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Amy’s New World

Chapter One: The Trigger

It had been six years since Amy had given up her life and moved halfway across the world to be with Sarah.  Amy was a in her early thirties and Sarah in her mid-forties, because of the support offered by her financially stable, older girlfriend, Amy had been able to go back to college.  The two enjoyed a happy, loving relationship but, due to the pressures of their busy lives, they rarely had much time to enjoy one another carnally.  This fact had been troubling Amy for some time now.  She was an individual who enjoyed sex a great deal.  Prior to her relationship with Sarah she had been known as somewhat of a player, always chasing down and bedding a new woman.  In the early days of their relationship Amy and Sarah had enjoyed a very adventurous sex life.  Sarah owned just about every sex toy one could imagine and used to spend many hours expertly using every device she owned on the younger woman.  For some reason, as the years passed, and Amy became busier with her college classes and part time job, the sex just fell by the wayside.  Amy decided that it was time to do something about the lack of romance in her life but was not sure how to approach it.

Of an evening the two lovers would sit on the couch and watch TV.  Amy could never concentrate on the show, she was desperate to talk to her lover about her feelings, but unsure how to start the conversation.   She would look up at Sarah, take a breath as if to speak, and then chicken out and just snuggle up tighter into the older woman instead.  Amy was getting behind in her studies; she was so preoccupied with her thoughts that concentrating on anything else was impossible.  She berated herself internally for not just telling Sarah how she felt and then moving on to more productive things.  Her unfulfilled sexual desire was slowly beginning to take over her life.  It was all she could think about. 

Amy had no idea that Sarah was also experiencing a longing for the early days of their relationship.  Sarah had decided to keep her desires to herself to allow Amy the time she needed to devote to her studies.  She had reconciled with herself that it would only be for a few years.  Once Amy had graduated and life was on more of an even keel she could indulge her carnal desires much more frequently.  All she had to do for now was support Amy in her school career, help her to successfully graduate and everything would be back to the way it should be.  So far her plan was working; Amy was getting straight A’s and was only two semesters away from being done.

This week it had been tough for Amy to study, she knew she really had not applied herself.  She had been too preoccupied with her need for sexual relief.  She had attempted a few times to seduce Sarah but it had not worked, they had ended up making out for a little while on the sofa then going to bed, to sleep. With all the pent up need she felt Amy had only been going through the motions of studying, not actually retaining any knowledge.

Amy always kept Sarah informed of how her schooling was going.  Sarah helped her study for exams so she always texted the day of an exam to let Sarah know how she did.  She was a good student so she was normally texting with the news of an A or a high B.  This week was different.  Amy walked out of her exam with a feeling of dread within her, she was pretty certain she had bombed it.  After 45 minutes of waiting around, chatting about the exam with her classmates she knew she had not done well.  Amy realized she was being foolish, she had to do something about her current situation or everything she, and Sarah, had worked so hard for would be wasted if she failed this semester.  She went back into class for the exam review and her fears were confirmed, she had only managed to score a 63% on the exam – her worst ever result.  Amy decided not to text Sarah, she would wait and tell her at home.

That evening when Sarah arrived home she enquired of Amy how she had done in the exam.  Amy hung her head, and said, “I got a 63.”  Sarah was stunned, “What!! How come, was it material you didn’t study?  How did everyone else do?”

Amy broke down in tears, “It was material I should have known, everyone else did great.  I’ve just been so preoccupied lately, I didn’t really study.”

Sarah put arms around the distraught Amy and gently kissed her neck, “It’s okay hun, what have you been preoccupied with?  What’s going on?”  Amy kept crying, she was beyond rational thought and just blurted out, “We’ve not had sex in ages, I’m so horny all the time, I just need some relief!!”

Sarah stepped back as she felt a surge of anger well inside her.  She tried to reign in her anger as she looked at her sobbing lover but she had had a terrible day at work and was furious that Amy was offering up such a stupid, in her opinion, reason for failure.  Suddenly she reached out and slapped Amy hard across the face, “You stupid little bitch!” she yelled.  “You’re telling me that you’re going to let the fact you’re horny ruin everything we’ve worked towards!”  She slapped Amy across the other cheek, “I’ve never heard something so dumb in all my life!”  She stormed into the bedroom.  Amy, still sobbing, sunk to the floor holding her face.  She knew Sarah was right, as she heard herself say it she knew that it was a stupid excuse.

Sarah came out of the bedroom wearing a thick, 8 inch long dildo, fastened into a harness over her clothes.  She grabbed Amy by the hair and dragged her toward the sofa.  She undid Amy’s pants and pulled them to her ankles as she bent the weeping girl over the sofa.  “You want sex, fine, I’ll give you sex!”  She lined up the head of the dildo with Amy’s cunt and, in one forceful thrust, buried the length of it inside her lover.  Amy yelped and sobbed even harder.  Sarah began to piston the length of the shaft in and out of Amy with brute force, “Is this what you wanted?! It must be, didn’t even need any lube, you’re dripping wet!  Filthy little slut!”  Amy cried harder, “I’m sorry” she whimpered.  “You’re gonna be sorry!” Sarah raged, “Sixty fucking three!  Not acceptable!”  Sarah shouted in time with each thrust.  “I can see I’m going to have to monitor your studies more closely!”, she was overcome by a cloud of anger and disappointment, she knew, in that moment, that she was going to make damn sure Amy passed all of her classes, whether Amy wanted her help or not.

Amy yelped, sobbed and whimpered as each forceful thrust penetrated her.  Though, despite the harsh nature of the situation, she felt her body betraying her – she was nearing orgasm.  She felt herself rising up to receive the pounding Sarah was administering.  She started to grind and moan with pleasure, desperate for the release of all her pent up desires.  Suddenly Sarah removed the cock and stepped back, “Oh no you don’t bitch, you think a 63 deserves a reward?” she asked as she grabbed a handful of Amy’s hair and dragged her toward the desk.

Mounted by the desk was a large whiteboard that Amy used to plan out her week.  Sarah pulled Amy to her feet by her hair and handed her a marker, “You’re going to write up on here everything you have to get done for school this week.  I want to know all of your assignments and anything you have to study.  I can see I’m going to have to monitor you more closely!”  Amy struggled to her feet.  Her pants and underwear were around her ankles and she could feel her pussy juices begin to run down her thigh as she stood, she turned her tearstained face toward her lover, “I’m sorry Sarah, please can we talk about this, I didn’t want this, I didn’t want to upset you” she whimpered. 

Quick as a flash Sarah reached down and whipped the leather belt out of Amy’s pants, she folded it in half and brought it down heavily across Amy’s naked ass.  “Ow!” Amy screamed out as she dropped to the floor.  Sarah grabbed her hair again and pushed her head forward so her ass was raised up.  She brought down a reign of brutally hard blows on Amy’s ass, “You are going to learn to do as you are fucking told!” She yelled in time with the blows.

Chapter Two: The Morning After

Amy awoke the next morning alone in bed.  She rolled onto her back and winced as her ass made contact with the bed.  So it wasn’t a dream she thought.  She lay there and tried to remember the events of the previous evening.  It was kind of a haze, but she remembered Sarah, between beatings, making her write her school tasks for the week on the board.  Then she was dragged into the bedroom – thrown on the bed and fucked forcefully for what seemed like hours.  Amy remembered cumming over and over again as Sarah pummeled her soft, sensitive pussy and berated her for failing the exam. 

Unsure of what to expect from her day, Amy gingerly climbed out of bed, put on her robe and wandered through to the kitchen.  To her surprise Sarah was sitting at the kitchen table, “Good morning little one” she soothed, “I decided to take today off, there are some things we need to discuss.”  She rose from the table and gently kissed Amy on the forehead, “Get yourself a coffee and come join me in the living room.”  She said as she walked away.

Amy sat next to Sarah on the sofa, cradling her coffee in both hands as it gave her something to focus on instead of returning the intense gaze from her lover.  Sarah, at last, spoke, “So… tell me how you feel about what happened last night little one.”

“Um….. I’m….. I,” Amy stammered.  In truth, she wasn’t sure how she felt about it now.  Last night she obviously enjoyed the Hell out of it, as could be seen by the multiple orgasms, but now, now she felt a little dirty and ashamed.

“It seemed to me that you were quite enjoying yourself, you were rising up and begging me to fuck you like a little whore” laughed Sarah. 

“I said that?” enquired Amy, “I asked you to fuck me like a whore? I’m sorry, I feel kind of embarrassed, but the evening is a bit of a blur.”

“Don’t apologize, I had a great time, I hadn’t realized how much I had been missing sex too.” Sarah said as she leaned toward Amy.  “And I had not realized how much you needed me take control.” She added with a wry grin as she untied Amy’s robe exposing her gorgeous, pert breasts.

Sarah sat back to enjoy the view, “So, we find ourselves at an interesting crossroads.  The way I see it one of two things can happen.  One – we go back to the way things were and forget about the events of last night.  Or two – we move forward from last night and take this relationship to another level.  A level that I think we both need and that will certainly benefit you.”

“What do you mean ‘another level’, and how will it benefit me?”

“Do you love me Amy?” asked Sarah.  “Yes of course I do” replied Amy.

“And do you trust me?  Do you trust that I always have your best interests at heart?”

Amy looked confused and replied, “Yes, but I’m not sure where you’re going with this.”

Sarah picked up a notebook from the coffee table.  “While you were sleeping this morning, I took the time to write out some ground rules for our relationship, should you chose to move forward in the way I’m thinking.” Sarah handed the notebook to Amy.  “Now, bear in mind that once you read these rules, and you agree to them, there will be no turning back.  We have been together six years now, I know you very well, I know your body very well and I believe I know what is best for you.  At the end of the rules is a statement that, should you agree, you will sign.  If not, then we will throw the notebook away and return to life as it used to be.”  Sarah leaned forward and gently, lovingly kissed Amy full on the mouth.  She rose and left the room.

Amy sat for a moment after Sarah left the room.  She was curious to know what was written in the notebook, but also had a slight sense of dread welling within her.  What if she did not like the rules, could she really go back to the way things were?  But did she really want to move forward along the path they started on last night?  Her ass, sore and welted as it was, was telling her no.  But her pussy was telling her something else entirely.  She opened the notebook.

Chapter Three:  The Rules

The first page read:

               Little one, 

                              Last night you unleashed in me a trait that I have been trying to keep at bay for a long            time now.  I sensed in you, when we first began our relationship, a strong submissive tendency.     It was my intention to nurture that tendency and bring it to the fore as our relationship               progressed.  However, you returned to school and your schoolwork had to come first.  So I   decided to keep my desires hidden.  However, the events of yesterday have made it apparent to             me that I made a mistake.  Making you my submissive would not, I do not believe, have harmed           your efforts to succeed.  It would, in fact, have enhanced your success.  Now realizing my            mistake, I ask you, with true love in my heart toward you, to submit yourself to me entirely. 


Amy read the page several times; she could not quite believe what she was reading.  She knew from lonely evenings spent surfing the internet that there were many kinky people in the world who enjoyed dominance and submission in their private lives, but she had no idea her own girlfriend was one of those people.  Or did she?  If she was honest, she knew Sarah was kind of a control freak.  Throughout their relationship Amy had always deferred to the older woman to make most of the decisions.  Maybe, deep down, she knew that this day was coming.  She turned the page.

               The Rules:

               1.)  You will address me as Mistress at all times.

               2.)  You will be naked in our home at all times unless I expressly permit otherwise.

               3.)  You will keep our home clean and tidy at all times.

               4.)  You will defer to me all decisions that need to be made.

               5.)  You will strive to keep your body in good shape for my enjoyment.

               6.)  You will keep your pussy free from pubic hair at all times.

               7.)  You will NEVER question my authority or my decisions.

               8.)  If you have a need, you will inform me of it – there are to be no secrets.

               9.)  You will not pleasure yourself in any way without my express consent.

               10.)  Your holes will be available to me, or anyone else I choose, whenever I wish.

               11.)  You will not orgasm without my permission.

               12.)  You will keep a journal in which you will write your thoughts and feelings daily.

Amy could not believe what she was reading.  With these new rules in place, what would she be allowed to do?  Though her mind was telling her this was ridiculous, her pussy was growing increasingly moist.  She realized, if she was honest with herself, the idea of ceding control to her lover made it feel like the weight of the world was removed from her shoulders.  She was a very capable person, popular and successful in every endeavor, however, the idea of giving over control of her life to the woman she loved was very appealing to her.  She turned the page:

               These rules are subject to change at any time for any reason I see fit.  You will be responsible for knowing all of these rules, and any additional ones I impose.  If you disobey any of these rules            you will be punished.  Punishment will become a regular part of your life, as will sexual pleasure           (if you behave).  You must understand that, in everything I do, I have your best interests at        heart.  You will become my property and, as your owner, it will be my responsibility to keep you       safe, provide for you and help you to become the best you can be at everything I decide you will             do and you must never question my methods in doing this.

Amy’s pussy was now saturated; she had to readjust her robe so as not to leave a wet spot on the sofa.  She turned the page:

               If you should chose to agree with the rules I have set out for you, then you will sign the         statement below and return it to me.  It is, of course, not legally binding; however, it has great             symbolic value.

               I, Amy Monroe, do, being of sound body and mind, hereby give myself to Sarah Lawson.  I            willingly enter into a contract of ownership with her.  I commit to abide by the rules she has set              and obey her every command. I revoke all personal rights and freedoms            which I currently                             possess and give myself completely to become her personal property to do with as she sees fit.


               Amy Monroe

Amy reached for a pen and signed the statement without a moment’s hesitation.  Her pussy was telling her this was the right thing to do; she just needed to ignore the voice in her head telling her that she would regret this decision.

Chapter Four: The Training Begins

Sarah sat at the kitchen table staring at the signed statement; she had sent Amy to shower and comply with rule number 6, shaving her pubic hair.  She felt ten feet tall, she just wished she had made this move years ago when she first thought about it.  She knew, after years of hidden fantasy, it was going to take all of her will power to control herself.  She almost lost it last night while she was beating the girl – the marks on her ass this morning are a testament to that.  She had so many plans, but first, she knew she had to make sure her new little slut knew this was not just some kinky sex game.  This was a new way of life, she had to break the girl down, make her truly understand her place in this new arrangement.

As Amy stepped out of the shower, Sarah was leaning against the sink waiting for her.  Sarah had taken the time to change into an outfit Amy didn’t even know she owned.  A black corset, tied tightly in front that pushed Sarah’s breasts up to provide ample cleavage, a pair of tight black hot pants, elbow length black silk gloves and thigh high leather boots.  Amy looked Sarah up and down and smiled as she moved in to kiss her.  Sarah stuck her hard across the face, “You think a lowly, owned slut is allowed to touch her owner without permission do you?”

Stunned by the blow Amy held her face and backed up wondering what she had gotten herself into.  After a brief pause Sarah stepped forward and reached out a gloved hand to Amy’s right nipple.  “I asked you a question slut!” she said as she viciously twisted Amy’s nipple. Amy howled and replied, “No, no I guess not.”  Suddenly the othernipple was receiving the same treatment, “WHAT?!!” demanded Sarah.  Amy remembered herself and, trying not to scream said, “No Mistress, I’m sorry.”  Sarah stepped closer; with the heels of the boots she was now taller than Amy.  She lowered her head and whispered directly into her slut’s ear, “You have no idea what sorry is yet slut.  It’s time to begin your training.”  And with that she placed a dog collar around Amy’s neck, “Another rule for you slut… The only person to place or remove this collar is me, understood?”  Amy, looking down at her feet, replied meekly, “yes Mistress.”

Sarah attached a leash to the collar and pulled her girl into the living room.  “Kneel slut.  Keep your back straight, that’s right, shoulders back.  I don’t want to see any slouching.  Open your legs wider, I want to see that freshly shaved pussy.  Good girl.”  Sarah picked up a length of rope from the sofa.  “Put your arms out in front of you slut, palms together.”  Amy complied with the order and Sarah began to wrap the rope around Amy’s hands, she worked her way up past the elbows, completely encasing Amy’s arms with tight, neat layers of rope.  With the long tail of rope remaining Sarah wrapped the horizontal bands of rope vertically several times between Amy’s arms.  The girl’s arms were now bound with multiple tight, figure eights.  Sarah threw the end of the rope over one of the exposed beams in the living room and pulled sharply on the other end.  Amy’s arms shot up above her head and she jumped quickly to her feet.  Sarah made sure her slut was stretched out just beyond the point of comfort and secured the end of the rope to leg of the solid wooden coffee table.  Amy started to feel dizzy, if she didn’t know any better, she’d swear she was stoned, she felt herself start to sway and began to get concerned, “Mistress?” she whispered.

“Yes slut” replied Sarah while tracing circles with her gloved hand around Amy’s pert breasts.  “I feel kind of dizzy and floaty.”

Sarah laughed, “Good!  That confirms my thoughts about you, you’re already floating off into subspace and I’ve barely touched you.  Be grateful for the floaty feeling, it will help you convert the pain I am going to inflict on you into pleasure.  It will help you to take more and more torture.  It will help you please me.  Now, don’t go anywhere” Sarah laughed as she left her slut there and headed into the bedroom.

She opened the large ottoman at the end of the four poster bed and removed the extra blankets to reveal her stash of toys.  She had been stockpiling them over the years in the hope that this day would soon come.  As she sorted through various whips, dildos and restraints she could hardly contain her excitement.  She wanted to use all of them now, but she knew she had to pace herself; she couldn’t play all her cards at once.  She selected leather wrist and ankles cuffs, a spreader bar, a riding crop, a flogger with long red leather tails and a phallic glass handle, and, her final selection, a hard black leather paddle. 

Sarah returned to the living room and, without words, placed the ankle cuffs on Amy, attaching each one to the ends of the spreader bar.  Amy was now helpless, her arms bound in rope and stretched high above her head, her legs spread open and attached to a spreader bar.  Sarah stood back admiring her slut, she smiled inside, this was going to be a great day she thought to herself.

The dizziness had begun to wear off and Amy now just felt an overwhelming sense of nervousness.  Even though she had known Sarah for years, been her lover for six years, shared countless intimate moments with her and trusted the older the woman with her life, there was something very unsettling about the energy Sarah was exuding today.  Amy watched as Sarah picked up the riding crop and walked towards her, “So my little slut.  You signed the statement agreeing to abide by my rules.  So let’s test your knowledge of the rules you’ve agreed to live by.”  She started to stroke the tip of the crop gently across Amy’s stomach, “What is rule number one slut?”

“To address you as Mistress at all times, Mistress” Amy replied.  Sarah stepped forward and placed a gloved hand between the bound girls legs, “Good girl” she purred as she stroked Amy’s dripping wet pussy, “My, my, aren’t you juicy, I can feel your filthy slut juice through my glove.  What a dirty whore, you’re bound, naked and helpless with no idea of what I’m going to do you yet you’re dripping wet.”

As the verbal degradation flowed from Sarah, Amy felt her pussy pulsating.  Each time the older woman called her a slut or a whore Amy’s pussy contracted, squirting more juice out.  The dizziness was starting to come back, Amy felt stoned again.

“What is rule number two little one?” Sarah purred as she gently circled Amy’s clit.  Amy began to grind her hips, trying to hump against her Mistress’ hand, the tension building in her pussy, she was only vaguely aware that Sarah was still speaking, let alone that she had asked her a direct question. 

“Arghh!!” Amy screamed as a sharp pain spread through her right breast, snapping her out of her dazed state.  She looked down to see the perfect, bright red, shape of the crop emblazoned on her breast.  “I asked you a question cunt!  What is rule number two?!”  Amy felt a bolt of panic, what was rule number two; she racked her brains but just couldn’t remember.  She looked up at her Mistress, “I’m sorry, I can’t remember.”  The crop came crashing down on her other breast, “Oww… please no… please!!” Sarah couldn’t contain the smile as she heard her girl beg for mercy, “How do you expect to live by the rules if you can’t even remember what they are little one?” 

Amy endured the pain of this torture through each of the twelve rules.  For each one she got right, which was only three more, Sarah played with her engorged clit, bringing her close to orgasm but stopping just short.  For each rule she couldn’t remember, or she got wrong each breast received a brutal blow from the crop.  Amy had only lasted until the fourth blow before she started sobbing uncontrollably and begging Sarah for mercy after each blow.  “So, my little slut, when I ask you tomorrow to tell me the rules will you be able to?” asked Sarah as she stroked Amy’s welt covered breasts.  “Yes Mistress, yes I will,” sniveled Amy. 

To be continued……



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