helplessness, knowing she is totally at the mercy of her Owner.  Knowing that her Owner knows her needs best and will push the slut over any limit that She feels necessary.  The slut is her Mistress’ property, to be used and made to perform in any way her Owner sees fit, she feels grateful for the opportunity to perform for her Owner.

The slut hears her Mistress’ command, “Cum now you horny little bitch, cum hard, show Your Mistress what a little slut you are” before the sentence is finished the slut’s back is arched, surges of pleasure coursing through her.  Again and again she feels the orgasms rushing through her body, unsure of if she will be punished.  After all, she hadn’t been given permission… or had she; she couldn’t have stopped the orgasms coming though.  As her Mistress describes how She would have the slut fuck her own tight clean ass with a big vibe, the slut has to bite on her hand to stop from screaming… the room is spinning, her legs are shaking, her pussy throbbing… then she hears the gentle loving tone return to her Owners voice, “rest My pet, good girl… you have pleased Me very much”

The magic words, words that the slut would do anything to hear.  she can almost feel her Owners hand brushing her hair… “Good girl…. rest My pet”… And all the waiting is worth it, all the stresses have gone and all is right with the slut’s world.


  1. I’m rellay into it, thanks for this great stuff!

    • Lady Cs pet

      February 24, 2017 at 12:07 pm

      Thank you! You can expect to see much more frequent updates to this page now. Life has taken an awesome turn!

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