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A Friendly Introduction

“So you wish to witness the beauty of true submission do you”, Mistress inquired of my friend.


“Yes Ma’am, from what your pet has told me I am very intrigued by it”, my friend replied.  I had briefed her to refer to me as only “Your pet” and to address Mistress as Ma’am.  I hoped this display of respect would be pleasing to Mistress and make Her more inclined to allow my friend to witness our interactions.  There had been such a long build up to this moment; I didn’t want anything to go wrong. 


It had all started months ago when I told my friend of the true nature of my relationship with Mistress.  I had always thought her to be the most vanilla person I knew, yet we shared a very special bond.  We had been lovers for a time many years ago and I now thought of her as my dearest friend, we knew one another intimately and I hated the thought of lying to her about my relationship, so one evening I took a chance and tried to explain it to her.  Her reaction was very surprising to me.  For the months that followed she bombarded me with constant questions.  She spent hours reading through D/s material she had found online.  I began to see her interest as more than an idle curiosity; she was dropping less than subtle hints about her desire to get involved in the lifestyle that I lived.  I shared this with Mistress and I was given instructions to encourage my friends’ curiosity, which I duly did.  It had culminated in today, the three of us together with the rest of the day free.  I was so pleased to have the opportunity to show off how well trained I was.  During the time since Mistress had collared me I had become quite the exhibitionist.  I was aching to perform for the enjoyment of others.


“Strip slut”, Mistress ordered in my direction as she stood and walked through to the bedroom.  I suddenly froze.  I had spent months building up to this moment and now it was here I was terrified.  What if my friend didn’t enjoy it, what if she were ashamed of me, embarrassed by what I had become?  My stomach was churning, my heart pounding, oh shit, had I made a huge mistake?  How could I have been so stupid?  I looked to my friend for some sign that she wanted this to happen, my eyes pleading but unable to speak.  “Hadn’t you better do as you were told?” she whispered.


Slowly I stood to undress, carefully folding my clothes as I removed them.  I was shaking with nerves, I didn’t want to go through with this, was it too late to stop it?  I felt like my heart was going to beat clean out of my chest.  When I was finally naked I knelt on the floor, my knees spread wide apart, my palms resting upturned on my thighs, my back perfectly straight, thrusting my breasts outward with my eyes lowered.  My friend smiled at me, “What are you doing?” she whispered.


“Waiting for Mistress, she likes to have her slut in this position when she fastens her collar”, I felt embarrassed.  How could this be, I was never embarrassed by my relationship with Mistress.  It had been the most natural feeling I had ever experienced every other time I had done this.  Why was I embarrassed now?


Just as I was about to get dressed and beg Mistress not to go through with this, she came back into the room.  She had changed into her 7 inch thigh high boots, tight rubber mini-dress and elbow length black latex gloves.  She was carrying her crop, my collar and cuffs as she walked toward me, smiling.  We went through our ritual of her fastening my collar and cuffs, my mind was still racing, I didn’t want to do this, but how did I get out of it now?  Mistress had changed and I could sense the blackness and Dominant energy oozing from her.  She took my head and held it against her thigh, “I left my pets leash in the bedroom, would mind fetching it for me please?” she asked my friend.


Once we were alone in the room she bent down, placing her lips to my ear so I could feel her breath, “You are going to make me proud today, pet.  I am going to push you hard and you are going to take everything I give you with grace and elegance.  Is that clear?” she whispered.


“Yes Mistress”, I breathed in response.  I was already beginning to float, slowly loosing focus on anything except Mistress and her words.


“You will get a chair from the dining table for your friend to sit on pet”, I stood to obey the instruction and as I did so I felt the hard sting of Mistress’ crop landing on the top of my thigh.  I yelped and dropped to my knees, “Did I give you permission to stand pet?”


“No Mistress, your pet is sorry, please forgive her”, I whimpered as I kissed Mistress’ boot.  I was so angry at myself, screwing things up on the first instruction, what an idiot!!


“Turn around pet, offer your ass for punishment”


I immediately obeyed, putting my head to the floor, my knees wide apart, thrusting my ass high into the air, “Five strokes for making an assumption pet!”, Mistress barked as five stinging blows hit my buttocks in rapid succession.  I grit my teeth and held my position to receive my punishment.  After the fifth stroke I whimpered, “Thank you for correcting your pet Mistress.”


“Good girl, now CRAWL to the dining table and you may walk back with the chair”


“Yes Mistress, thank you”


As I arrived at the table I glanced back and could see Mistress whispering in my friends’ ear, I felt a rush of jealousy course through me.  What had I been thinking?  I didn’t want to see Mistress engage with anyone else, why had I instigated this whole thing?


I arrived back with the chair as my friend was stripping down to her underwear.  She was wearing an incredibly sexy matching red lace bra and thong.  I guessed she had hoped she would be getting the opportunity to show them off when she chose to wear them.


Mistress had me place the chair opposite the sofa and instructed my friend to sit down.  She then tied her wrists and ankles to the chair, and took a seat on the sofa.  “Go and fetch the black leather paddle pet”


I crawled to the toy box, took the paddle between my teeth and returned to Mistress’ feet.  “Bend over the sofa pet” she instructed as she stood up.  She had me bend over directly in front of my friend.  Again I felt the surge of embarrassment wash over me as I knew my friend could see my tight asshole spread open before her.


“Do you see what a responsive little slut she is girl?”, Mistress asked my friend, “See that juice all down her thigh already, I haven’t touched her yet but her pussy is dripping and ready for use” she said proudly.


The paddle landed squarely on my ass, “Just a horny piece of fuckmeat aren’t you?”


“Yes Mistress, your horny piece of fuckmeat” I replied, reaching my ass up hoping to feel the paddle again.  The embarrassment had gone, replaced by the overwhelming need to please my Mistress.


“Turn around pet, put your head between your little friends thighs” I obeyed kneeling with my head buried against the sexy red thong, I could smell my friends heat, feel the moisture forming beneath the soft lace.


“Let’s get that ass the right color before we go any further pet” Mistress laughed as 20 or 30 strokes from the paddle pounded against my ass.  With each strike I could feel my friend wince, I heard her sharp intakes of breath each time the leather slapped loudly against my ass.  I felt the familiar burning sensation grow across my buttocks.  When Mistress was satisfied my ass was red enough she stopped, I rested against my friends’ thigh, my breathing heavy, pleased with myself for taking my paddling well.


I felt Mistress attach my leash to my collar followed by the little tug that told me I was to move.  She had me turn around and kneel with my ass toward my friend again.  “Look at how red that ass is, it’ll be a pretty shade of purple by the end of the day” my Mistress said giving my burning ass a playful swat.  “But there’s something missing” she said as she went to the toy box.  I felt flogger tails tickle my lower back when she returned, “No i’m not ready to use this yet, you’ll just hold on to it for me pet”


I was trying to work out what she meant as I felt the cold glass handle of the flogger thrust deep into my most private hole, “Look my pet has a tail, wag your tail pet, show your Mistress what a happy puppy you are” she laughed.  I wiggled my ass, desperate to show Mistress how happy I was.


 “I sense your little friend isn’t too sure how she feels about experiencing the pain side of our interactions slut.  I remember you had the same feelings once.  How do you feel about pain now, cunt?”


“This slut needs to feel pain Mistress.” I whimpered.


“And why is that cunt?” Mistress demanded, as She grabbed a hold of the flogger and yanked it clean out of my ass.  Laughing as I buckled under the sensation.


“Because this slut is your toy Mistress, it pleases you when she bears your marks and suffers for you.” I could hardly get the words out, my breathing was heavy, my ass muscles were still spasming, a sensation that always prevents my concentrating on anything.


“That’s right cunt, it pleases me to see you suffer” Mistress soothed as she brought the flogger down hard, right onto the crack of my ass.  I couldn’t help but yelp and jolt forward.  I didn’t have time to regain my composure before a rain of stinging blows landed on my upturned ass.  My ass was burning; I was beginning to float off into my safe place, that place where the lines between pleasure and pain don’t exist.  I could feel the unconscious reaction in my hips, raising my ass up to meet each blow.  Then they stopped.  I could hear myself whimpering, my ass still pushing out to reach for the blows that were no longer coming.  I heard my Mistress’ laughter, “You greedy little bitch”


I felt the pull on my leash, “Stand up cunt”, I stood before my Mistress, my body trembling in anticipation.  She took my wrist cuffs and fed a piece of rope through them attaching the other end to two eyebolts in the ceiling.  She then attached a spreader bar to my ankle cuffs; I was restrained, spread-eagle in a standing position.  Mistress then stood behind my friend, facing me, reaching over her shoulders to gently tug on her nipples.  I felt a surge of jealousy wash over me.  I hated to see my Mistress touch another in this way.  I wished it were my nipples she was rolling between her thumb and finger.  My friend had her eyes closed, her hips gyrating as her pussy responded to my Mistress’ touch.  Mistress looked into my eyes, smiling at me, as she placed clamps on my friends’ hard little nipples.  The girl did well, she whimpered and moaned a little, “The pinching will subside girl, you can take it” my Mistress soothed as she attached a string to the end of the clamps.  She pulled the other end of the string through an eyebolt in the ceiling above me and attached a weight to the end of it.  She put the string in my mouth so I was holding the weight between my teeth.


“Do not let go off that string cunt.  if you do the weight will pull those clamps straight off your little friends nipples, and you know how unpleasant that is” Mistress said with an evil laugh.


Mistress went over to the toy box and removed the large wooden paddle.  She stepped behind me and without warning I felt the horrible force of the thick wood connecting with my ass.  I looked down into my friends’ eyes as my Mistress landed another heavy blow against my burning buttocks, my friend was begging me with her eyes, I concentrated so hard on the string in my teeth, desperate to keep a hold of it.  Then a series of forceful blows landed in rapid succession, the burning pain across my ass increasing immensely with each one, I couldn’t float into my happy space, the concentration on the string prevented me from converting the pain into pleasure, the sixth blow hit immediately on top of where the fifth had and I felt the string fall, the clamps ripped from my friends nipples and she gave a cry of pain, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t hold it, I’m sorry” I began whimpering.  Another stinging blow landed squarely across my ass cheeks, “Silence cunt!!!” Mistress stepped forward and gently massaged the trembling girls’ nipples.  “Now my slut must be punished.  As you were hurt by her disobedience, I will allow you to choose her punishment”, I felt a surge of relief, surely my friend would go easier on me than Mistress would.


Mistress undid my friends’ wrists and ankles, “Go to the toy box and select the tool for her punishment”.  My friend smiled and hurried to the box.  I tried to crane my neck to see what she would select, “eyes down cunt… or do I need to blindfold you?!!” my Mistress demanded.  My gaze shot to the floor, “No Mistress, please don’t, I’m sorry” I pleaded.


I heard my friend step forward, I didn’t dare to look up and see the implement that would punish me, I prayed it was the soft heavy flogger.  “Good choice, and how many strokes do you think a disobedient cunt deserves?”


“10 Ma’am” my friend replied as she stood in front of me.


“Take hold of my sluts hair, you may look into her eyes as she receives her punishment.  Look into your friends eyes cunt, she will enjoy seeing you suffer for causing her pain”


I felt my friend take a handful of my hair and pull my head up; as I looked into her eyes I saw an evil glint.  I heard the whistle of the buggy whip before I felt its burning tail rip into my soft ass.  I let out a scream, my eyes filling with tears as I looked into my friends eyes, she laughed.  How could I have been so wrong?  How could she have chosen the most painful thing in the box for my punishment?  With each stroke from the whip I cried out, my Mistress was swinging it with full force; I could feel the burning welts rising on my tender flesh.  By the tenth stroke tears were streaming down my face, I could see the enjoyment my friend was taking from my suffering, how could have been so wrong?


“How do you think my slut did?” Mistress asked my friend.


“She did okay, though she didn’t take her punishment quietly as I would have expected a well trained slut to”


“You’re right, she did make a lot of noise, fetch me the ball gag from the toy box”


As my friend went to the toy box Mistress undid my restraints and had me kneel in front of her, I put my head to her feet, frantically kissing and licking the heel of her boot.  That is something I find myself doing when I need to show my submission, it’s a way of begging for her mercy.  “You can beg all you like slut; this will be over when I decide.  You are mine, my piece of fuckmeat and you are going to experience a world of pain for me today”, Mistress said as she placed the gag in my mouth.  The tears ran freely down my face now, I didn’t understand.  I thought my friend had been interested in submitting to my Mistress and to begin with that’s what had happened but now my friend seemed to be taking too much enjoyment from my suffering.  I was so confused….

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