The internet is an amazing thing.  You can satisfy any kink with the click of a button.  Below you will find links to places of interest – erotica, porn, toys, blogs – any place that i spend time.  As the list grows i will try to categorize them for ease of use but please bear with me while i build this page.                 BDSM dating site

DISCLAIMER:  i have not been a member of this site for over ten years so i can’t speak to whether it is good or full of wannabees and trolls.  What i can say is this – i met my Mistress using this site in 2005 so it’s listed here for that reason.

Fetlife                    BDSM Social Media site

Fetlife is basically a huge, kinky version of Facebook.

Whipped Ass      Porn

Whipped Ass is part of the group.  It’s basically beautiful women beating and fucking other beautiful women.  Some of it is just trashy porn but there’s also some absolute gems in there.  Sometimes they have models who are in the lifestyle in their personal lives and those videos are very *real*.

Sartan’s BDSM Workshop     DIY BDSM Equipment

i am very handy and love to build things.  This website has been a really useful guide to me in many of the items i have made for my Mistress.