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Expressing need or topping from below?

Expressing need or topping from below. There’s a very fine line between the two and i’m not sure i know where one ends and the other begins.

As a submissive i know it is my duty to express any needs i feel to my Mistress, if She doesn’t know what they are then how can She provide for them?

There are the obvious needs – warmth, shelter, nutrition and love. Those are a given. But what about my emotional needs?  As a submissive my emotional needs are often complex – in the sense that they are frequently fulfilled by physical acts. i’ll give You an example – emotionally i feel a need to make my Mistress happy, i also feel an emotional need to be controlled, to have all power removed from me. Nothing meets both of those needs simultaneously like being face down, red and welted ass in the air, tears running down my face and seeing the enormous smile on my Mistress’s face. However, if i express this need am i topping from below?

In even more simplistic terms – back to the removal of power – as an Owned slave i need my Mistress to have control over my life. If i am faced with a decision and i ask Her what She would have me do, am i ‘telling’ Her to make a decision for me? Is that not topping from below?

Sometimes i think myself into circles with this one…. Maybe i should just go ask for Her to beat my butt to take my mind off it 😀 lol

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  1. I’m impeessrd you should think of something like that

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