A little background…..

Mistress and i have been together for 11 years. We met on an alternative dating site. She was an experienced Domme and i was a confused 24 year old. i knew i enjoyed rough, kinky sex but felt like there was something missing. We communicated online for a while, progressed to video chat, and then i flew half way round the world to meet Her. That was one complicating factor – we lived on different continents!

We spent an incredible 2 weeks together. i was naked and at Her mercy the whole time. my life changed forever during those two weeks.

i went home and began making arrangements to move to America to be with Her. We continued our relationship online and over the phone. She gave me clear directions about Her expectations – i was to check in with Her morning and evening,  via webcam i was to display my body to Her for inspection, i was given writing assignments, i was  ordered to wear a butt plug at certain times. All things that kept me in the submissive mindset i needed.

Finally i was able to make the move and be with Her 24/7. She was in the fortunate position of not having to work those first few months, and until my visa was approved i wasn’t allowed to work. So we embarked on the most incredible, months long honeymoon period. We explored each other, our boundaries and laid the foundation for a life together. i was Her property, to do with as She pleased – and i’ve never been happier!!!

Fast forward 10 years and life was very different. my career had sky rocketed, i was a very busy senior manager in healthcare. We had fallen head over heels in love, we had gotten married after about 8 years together. We purchased a house which we spent 3 years renovating and turning into a beautiful home. We had a perfect vanilla life…. And i had a gaping void deep inside me.

The more power and responsibility i had at work the more stressed and snappy i became at home. She was frustrated with me – it’s very hard to Dominate someone when they don’t listen to You or say ‘no, i’m too busy!’

Then one day, while i was out of town on business, my mind drifted to the past. i sat alone in my hotel room thinking about how i had gotten to where i am today. It was all down to Her. She gave me the support and encouragement i needed to succeed. i started to realize the cause of my unhappiness. i had become ungrateful, i took Her and our life together completely for granted. i had let the vanilla take over.

When i returned home from my trip i tried to explain this to Her. i needed Her to know i was sorry for being an ungrateful little bitch and that i needed Her direction and ownership once more. i explained it’s not sex i am asking for (although i wouldn’t say no!!), it is the submissive mindset, where everything else in the world just goes quiet and all that’s there is my Mistress and my need to please Her.

She placed Her collar around my neck for the first time in over a year and i melted. It was like a magic stress removal key. She clipped the leash to the collar and all was well in my world. i had not realized just how stressed out i was until that moment.

i spent the evening naked at Her feet, and i went into the office the next morning with very sore nipples and some beautiful cane welts across my ass!

We have made the commitment to get back to our roots, to let our true natures run free. i have always taken great pleasure from writing and reading about D/s. It also helps to keep me in the mindset that pleases my Mistress. That’s how this site got started, it’s a place for me to put my ramblings and other interesting things i come across and I hope to build some contacts with other like minded folks and share our experiences in this crazy life.